Sunday, August 14, 2011

How To Market Real Estate Online And Get Google Page #1

How to market Real Estate online has exploded and the realtors that grasp this new marketing technology are positioning themselves on page #1 of Google and driving targeted buyers to their Real Estate websites. While most of the Real Estate agents are still using newspaper ads and sending out postcards, the most effective way of connecting with potential sellers is learning to use the internet effectively.

The equation for success is very simple: KNOWLEDGE + ACTION + A POSITIVE ATTITUDE = SUCCESS. Now with that equation in mind lets research this further. There are systems on the web that will teach you "actionable information" and tips on how to get more leads. You will know how to use effective internet tools and how to see the abundant opportunity of people hungry for your Real Estate Offers and Solutions.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets from an Industry Insider:

      1)  The Fundamental Ranking Factors
      2)  Keyword Research made Easy
      3)  On Page Ranking Factors
      4)  Link Building Do and Don't
      5)  How to get Inbound Links Today
      6)  The BEST FREE online tools
      7)  Local Search factors
      8)  The Importance of Universal and Real Time Search

This is where your real estate keywords and phrases research comes into play.  So no, deciding on what template and custom design you are going to have create for your new blog is not your first concern. Landing on page #1 in Google is a critical element in your success as a Real Estate marketer. Targeted buyers will find you when searching Google, if you understand how to use keywords. Those pretty pictures of homes are okay for a header maybe; but they are not what will bring you leads and make you money.  But YES, real estate keywords and phrases - FIRST AND FOREMOST! The rest will come in their own time. How to market Real Estate online is necessary.

Below are a few things to determine for your keywords and phrases:

1) One of the things you must consider is the market you are after. If you have a particular market that has way too much competition in it, see if there is a niche within your market that you can concentrate and capitalize on, such as only golf neighborhoods or waterfront properties?

2) Make a determination if the market you are after is too broad or maybe too narrow. If you are marketing a city like Tampa, Florida as an example, that would be too broad; however, you could take a section of Tampa or large neighborhood and probably a lot more effective in your marketing efforts.

3) Make sure you are comfortable with the market you choose. So even if you would LOVE to become the expert in the high end condominiums in your city, if you don’t know them and know them really well, stick to what you’re good at, and in the meantime, research and learn about those areas you may want to add to your expertise in the future. This goes back to that part of the equation called KNOWLEDGE.

Now that you have studied and determined what market you are after. it is time to begin your keyword search. These keywords are the ones you will use within your blog or website. The best tool to use for your keyword search by far is Google's Adword Tool. And the tool won't cost you a thing by the way.

How to market real estate online is available by clicking here. If you would like more information and the tools necessary to be successful marketing your business online, my suggestion is that you go to this website where you can join free. There are several upgrade levels available to you within the site to increase the knowledge part of that equation. The other two parts of the equation is up to you however. GO HERE NOW: LET ME HAVE THE FREE MARKETING & TRAINING SYSTEM NOW