Monday, November 29, 2010

"Critical Thinking" | How "Critical Thinking" Enhances Our Learning And Change In Life | by "Lloyd Dobson"

Each day of our lives we become exposed to things that hinder our ability to think creatively and rationally. Critical thinking supplies are invented so that educators and parents both can help their students and children to think clearly, accurately and fairly. Additionally, critical thinkers are usually better prepared to those who lack this ability.

Just because your child is intelligent or has greater knowledge does not mean he is decisive and rational. Critical thinking is about how our children can use their intelligence and knowledge to reach objective and rationale viewpoints. Critical supplies engage children in both life and learning. Its real value lies in the fact that it improves their understanding of the world they live in, while it works to develop personal skills that will help them meet with success throughout their lives.

How often do you think? Yes, I know we all think all the time. But how often do you engage in deep, disciplined, thought provoking, critical thinking. The kind of thinking that triggers deep and fundamental change? Something I read years ago has stayed with me: ‘We become too soon old and too late smart’. Critical thinking is simply the act of reflecting on our beliefs, assumptions and actions and being open to consider new ways of looking at and living in the world. Critical thinking is a productive process that enables us to be more effective and innovative in the important areas of life, and to develop wisdom.

The goal of thinking critically is simple: to guarantee, as far as possible, that our beliefs and actions can be justified and can withstand rational analysis. Just what do we do when we’re thinking critically? In general terms, thinking critically is to think clearly, accurately, knowledgeably, while evaluating the reasons for a belief you hold, an assumption you have, or an action you take.

We often believe things not because we have good evidence for them but because we want to believe them. We tend to construe things in our own favour, to look for evidence that fits with what we already believe or want to believe. Too often, we can deceive ourselves. We allow habit to control how we think about the issues and actions in our life. Often, we see only what we want to see and believe only what we want to believe. When we engage in critical thinking things change, and the two main benefits will be increased self-confidence and a heightened sense of control over our life.

Once we commit ourselves to critical thinking we will generate continual learning and improvement in life as we search for the beliefs and actions that best serve us. We need to learn how to conduct that search properly, so that our self-confidence and self-respect flourish and grow. Also, the better we become at evaluating our thinking, the more likely it is that we will be in control of situations where decisions need to be made or problems solved. Continual learning is essential to lifetime growth. It’s possible to have a great deal of experience in life and yet be no smarter for all the things you’ve done, seen, and heard. Experience alone is no guarantee of lifetime growth. But if you regularly examine and transform your experience into new learning, you will make each day of your life one of growth.

The smartest people are not those with a high IQ, but those who can transform even the smallest events or situations into breakthroughs in thinking and action. We should look at all of life as a school and every experience as a lesson, and then our learning will always be greater than our experience. You are the thinker of your thoughts, you are not just your thoughts, and when you react to some action or incident and find yourself responding… take a ‘mental’ step back and ask yourself

Why did I think that thought?

Was it an automatic response triggered by a program running in my mind?

Did it serve me?

What else could I have chosen to think?

When you apply critical thinking instead of simply accepting your thoughts and letting them run across the screen of your mind, you access deep learning and powerful change. This has the potential to impact and improve your life. So what are you thinking right now as a result of reading this? And why are you thinking that thought?

Go out and make it a great day and to your success!

Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS at

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Ezine Articles" Can Be a Very Targeted Form of Marketing | "NetDivvy" Teaches You How

Ezine Articles can be a very targeted form of marketing, but make sure you read this thoroughly before you place any ads. The "NetDivvy" Training System shares the logistics for effective Ezine Article writing.

First, what is an Ezine Article?

An Ezine Article is an email newsletter that goes out to a list of people that have agreed to receive emails form a specific person. You can purchase ad space in their newsletter broadcasts that will go out to thousands of readers at one time. Articles are a powerful form of marketing that allows people to create unique content based on certain pre-determined key words. Article directories are websites where users submit articles to be categorized and included to a specific niche.

"NetDivvy" shares the most popular article directories that are considered authority sites and are constantly crawled by the top Search Engine Bots. For Search engine optimization purposes, the ideal article length is 400-500 words with a keyword density of approximately 2%-3%.

There are only two types of ads that work. “top sponsor” and “solo” ads.

A top sponsor ad is a short 5-10 line ad that is placed at the top of broadcast and is the first thing the readers see. (See examples below for more info). Get to the point of what they are going to get by clicking on your link quickly and be sure to include the URL or your tracking URL in the ad. Use common sense here. Think about something that would make you click the link and visit your site when you are writing your ad.

A solo ad is a little different. It is the only thing that is included in that particular email blast. People get your ad and your ad only. Most solo ads need to be 60 lines or shorter, but some ezine owners will give you more leeway. (again, look below to see what we mean)

Longer is not necessarily better. Keep your ad to less than one page and break up the paragraphs into short chunks so it is easy to read quickly. Include the link to your website a few times in the body of the ad and

Be sure to include your URL or tracking link in the ad a couple times and sign off with your name and the link.

BEFORE placing an Ezine Article ad:

1. Get on the list yourself and read a few of the broadcasts. This way you can see what type of content and tailor your ad to coincide.

2. Make sure the Ezine Article content is RELEVANT to your ad. You do not want to advertise anything on network marketing to people reading an Ezine on dog grooming (that is an exaggeration, but the more relevant your ad is to the readers, the better response rate you will get)

Remember with Ezine advertising if it looks too good to be true…IT PROBABLY IS!

Just like anything, you can not get something for nothing with Ezine marketing, but you can get good value. If someone has a subscriber base of 4000 people and they want $10 for an ad, it probably isn’t a very responsive list. On the other hand if they want $500 for the same ad, it probably isn’t worth your money to test it.

Again, use common sense and test your offers.


As with any marketing strategy, you want to make sure you TRACK YOUR RESULTS to see which ezines are more responsive and which ads work best.

Test the length of your ad. Do longer ones work better than shorter ones or the other way around? Also test the placement of your URL. Put it at the top, middle, and bottom or a combination of the three and see what gets more clicks. The best way to test is by using tracking links.

Set up a NEW tracking link for EACH different Ezine or ad you test, so that you can see which ones perform best.

Aweber and both contain tracking systems that allow you to track your ads if you have a subscription to their service. If you are a serious marketer, an auto responder is a must. You may click on either Aweber or GetResponse to set yours up.

To your success,

Lloyd Dobson
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Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS