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My Internet Traffic System Review - The Hidden Truth

My Internet Traffic System Review.The Hidden Truth. Want to learn how to use the internet to generate 10 to 25 leads per day? FINALLY…A Simple System For Home Business Owners To Get Leads And Make Money Whether A Person Joins Your Business Or Not! Lloyd here and this is my uncensored review concerning this internet lead generation system.

I can’t believe that the top online marketers in the world keep these lead generation secrets from you. If you are looking to make more money, generate consistent leads and become a top producer in your company, well then get ready because, I am going to reveal the secrets that top producers fail to share with you.
If you know what you are doing now is NOT working and you do not see yourself making money. If you know that you lack real Internet marketing skills that are preventing you from generating 10 to 25 leads per day on autopilot. And lastly, if you know that you simply do not want to fail and end up spending thousands of dollars learning from people who have never built a business online in their life, then put away all distractions and pay close attention.

So Here’s Everything You Get…
1)  Live Coaching Mastermind Calls And Webinars  Every – Monday & Wednesday ($97/Month value)
2)  Internet Marketing For Home Business Pros Audio Mastery Course ($97/Month value)
3)  Recruiting Juggernaut – Recruit New Reps Into Your Company With Ease ($997/Month value)
4)  Twitter PPC Secrets & Secret Tools - Use Twitter To Generate Unlimited Leads  On Auto-Pilot ($1247 value)
5)  Mobile  PPC  Secrets – Generate Unlimited Leads Placing Ads On Mobile Phones (597/Month value)
6) Follow Up Secrets Of 7 Figure Earners – Learn How To Maximize Every Lead You Generate. ($497/Month value)
7) 1 on 1 Business Consultation - Supercharge Your Business And Start Making Sales Today (PRICELESS)

Total Retail Value: $3,432


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My Internet Traffic System - WEBINAR REVISED

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Use Twitter To Generate Traffic and Make Money

How To Use Twitter To Generate Traffic and Make Money. Lloyd here and I want to share with you a fantastic way to generate traffic to your website, blog or business opportunity using the social media platform Twitter.
It does not matter what business you are involved with there are only two things any business needs. They need traffic and conversions. Period!
Most people that use Twitter tend to tweet meaningless nonsense, such as what they ate for lunch! That is great for people that use it purely for social reasons, however if you are planning to use Twitter to help you market your business, then you need to be using it in a more productive way.
The best thing about Twitter is that the people using it are so diverse! It doesn’t matter what your business is about, you will be able to find people almost instantly who are interested in your niche. This allows you to quickly find people who are part of your targeted audience.

Below are some tips that you can use to improve your Twitter account and increase traffic to your website.

1) Driving Traffic From Twitter To Your Blog
Twitter is one of the best social media tools for driving traffic to your blog. You can use it to update all of your followers about what’s new on your websites and what you are doing (@dobson1234). It is such an amazing feeling when you tweet about a new post on your site and people start to re-tweet it, spreading the word.

2) Using Twitter and Blogging Together
To get the most out of Twitter, you need to promote Twitter on your website and there are a few ways to do this. The most obvious way to do this is to display a Twitter button on your homepage, or better yet within your sidebar so that it displays on all of your website pages. This button links directly to your Twitter account, allowing people to sign-up and follow you.

3) Social Media Icon
Another great way to promote Twitter on your site is to display sharing links on your posts. As you can see, at the top of all of my blog posts I display ‘AddThis‘ share buttons. This allows anyone to share my posts on any of the social media sites online, including Twitter.
One of the key parts of your Twitter profile is your bio. Write a bio that clearly states what your blog is about and add a link to your site. This sounds really easy, but take some time to think about this. You only have a limited amount of characters, so make them count. If after reading your bio, people don’t get what you are about, they won’t stick around.

4) Twitter Byline
The best way to promote your site is to tweet about it! Tweet about all of your new posts a couple of times a day and keep everyone up to date about everything that is happening with your site. Surprisingly, a lot of people think that if they promote themselves on Twitter, then that makes them a spammer. That is just not true! It is fine to promote yourself, as long as you do it the right way. Tweeting every 5 minutes about your new post or an affiliate link would be classed as spam. Mix it up a bit and you will be fine. Tweet about your new post, but then tweet about other things that might be related.

5) Make Friends
Twitter is a social site, so be social! There is a whole community related to your niche out there, so get involved. Chat to people, make friends, share ideas, ask question, re-tweet, etc.
Blogging is a community, so find similar people that blog within your field and interact with them. The more blogging friends that you can connect with, the better your blog will be as you will be able to share ideas with each other.

6) Listen To Your Twitter Followers
One of the best things about Twitter is that you can get almost instant reaction to your tweets from your followers. It is important that you listen to your followers as they can tell you what is working and what isn’t.
You can just ask your followers what they like and what they don’t and why. This way you are almost treating Twitter as a tool for market research that can help you with your business.

7) Have Conversations
Twitter is full of people having great conversations with one another. The best ones are full of useful information that can be very helpful to you. Don’t be shy, jump into conversations, ask questions and contribute to the discussion, or better yet start your own. People are very helpful when you are nice to them, you can learn a lot from many different people and build a useful network of people.

8) Honesty Is The Best Policy
I think that this is important for every aspect of your business and life in general. It is very easy to tell when someone is clearly talking a load of rubbish about something. Doing that only results in loosing business. Just be honest about who you are and what you are talking about. Trust is such an important part in any relationship, whether that be a romantic relationship or simply a business relationship. People are much more likely to listen to you and do business with you if they trust you.

9) Straight To The Point
I am a big fan of writing informative posts that people can read. On Twitter, this is not possible because you have a limited 140 characters to use. This means that you need to get to the point with your Tweets!
This can be a bit of an art form, but the more you Tweet, the better you will get at doing it. You need to provide maximum information with minimum characters. Keep your titles, questions, comments, etc. short and concise, while still being easy to read.

Any links that you want to include should be shortened. This is easy to achieve with the many online URL shortener websites that are available online. I myself use to shorten all of my links. This is such a great tool that dramatically reduces the amount of space that your links take up in your tweets.

10) Twitter Backgrounds
Twitter allows you to customize your Twitter account, so you can change all of the colors and you can upload your own background image. Why is this important? Well, by customising your own account, you make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can make all of your account colors match your website colors.

For additional information on how to generate traffic and make money on Twitter CLICK HERE NOW

Watch the video below for a strategy to market on Twitter.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

More traffic to Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Google+ Free Means More Exposure

Want more traffic to Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Google+ Free?

Want more traffic to Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Google+ Free?  Who doesn’t, right?
GENERATE LEADSIf you’re in the personal development, business, wahm, or marketing niche or even something similar like personal finance and debt – there’s a really cool free tool that I’ve been testing out that I know you’ll love.
Here’s how it works.
Basically, you’ll earn credits for doing what you’re already doing – sharing great business stuff by me, Lloyd Dobson, Kim Roach, and a bunch of other great bloggers.
Then you use those credits to get *YOUR* stuff shared by other members via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
Or if you want lots of people to share your stuff – you can do like it do and upgrade to buy some credits. ;)
Here’s the link ->  Click to Get Free Traffic.
Is it cheating?
Well, if it were automated, I would say yes and I would steer clear of it. But these are real people who can choose what they share and what they won’t share.
Plus, the members are ALL in my target market (and yours too if you reach online business owners), so I want them to see my blog, just as much as I want them to share me.
So, to me, it’s totally free advertising.
Try it out. It’s pretty simple – and it’s free.
The main things to know are:
Personal Development, Money, Business, Marketing, and Finance types of posts seem to do best. (Not cooking or ferret training.)
When you add a page to be shared, it has to be a content page (which can contain offers, but has to provide value). So do not submit a sales page or squeeze page.
Here’s how it works if you’re interested…
Step 1: Go to the Site.
You go to the site by clicking here: Get Free Advertising. (The site will open in a new window.)
Step 2: Sign in With Twitter.
When you see this screen, click on “Sign in with Twitter”.
Step 3: Authorize The Site to Connect with your Twitter Account.
When you do this, you will automatically get 100 credits just for signing up.
Step 4: Submit your First Piece of Content that You Want Shared.
Here’s how I do it.
1. The Tweet.
I create a tweet that’s got a curiosity factor built in.  You want to draw interest and attention, so be a bit clever. Be sure to include your URL to your blog post in the Tweet. (You can use to shorten the link if it’s very long.)
Remember. The link has to go to a content page (not a sales page).
2. How many credits would you like to offer?
Go to the main dashboard to see what others are offering. When I first started, 5 credits would get interest. Now, 25 seems to be the going rate. So, quick click on “Dashboard” to see what the average is. I also consider whether the blog post that I’m linking to has monetization built in. If it’s converting into sales when I sent it to my list, I’ll offer more credits.
3. Maximum times to promote.
Figure out how many times you would like your post shared. (10-50 depending on your credits and how much you want/need that post to have exposure). The site will tell you how many credits that will use in total. (ie. If you are offering 25 credits per share and you say you want it shared 10 times, that will be 250 credits.)
Your credits get taken as soon as you submit your tweet. I usually go low when I submit – like saying I want the post shared 1 time, in case I goofed something up. I add more credits after it’s submitted and I had a chance to test it. Plus, since you only have 100 credits, you may only be able to share a bit at first.
4. Select which Social Networks to Allow.
I select Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
5. Minimum number of Twitter Followers to promote.
I enter 1000.
6. Category.
Choose a category that’s most related to your blog post.
7. Submit.
Click to submit your content.
How to Edit your Submissions:
Let’s say you decide to increase the number of  credits that you’re offering OR you decide you want your post shared more. On the “Submit Credits” tab, just scroll down and you’ll see your submissions.
Click on the pencil to edit.
You can change the number of credits per share AND the total amount of credits you want to use.
Step 5: Earn More Credits.
As soon as possible, you’ll want to get more credits. You can either earn them or buy them – or a combination of both.
Here’s how to earn some credits.
Click the dashboard tab and scroll down.
You’ll see tons of submissions that you can share to earn credits.
Sort them by “Most Recent” or by “Most Credits” if you want to earn credits faster.
There’s a lot of JUNK in there – so it can take a scroll through to find something really worth sharing. Obviously I would never recommend that you share junk with your readers – so be picky. (Tip. Find my stuff… ) lol!
Example of a post worth sharing:
I found this submission by my friend, Loretta Oliver – and it’s a really good blog post. In that post, she’s promoting my Blog CPR course – so I obviously wanted to share that one. I clicked on the Facebook like button and Voila. Done. I earned 20 credits for promoting my OWN stuff. Sweet, eh? :)
Optional: Buy Credits.
If you prefer to automate this (or you want a ton of exposure) – you can purchase credits instead of (or in addition to) earning them.
I bought the $99 package.  I wanted to be all over that page and yes, I am seeing traffic coming directly from the site.
Note: It takes a few minutes for the added credits to show up. Go grab some coffee after you order and come back. They’ll be there. :)
That’s all there is to it.
Two Additional Benefits.
There are two additional reasons to sign up.
1. It’s a great place to get ideas for blog posts. If you scroll through the submissions, you’ll find ideas for writing your own blog posts.
2. You’ll find lots of blogs to comment on – again, if they are reaching your target market.
Here’s the link one more time ->  Click here to Get Free Traffic.
So, what do you think?
If you liked what you learned, then go to the following for my FREE 8-Day Boot Camp and some additional information, tools and strategies you can start using today to grow your business. CLICK HERE NOW
NetDivvy Lloyd Dobson Landing Page

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Killer Interview Secrets - How To Get Hired

How to get hired with Killer Interview Secrets. Lloyd here and the purpose of this review is to share my uncensored thoughts on an extremely important topic. How to get hired for a job. After spending 28 years as an executive in corporate America, my desire is to help all who are looking for employment in this current economy.

This information is for everyone!

Even if: You currently have a job, but want to land your dream job…

Even if: You have absolutely no previous work experience and have never even been on an interview…

Even if: You’ve bombed every single interview you’ve gone on…

WARNING: Don't even think about going on another interview before you read this! You might be making one of the three deadly interview mistakes costing you multiple job offers without even knowing it!

99% of current job seekers are making the same fatal interview mistakes that are preventing them from getting hired!

The job interview is the single most important part of the hiring process.

Not the resume. Not the cover letter. But the interview…and almost all candidates screw up their interview by making stupid mistakes that can be easily fixed with the proper knowledge.

If you are serious about getting hired you must keep reading!

These strategies are proven to work…no matter what industry or type of job you are aiming for.


My name is Lloyd Dobson. Over the past 30 years, I have interviewed candidates for the multi-million dollar companies I ran. Through my experience, I have learned what works… and more importantly, what does not.

I have truly seen it all - from the guy who aces the interview and gets the job on the spot, to the person who comes in and completely bombs… and everything in between.

I remember one of the first guys I ever interviewed. When I saw his resume, nothing about it “grabbed me” and I did not feel the need to interview him. But this guy kept calling me like a little pest, and I gave in just to have him stop bugging me!


Boy, I am glad I did! On the day of the interview, I met this guy and 30 minutes later, he left with a job offer. I was completely blown away. I had never given a person a job offer “on the spot.” I could not believe this guy completely convinced me he was the perfect person for the job. He went on to become one of our top producers.

But it hit me. Right then, I realized there were secrets to successful interviewing that only a select few knew about.

There are certain, distinct patterns of those who get hired and those who walk away empty handed.

But, the answer is really quite simple. It comes down to…

Three Little Known Interview Mistakes That Could Cost A Job Offer…or Two, or Three…


Going on an interview without fixing these mistakes is like throwing darts at a dartboard while being blindfolded and expecting to hit a bullseye!

Simply because they don't understand the “patterns” of the successful interviewers!

 You see, not only does every successful interviewer understand each and every single one of these key interview concepts, but they also know how to use them in their favor!

That is because interview success is a learnable skill. It's not something that only young geniuses are “born with.”


Not only did these special people implement successful interview strategies, but they also seemed to have a certain mystical aura or energy around them.

There was that “special something” about them.

Humans are wired to have natural attraction instincts!

Yes, this is something that all humans are naturally born with! Regardless of whether or not they are being used, these natural attraction triggers are biologically built into every human being.

These attraction triggers weren't just built in to attract mates, but as a way for humans to instinctually communicate and connect with each other.

Have you ever known a person who lights up a room just by walking in? He or she can shift the energy in the room without having to say a single word…simply by being present! This is exactly what I am talking about!


These people know exactly how to use their natural attraction triggers. They understand how to use their energy to influence others around them and get what they want.

Wouldn't you like to have that power too?

Knowing how to use these natural attraction triggers in combination with understanding the patterns of successful interviewers, is the ultimate formula for getting hired! It is what I call the…


When job seekers use the combination of proven, effective interview techniques in addition to harnessing their natural attraction triggers, they become unstoppable!

If you want to ace your next interview and get a job offer CLICK HERE NOW

If you want to receive multiple job offers and have employers fighting over you


If you are sick and tired of seeing other “more qualified” individuals get the job you wanted

Consider this: if you were to hire a professional “interview consultant” it would cost you several hundred dollars at least… in fact I know of one “interview consultant” who charges $850 per hour!

There are two options to purchase Killer Interview Secrets:

Option #1 – Gold Edition

This option is for those who want to get started right away. You'll get immediate access to the “Killer Interview Secrets” downloadable e-book and will be on your way towards getting the job offers you deserve. I'll “let you in” on my strategies that will unlock the secrets to your interview success. Don't sit back and watch others get the job offers that you deserve. It's your time to shine!

You'll receive over $1,000 worth of information for only $17. This is a very small investment to guarantee job interview success…this is less than the cost of dinner for two at a decent restaurant! Honestly, how much would you pay to acquire the secrets to getting all the job offers you ever wanted…and deserve?

To get all this for only $17 is like “highway robbery.”


And you can get all this for only $27! (That's right, only $10 more dollars than the Gold Edition)

In the audio mp3 files, You will be walked through a real-life interview where the role play is asked the 11 foundation questions -- I use my “killer” answers that are “road tested” and pass the “killer interview formula” test. To make sure that you are the “sharpest tool in the shed” I give you the best “killer” answer to each of the 11 foundation questions. There will be nothing the interviewer can throw your way that you can't handle!

Having these audio files is like holding the keys to the castle. No more wondering how your answers should sound. You will learn proper delivery -- including the right language to use, the correct tone of your voice, and how to emphasize your skills to make sure the interviewer remembers you.

What does this mean to you? This means that getting job offers will come that much quicker. Having someone who knows “what works” will slash your learning time by months. No more wandering like a stray dog. Just take my “killer” answers and start using them in your next interview.

Imagine how much this will set you apart from your competition – individuals that don't have the same “secrets” that you will have. They don't stand a chance when compared to you!

                               ORDER HERE NOW AND RECEIVE EXTRA BONUSES

These secrets to job interview success can now be yours for a very small investment. Now you can literally have access to all these secrets for only $17 or the hardcore elite edition for $27! The job offers you deserve await…






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Instant Payday Network - Is This a Scam or a Real Legitimate Business?

Instant Payday Network - Is This a Scam or a Real Legitimate Business?

This program was created by Jeff Buchanan. The Instant Payday Network is a 100% free system that provides you with 3 sources of income through a funnel system tested and proven for its effectiveness, along with free video training to help you maximize your daily income. So is Instant payday network a scam or easy way or make money on line?

It certainly is not a scam based upon my due diligence of the program. It is my experience, that it is an easy way to make money. When working with these free offers and their websites, the only negative is you must read the offers and instruction on your computer browser to ensure proper credits.

So how do you make money with this system?

The first two income sources are Express Mycashfreebies and Double Mycashfreebies. The minimum requirement for getting started is signing up for Mycashfreebies and completing your free trial offer. Double mycashfreebies is optional, but I would encourage you to sign up and complete the trial offers (though the majority have fees yet are still inexpensive to invest in) in order to maximize your earning potential. Express now pays $25 per referral and double $30

The third source of income is also optional but highly recommended, because you’ll be able to position yourself to create a residual monthly income with it. And the source is none other than Empower Network!

This is one of the most legit online businesses that I have come across on the net period! It is 100% FREE to join, you are awarded with 100% FREE video, resources, autoresponders! Oh My! You are actually working for fortune 500 companies, which makes it even sweeter, because you know that your "Gonna Get Paid" Period". It's a 100% FREE SIMPLE Money System That "Works"..!

Overall, the Instant Payday Network is a great option to utilize if you are looking for a way to create some cash flow–which can be directly deposited into your Paypal or Payza account–as well as an effective sales conversion system to gain Empower Network signups.

Don't worry if you are not an Empower Network member. It is your choice. Should YOU get involved with Instant Payday Network?

Well, that’s up to you. It’s not for everyone, and you have to know that you can do it… truthfully, that’s the biggest hurdle you’ll have to jump because the rest is almost too simple to explain.

If you want to get a larger look at the business, simply follow this link: