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Can "Article Writing" Increase Traffic To Your Website? | The Real Truth About "Article Writing"

Free Traffic to your website from Google and the other Search Engines is a very viable way to obtain targeted leads for your business. Once you get your website optimized for a particular Keyword or Phrase you will receive a constant stream of potential customers to your website and it is absolutely free.

If you desire return visitors and the possibilities of marketing using this strategy, your articles must have two very important elements. One is to always put in good content and secondly to get them to the internet the right way. Always make the articles search engine friendly. Why do you want to write articles?

1) Google is KING and looks at Relevance! Relevance! Relevance!
2) Google looks at blogs, forum posts, articles, YouTube videos, Hubpages and Squido.
3) It is Free! Free!
4) You get long term traffic.

Search Engines Love links – If you are not well connected to other websites Google may not even include you in their searches. Google wants to give the best service to its users so they will prefer to index websites who are well connected to other websites. The best way to get connected to other websites is to get as many ‘incoming only’ links to your website.

Reciprocal linking (I link to you and you link to me) is OK but to really help your search positioning you want incoming only links. You can get these links from online business directories, your customers or suppliers etc. Another great way of getting links to your site is to write some articles or make videos relating to your business and get them published online, and at the end of each article you would include a link back to your site.

Content is King – Google absolutely loves websites that are fresh and up to date with plenty of quality and original content. If you regularly update your site with keyword rich content it is going to keep Google and your visitors happy. Remember people primarily search the internet for information so give them a reason to stay on your site, keep your site easy to read (black text on white works best), easy to navigate, and regularly update your content.

For additional information you may go here: MORE ARTICLE WRITING STRATEGIES


Go out and make it a great day and to your success!

Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS at http://LloydDobson.com

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How You Can Make The Web Your "Warm Market" | Why The Internet As Your "Warm Market"

Normally a person turns to their warm market such as friends, family, co-workers and neighbors for business prospects and customers as an easy alternative. Learning how to drive traffic to your business from the internet can replace that warm market prospect process.

This article shares some reasons why the internet can replace your warm market. Using the internet to make new friends that will be interested in learning more about you and your product, service or business.

The process works for me, it works for all the people I have in my organizations and it is working for millions of others as you’re reading this. If you follow a system, you can eliminate the two biggest challenges you face when getting started in your new business; finding people to talk to about your business and dealing with the
rejection that comes from talking to people that you don’t know.

Why the Internet can replace your Warm Market:

1. Convenience:
You can send an Instant Message to someone any time it is convenient. Morning, afternoon or evening, you can chose from millions of people that are Online at the same time you are.

2. Direct access to more people
Every day, you can connect with millions of people on the Internet. Long distance and time zones cease to exist when you use messaging. You can meet someone Online and establish a business relationship anywhere in the world, and you don’t need a passport to do it.

3. People are easier to approach
Sending a message to someone Online is an easy way to connect with a stranger. On the Internet, The branding of your name and profile will position you to be liked by anyone you contact. They provide enough information about you so you are not a stranger. If you contact people that share your hobbies, interests or personal values, they will respond. Don’t you?

4. Rejection is eliminated
Rejection disappears on the Internet because you know a great deal about someone prior to sending them an instant message. Everything they have written about themselves in their profile is your open invitation to contact them.

You can recognize the people that will be interested in what you do by reading their profile. Instead of going through the traditional rejection numbers when you approach a stranger in person, you will find that eight out of the ten people you contact with a message will be agreeable to looking at your business.

5. Targeting is easier
Whomever you prefer talking to about your business (network marketers, doctors, teachers, stay at home moms or people in any type of profession), it is easier to find them Online and communicate with them through internet with a message than it is to walk into a room full of strangers.

It is also easier to find people that share your passion for a hobby. You can make a new friend by sending a simple instant message.

6. It’s more fun
Communicating with someone in a message is fun. Chatting with someone that shares common interests with you is enjoyable and can be rewarding. You choose who you want to connect with. You choose when you want to connect with someone. The Internet is a very social place when you know how and where to find someone to talk to.

You can find out more about me by visiting  CLICK HERE NOW


Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS at http://LloydDobson.com

Friday, December 10, 2010

What "Global Domains International" Won't Tell You | Is "Global Domains International" a Scam or Fraud?

People get involved with the Global Domains International opportunity for one of two reasons, one to have their own domain name and two to build a residual income from the business opportunity side.

Since my involvement in the Internet global community, several times I have seen posted numerous blogs and forums concerning this question about Global Domains International (GDI). Is the answer.....yes? The answer is not yes it is a scam! Actually it is 180 degrees from that answer. The answer is absolutely NO!! It is not a scam.

People get involved with GDI for different reasons, one is simply to create and work with their own web site, or to establish an enormous passive global income automatically. As a member of GDI we want to be certain you achieve preciously what you joined GDI to accomplish. The following information will steer you in the right direction and we want you to know that as part of our team we are pleased to assist you any time. This link will enlighten you as to why you would benefit in having your own web site with GDI: http://www.freedom.ws/ldobson.

Global Domain International (GDI) is a Fortune 500 company that sells web hosting packages. For $10.00 per month you get a domain name, web hosting, a site builder and ten email addresses. You can find the exact same deal from many other vendors and for a lot less money. This is probably why many people think that GDI is a scam! Below are some strong reasons why I believe you would choose GDI over some of the cheaper rival companies. Actually there are several reasons...

1. In the beginning, if you are a beginner you can test without committing to a long term contract with a host company.

2. Most of the good .com domain names are taken.

3. You get a 7 day FREE trial with all the benefits offered.

Besides the opportunity to have your own domain name, as I mentioned earlier, GDI has an affiliate program and has affiliates all over the world pushing their product. Here is how you are paid: You will receive $1.00 for each referral. Actually when I saw how little the amount was, I was not that impressed. I thought to myself, who in the world would push this with such a small pay? Well Global Domains International affiliates are claiming to make big money. So...with that said, I took a closer look and realized that the $1.00 referral fee went down 5 levels deep. Well what does 5 levels mean?

Let's do some math and assume you can refer just 5 people to Global Domains International (GDI). Now all you would make, would be $5.00 monthly; however, what if you taught those 5 team members a secret to pulling 5 team members of their own. This would be your second level and now you are looking at $25.00 per month in commissions. Now teach those members how to do the same and recruit just five. As it stands right now, you have 25 members in your downline. Now those 25 members know the secret to pulling 5 members of their own. In all actually each member could pull in as many referrals as they want, but let's say for consistency that they also refer 5 people using the secret. We are now looking at $125.00 on the third level. If level four and five would continue with their five, each month you would have earned $3,125.00. This type of Global Domains International power is fantastic!

Now you have seen how much money can be made with Global Domains International, but the honest truth is that most people will fail. Most people are looking for a get rich quick scheme and fail to market their business. Global Domains International (GDI) business is no different. You must expose the opportunity. We have many tools that we share with you; however, the real success comes from your commitment to succeed!

Global Domains International provides a valuable opportunity to anyone interested in making money online. Just visit my web site and you'll see the opportunities displayed. Visit my web site at: http://www.unlimitedwealthbuilder.ws
Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS at http://LloydDobson.com


Friday, December 3, 2010

Why a "Home Based Business"? | The Truth About a "Home Based Business"

Why have a home based business? The real truth about having a home based business lies in the fact of additional income, time freedom and the many tax benefits. Having a home based business has many advantages and with the current economical situation there are more and more people looking into the advantages. Not to mention the additional income stream and powerful tax advantages.

The home based business gives you extra money directly. Indirectly it will give you extra tax benefits. Once you got the confidence that the par- time business is good, you can leave the regular job. The only need is we need to come out from the time frame that I will work only for a certain time. You need to use your extra time more productively to get the success.

You need to have a vision to get the success. Many times your hobbies and activities can help you in starting the new business. If that talent is used properly, you can make money.

Tax Savings You Can Count On

IRS PUTS ON PRESSURE FOR EVERYONE TO E-FILE. Starting Jan. 1, 2011, any tax preparer who files 100 or more tax returns must file their client' returns electronically. As of 2012, the minimum number to require e-filing drops to only 11!

What’s the problem with that?

There are a lot of advantages to the IRS if you e-file, but, according to Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D. - author of "Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!" and myself, I have not found even one worthwhile advantage to YOU.  In fact it is far better to file an paper return!!! Get free Special Report, “Why You May NOT Want to E-File,” in the ‘Resource Center’ at


But YOU Still are in Control – SO FAR!

You haven’t lost ALL of your rights – yet! If the taxpayer/client (that’s you and me) specifically requests to file a paper return, your tax pro is allowed to prepare it in paper format, BUT there are three minor hurdles…

1. Your tax pro must fill out a Form 8948,
     “Preparer Explanation for Not Filing
     Electronically,” and attach it to your tax
     return.  (No big deal.)

2.  You must actually take your own tax
     return to the Post Office or overnight
     delivery service.  Your tax pro is not
     allowed to mail it for you. (Still no big deal.)

3.  You’ll be required to sign a statement that
     confirms this is your wish. It won’t be sent
     with your return, but kept by your tax pro.
     (You may be familiar with the term “CYA.”)
     Another "no big deal."

Just speed-bumps, not hurdles, yet they are there only so the IRS can make it inconvenient to not e-file.

Big Brother continues to tighten his grip, so grab onto and take advantage of those home-business tax advantages.  It is one of the few rights we have to control the amount of taxes you pay.

More “Tax Tips You Can Bank On” will be streaming in as the lame-duck  session of Congress make decisions that will impact your financial health – big time!

Go out and make it a great day and to your success!

Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS at http://LloydDobson.com

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Critical Thinking" | How "Critical Thinking" Enhances Our Learning And Change In Life | by "Lloyd Dobson"

Each day of our lives we become exposed to things that hinder our ability to think creatively and rationally. Critical thinking supplies are invented so that educators and parents both can help their students and children to think clearly, accurately and fairly. Additionally, critical thinkers are usually better prepared to those who lack this ability.

Just because your child is intelligent or has greater knowledge does not mean he is decisive and rational. Critical thinking is about how our children can use their intelligence and knowledge to reach objective and rationale viewpoints. Critical supplies engage children in both life and learning. Its real value lies in the fact that it improves their understanding of the world they live in, while it works to develop personal skills that will help them meet with success throughout their lives.

How often do you think? Yes, I know we all think all the time. But how often do you engage in deep, disciplined, thought provoking, critical thinking. The kind of thinking that triggers deep and fundamental change? Something I read years ago has stayed with me: ‘We become too soon old and too late smart’. Critical thinking is simply the act of reflecting on our beliefs, assumptions and actions and being open to consider new ways of looking at and living in the world. Critical thinking is a productive process that enables us to be more effective and innovative in the important areas of life, and to develop wisdom.

The goal of thinking critically is simple: to guarantee, as far as possible, that our beliefs and actions can be justified and can withstand rational analysis. Just what do we do when we’re thinking critically? In general terms, thinking critically is to think clearly, accurately, knowledgeably, while evaluating the reasons for a belief you hold, an assumption you have, or an action you take.

We often believe things not because we have good evidence for them but because we want to believe them. We tend to construe things in our own favour, to look for evidence that fits with what we already believe or want to believe. Too often, we can deceive ourselves. We allow habit to control how we think about the issues and actions in our life. Often, we see only what we want to see and believe only what we want to believe. When we engage in critical thinking things change, and the two main benefits will be increased self-confidence and a heightened sense of control over our life.

Once we commit ourselves to critical thinking we will generate continual learning and improvement in life as we search for the beliefs and actions that best serve us. We need to learn how to conduct that search properly, so that our self-confidence and self-respect flourish and grow. Also, the better we become at evaluating our thinking, the more likely it is that we will be in control of situations where decisions need to be made or problems solved. Continual learning is essential to lifetime growth. It’s possible to have a great deal of experience in life and yet be no smarter for all the things you’ve done, seen, and heard. Experience alone is no guarantee of lifetime growth. But if you regularly examine and transform your experience into new learning, you will make each day of your life one of growth.

The smartest people are not those with a high IQ, but those who can transform even the smallest events or situations into breakthroughs in thinking and action. We should look at all of life as a school and every experience as a lesson, and then our learning will always be greater than our experience. You are the thinker of your thoughts, you are not just your thoughts, and when you react to some action or incident and find yourself responding… take a ‘mental’ step back and ask yourself

Why did I think that thought?

Was it an automatic response triggered by a program running in my mind?

Did it serve me?

What else could I have chosen to think?

When you apply critical thinking instead of simply accepting your thoughts and letting them run across the screen of your mind, you access deep learning and powerful change. This has the potential to impact and improve your life. So what are you thinking right now as a result of reading this? And why are you thinking that thought?

Go out and make it a great day and to your success!

Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS at http://LloydDobson.com

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Ezine Articles" Can Be a Very Targeted Form of Marketing | "NetDivvy" Teaches You How

Ezine Articles can be a very targeted form of marketing, but make sure you read this thoroughly before you place any ads. The "NetDivvy" Training System shares the logistics for effective Ezine Article writing.

First, what is an Ezine Article?

An Ezine Article is an email newsletter that goes out to a list of people that have agreed to receive emails form a specific person. You can purchase ad space in their newsletter broadcasts that will go out to thousands of readers at one time. Articles are a powerful form of marketing that allows people to create unique content based on certain pre-determined key words. Article directories are websites where users submit articles to be categorized and included to a specific niche.

"NetDivvy" shares the most popular article directories that are considered authority sites and are constantly crawled by the top Search Engine Bots. For Search engine optimization purposes, the ideal article length is 400-500 words with a keyword density of approximately 2%-3%.

There are only two types of ads that work. “top sponsor” and “solo” ads.

A top sponsor ad is a short 5-10 line ad that is placed at the top of broadcast and is the first thing the readers see. (See examples below for more info). Get to the point of what they are going to get by clicking on your link quickly and be sure to include the URL or your tracking URL in the ad. Use common sense here. Think about something that would make you click the link and visit your site when you are writing your ad.

A solo ad is a little different. It is the only thing that is included in that particular email blast. People get your ad and your ad only. Most solo ads need to be 60 lines or shorter, but some ezine owners will give you more leeway. (again, look below to see what we mean)

Longer is not necessarily better. Keep your ad to less than one page and break up the paragraphs into short chunks so it is easy to read quickly. Include the link to your website a few times in the body of the ad and

Be sure to include your URL or tracking link in the ad a couple times and sign off with your name and the link.

BEFORE placing an Ezine Article ad:

1. Get on the list yourself and read a few of the broadcasts. This way you can see what type of content and tailor your ad to coincide.

2. Make sure the Ezine Article content is RELEVANT to your ad. You do not want to advertise anything on network marketing to people reading an Ezine on dog grooming (that is an exaggeration, but the more relevant your ad is to the readers, the better response rate you will get)

Remember with Ezine advertising if it looks too good to be true…IT PROBABLY IS!

Just like anything, you can not get something for nothing with Ezine marketing, but you can get good value. If someone has a subscriber base of 4000 people and they want $10 for an ad, it probably isn’t a very responsive list. On the other hand if they want $500 for the same ad, it probably isn’t worth your money to test it.

Again, use common sense and test your offers.


As with any marketing strategy, you want to make sure you TRACK YOUR RESULTS to see which ezines are more responsive and which ads work best.

Test the length of your ad. Do longer ones work better than shorter ones or the other way around? Also test the placement of your URL. Put it at the top, middle, and bottom or a combination of the three and see what gets more clicks. The best way to test is by using tracking links.

Set up a NEW tracking link for EACH different Ezine or ad you test, so that you can see which ones perform best.

Aweber and GetResponse.com both contain tracking systems that allow you to track your ads if you have a subscription to their service. If you are a serious marketer, an auto responder is a must. You may click on either Aweber or GetResponse to set yours up.

To your success,

Lloyd Dobson
Visit my blog at: http://UnlimitedWealthBuilder.blogspot.com

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS

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With "NetDivvy" You Can Have $1.00 a Gallon Gas - Another "NetDivvy" Benefit

The FREE NetDivvy Marketing and Training System is the best of two worlds. NetDivvy works in conjunction with your primary business providing you all the tools necessary to drive traffic to you and your business. It also provides an additional income source to fuel your primary business. Providing value to your customers and affiliates is critical for your success.

Below is just one way you can provide some value. If you are having a problem getting people to understand the value of having an Online Home-Based Business with you. Take a serious look at this! This is where the INFORMED & The UNINFORMED TAX PAYER comes into play. Why in the world someone doesn't see the benefits to them with your Home-Based Business opportunity is beyond my comprehension. If they still don't get it .... call the paramedics. They have to be brain dead!

Right now, more than ever, the price is at the forefront of everyone's mind. Right now this is what everyone is talking about and what is coming up in more conversations than anything else.

BUT, did you know that as a "NetDivvy" Home-Based Business Owner your gas 'should' be only costing you $1 per gallon?

Now before you start thinking that "Coach" is amazing, and what oil company did he cut a deal with? - let me say that no matter what home-based business you're in, you can make these gas prices work for you and EXPLODE your business like never before, because setting all gimmicks aside, this is real, your gas has to cost you $1 per gallon!

Here is how it works:
  1.) The IRS provides a .50 cent tax write off for every mile you drive that is legitimately related to business. Document Your Mileage.
  2.) People who do not own a business CANNOT qualify for this tax write off.
  3.) Everywhere you go, whether it's work, church, the kid's soccer game, or just going to the store can be legitimate mileage tax write off IF you insert business into the equation.

This is EASY to do! It can be done by handing your home-based business card or do a presentation with everyone you meet through the course of the day. Plus it just makes good sense to promote your business always. The "NetDivvy" System teaches you many ways to market and drive traffic to you.

NOTE: You must record your business mileage in case you ever get audited and this is where typically it becomes a sticking point with most people as they do not want to take the time, can't take the time or forget to take the time. If that's you ...... here's what you need to do immediately.

Go to wwwXpenser.com (this is a FREE service) and sign up. Now you can simply call a phone number before, during or even after you've driven somewhere (that was business related) and leave a voice message such as ... "Soccer game handed out 3 business cards and 14 miles" and hang up. This FREE service will convert your message to text and log it in an online mileage for you.

  4.)  So here's the $1 per gallon formula (working with round numbers):
             *  $4.00 Per Gallon
             *  20 Miles Per Gallon
             *  .50 Cents Per Mile IRS Tax Deduction
             *  30% Tax Bracket

Those of you with math brains can do the calculations; but, the basics are at:
   *  20 miles per gallon vehicle at $4.00 per gallon.
   *  Cost .20 cents per mile to drive,
   *  .50 cents per mile IRS deduction
   *  Times 30% tax bracket is .15 cents in REAL money you pocket at the end of the year on your taxes.
   *  And when you deduct .15 cents from .20 cents. you are at .05 cents per mile or $1 DOLLAR PER GALLON!


You might be saying "WOW", this sounds great - I see it and I'm excited that my home-based business is going to help me save $3 per gallon on my fuel cost and I'm going to conduct business wherever I go and log miles.

This one reason alone, among many others, is why I am happily involved in my own "NetDivvy" Online Home-Based Business and spreading the word to help others have more spendable income and time freedom!

To your success,
Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help with ANY online business.. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: FREE Training & Marketing Secrets.

Here is a couple of FREE marketing secrets that you can use today to drive traffic to you utilizing Twitter today to drive traffic to you and/or your business.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Truth Behind "Mobile Monopoly" - Is It a Scam? | by Lloyd Dobson

Many people don't know that it's possible to make a living online, or at least a good extra income. Most think you have to have to go to college and have a great job to make a lot of money these days. Well if you think that way, I'm about to really surprise you, and show you exactly how you can make a lot of money online starting now! The truth behind Mobile Monopoly, it is not a scam!!

This is happening right now - the old online “money holes” are freezing over… the mother load is going mobile… and all the “old school” marketers are left shifting the deck chairs around before their ship goes down.

In fact… this is set to be the biggest “redistribution” of wealth online since before the dot-com “tech wreck” of the early 90's: All those “experts” sitting pretty on top of big, lumbering businesses are in for a rough ride… with this product called Mobile Monopoly.

… and if you're JUST STARTING OUT, new and nimble with nothing to “unlearn”… you're about to get in on the ground floor and skip right to where it would have taken you years to get to fighting it out on Google.

And it's not just me saying it - the companies on the inside of this trend watching it play out are scrambling to “reinvent” themselves from scratch to make mobile their new best friend.Mobile Monopoly has postured itself to be in the driver's seat of the 21st century

• It's why Google's not calling itself a “search engine” anymore - their new mantra's “mobile first”… and they're going on the record warning…


*  It's why Apple doesn't want to be in the “computer business” anymore - they're a “mobile company” now!
And the facts prove it's not just some “fad”… because…

* There are already 5 billion people walking around with mobile phones --that means mobile is already nearly five times bigger than the Internet

* (Since you are going to be one of the first people to REALLY get into mobile marketing, you need to understand just how huge this is.)

* Apple just sold over 2 million more iPhones… and Google's bragging that their customers are activating 160,000 Droid smartphones a day!

(that's at the same time the biggest maker of desktop PC's is on the verge of bankruptcy)…

*More than HALF of all new Internet connections are from mobile “smartphones”… and…

* These 5 billion cell phone owners… 51 million+ smartphone surfers… are carrying these pocket-size computers around with them around the clock!

* (get this: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7… and about a third of people with a cell phone would rather be without their wallet than their phone!)

* Think about it:  If you timed out how much of the day you spent with your cell phone vs. sitting at your computer… it wouldn't even be close, would it?

* (Yet most marketers have no clue how to market to people who aren't glued to a desktop PC!)

A critical key is to make sure you do it in a way that will not be perceived by the recipient as annoying or an intrusion. The way it works is you purchase an advertising block of a fixed amount. A $50 advertising block is typical when it comes to marketing via cell phones. Your message about the product you found at ClickBank gets sent to tens of thousands of cell phone owners. You only pay something when the user "clicks" on your advertisement. A very small amount of about 5 or so cents per click.

Here is something to consider. Most of the items on ClickBank will pay you a commission amount of between $22-$55. Let us say 1 out of every 100 phone owners who clicks on your ad buys the product. At 5 cents a click your total cost for a sale is $5. Even for a $22 product sale your STILL making a $17 profit. Even if only 1 in 200 people who click on your cell phone ad buy your still making a decent profit.

There is a FANTASTIC program, Mobile Monopoly, teaches you exactly, step by step, with 18 videos how to make money with mobile phones. It is the next generation for marketers. For more information on Mobile Monopoly you may CLICK HERE NOW

To your success,Mobile Monopoly,
Lloyd Dobson  :)

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS


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Review: Is The "Numis Graded Silver & Gold" Coin Opportunity a Scam? Accumulate & Collect True Wealth with Numis | by Lloyd Dobson

This article may be a little different than others you've read reviewing the Numis opportunity.You are most likely reading this article because you are interested in making some extra money on the internet. You are doing a smart thing simply because the internet is a billion dollar industry. Do not be discouraged by the "naysayers" saying you can't make money online. Don't listen to them. The truth is they have no idea what they are doing. Most marketers lack some very basic training and marketing strategies stopping them from success.You most likely ran across the Numis opportunity and want to know if it's a scam, here's my input on it.

Coins are cool! This is the operating slogan of Numis Network, an MLM business that deals with coin collectibles. People who collect coins as a hobby are sure to take notice of this business. Here's a Numis Network review that will take you through the pros and cons of the MLM opportunity.


Gold and silver are recession resistant commodities. You'd have noticed the rise in prices of precious metals even when world economies were reeling under financial crisis. This was the idea behind creating the Numis network; a business that deals in numismatic coins.

The Numis Network was started by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent and Jake Kevorkian with support from Mike Mezack, a noted numismatist. The three founders have vast experience in network marketing and their leadership is one of the major assets of this company.

What Is It About?

Collecting coins has been a treasured hobby for many people who know that the value of such coins keep increasing with time. Numis Network has introduced the system of grading to authenticate collectible coins and assist in ascertaining their value. The merchandise in this business is modern gold and silver coins issued by various Government mints from all over the world.

Since the value of these precious metals keep increasing, these are said to be valuable assets to hold. The coins are marketed as a worthwhile investment to hold as well as to gift.

The Opportunity

There are two ways to make money in this business; one is to invest in graded coins and wait till they appreciate in value. Another is to become a partner in the business and spread the word to other coin collectors.


You can become a distributor by paying an initial cost of $99 and thereafter $9.95 per ­month. In this category, you'll need to generate minimum sales of $100 each month to qualify for commissions. You can also become a Fast Track representative by paying initial fee of $495 and $99 per month. This package entitles you to a beginner pack, a Silver Eagle collectible coin, training videos, lead management and marketing programs and email marketing campaign.

A Binary commission system is followed; this allows even beginners to make money on par with experienced distributors.

Why Join Numis Network?

This is an MLM business with a difference. While most other network marketers sell health drinks or cosmetics; you'd be improving the financial health of your customers by selling coins. While stocking up on health products may prove disadvantageous in those businesses, you'd only gaining by keeping a stock of coins as these appreciate in value over time.


The company lays a lot of emphasis on grading coins to authenticate their value; however experts feel graded coins should be placed at par in value with non-graded coins. The fact that they are graded alone does not make these coins greater in value.


XAG Network - This is an upcoming network marketing company that deals in silver Bullion coins. The cost of joining this company is much cheaper than Numis since it's very new. The MLM Company has a 5 x 8 matrix which offers good scope of income for distributors. Being in pre-launch until June 2010 there is not much to say until the company goes live. With bullion there is little room for markup and if the market crashes so does the company.

Silver Coin Reserve - This is a gold and silver coins acquisition program that allows members to invest in silver bullion coins on a monthly basis. Bullion type coins fluctuate with the price of the market. Network marketing is based on word of mouth and having a built in charge to pay for sales and team development. When one can exactly see what the silver and gold is valued at there is very little room to price products to pay reps.

JR Mayer Collections is another large numismatic dealer that's in partnership with GoldQuest International Ltd. The latter is an MLM company that operates in several countries. JR Mayer has been around for more than ten years and known throughout the world for its numismatic business. Looking at the website one gets the feeling it's an international based company that doesn't exactly scream value.

Numis Knacks

The company claims to give you a winning business by offering you a free replica website. This may help you get some orders when people click on your site; but it's not going to help you when all distributors have a similar site. You'd need to know techniques that will help differentiate your link from others. There are several online tools that you can employ to give your website a better reach.

Lloyd Dobson has brought the best out of hundreds of Internet Marketers by helping them create wealth for their own network marketing business. Success in any network marketing business is built with knowing the secrets to online marketing like Blogging, Article Writing, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Classifieds and many more. Get your F-R-E-E training mastering these marketing methods and many others at: MY FREE ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Declarations Will Help You Design Your Ideal Day

We all use language every day in many different ways. We use it to not only describe our world but also design it. And when we do we are using one or more linguistic acts. When Martin Luther King Jr. stated: 'I have a dream.....' When John F. Kennedy stated: 'We will put a man on the moon by....' They declared with those words new possibilities; a new destiny. They used a declaration, which is future focused language to cause what previously did not exist to exist. When you state: 'I will become a...' and: 'I love you...' and perhaps latter: 'I do...' You declare a new possibility. You literally use language to design a different future. Language is powerful and of all the linguistic acts declarations are the most powerful. 

And this has an impact on how we set goals. Many people have goals that remain goals forever. Why is that so? Generally it's because their goals aren't expressed clearly and concisely. What many think are goals are really just dreams with little hope of realization. However don't despair here's how you can change that. A certain magic occurs whenever you place pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and make a declaration that describes how you intend your life to be. As a result your thoughts will become real.

If I asked you to describe your ideal day right now, could you? Many could not. And this is a problem because it's only when we can describe our desired life in detail that out nonconscious mind can create it.  Responding with something vague such as; I want to be wealthy someday; doesn't give your mind a definite target to aim for. How do you define wealthy? Is it $50,000, $500,000 or $5,000,000? And when is someday? Is it this month, this year or ten years?

To leverage the possibility of living the life you want, you must first declare exactly how you wish your life to be. Your ideal day should stimulate your imagination; it should be exciting and evocative. You get to write anything you'd like. Don't limit your ideas. Is it possible for you to......?  Yes it is, and that's all your mind needs to know. Don't worry about how you will make it a reality. Your non-conscious mind will work on that. Just concentrate on the what, and the why, and allow your non-conscious mind to create the how. So now set aside an hour of undisturbed time with no distractions and develop your ideal day.

Step 1: You can use a pen and paper or type. I prefer to type because it makes editing easier. As you live your life; your vision of your ideal day will change. It's perfectly normal that it should evolve as you do.

Step 2: Start from the time you awake, and paint a vivid word picture of your day. Describe your partner and family; how and where you work, your home and it's décor; your health and daily routine. Describe your day in intimate detail. With this exercise you are literally creating your future. You declare yourself as you want to be, where and how you want to live, who you want to share your life with, and how you will earn your income. Crafting your ideal day infuses emotion into your view of the life you wish to lead. This provides momentum and motivation and causes your mind to shift your beliefs and behaviors and create it as your reality. The more emotion you evoke, the more it will impact your non-conscious mind.

Step 3: Once a week, set time aside to review and rewrite your ideal day. As you do develop your day in more detail, and invest your thoughts with even more emotion and enthusiasm. Whenever your mind discerns a difference between your inner and outer worlds, internal tension is created. This tension triggers your nonconscious mind to provide you with ideas, opportunities, and motivation, and as a result it will instinctively move to align your inner and outer worlds.

As you regularly revisit this process you can make whatever alterations you wish. Changes will occur over time, and things that were previously important may become less important. You will know what to change when what you're reading doesn't resonate anymore. Declaring how your life will be is one of the most dramatic things you can do to generate profound change. It causes you to think about what's most important and how you want your world to be. So start now; describe your ideal day.

To Your Success,

Lloyd Dobson

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sustain Your Success In Life With a Strong Character

Often in life we observe someone emerge from obscurity to achieve great success. They flash across the firmament like a shooting star, only to then crash and burn. Why is that so? Often it's because their talent isn't underpinned by strong character. Ability can take you to the top in any endeavor, but only character that will keep you there.

Outstanding character is more important than outstanding talent. Most talents are to some extent a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not a given, it's not set in stone but is a construct, built on the foundation of our beliefs. And it changes over time based on what it is we give our attention to. Character therefore can be both de-constructed and also re-constructed. It is built brick by brick, by daily attention to our thoughts, our choices, with courage, and determination.

So what exactly is character? Our character is comprised of the collective mental and moral qualities that distinguish us as an individual. It's our ability to follow through with a commitment we make to ourselves. It's the sum total of the choices we make every day. Our character today is as a result of past choices.  Our character tomorrow will be a result of today's choices. Our choices and our character will be inevitably and eventually congruent. To change our character, we must simply change our choices. Because day by day, what we think, what we chose, and what we do is who we become.

Although there will always be differences of opinion as to what constitutes character, some traits appear to be universal. A recent survey found that truthfulness, compassion, freedom, responsibility, and reverence for life were considered the most important traits. From a practical perspective, the world could not function properly if responsibility and truthfulness did not exist. A person of character has behaviors that display both respect and integrity.

The definitions of character are all to do with action or behavior and our character is revealed through our behavior. In contrast to a belief or attitude which isn't the same as an action. We may think one way, but act another. People behave in certain ways because they possess a particular philosophy, and we can observe their philosophy by observing their behavior.

Often the most important aspects of our character are developed in adversity. Just like the best timber which comes from the strongest trees; those that have been buffeted by the wind, and tested by the elements, such that the tension creates fine close grained timber much prized by artisans and artists.

I prize his poem but unfortunately I cannot reference the author. It's titled: The common law of Life.

The tree that never had to fight: for sun and sky and air and light. But stood out in the open plain: And always got its share of rain; will never become a forest king. But will live and die a spindly thing.

The man who never had to learn to toil; to gain and work his patch of soil. Who never had to win his share; of sun and sky and light and air. Never became an inspiring man; but lived and died as he began.

Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees. The higher the sky the longer the length: the more the storm the more the strength. Through sun and cold by rain and snow; in both trees and men good timbers grow.

Where thickest is the forest growth. We find the patriarchs of both. And they hold counsel with the stars. Whose broken branches show the scars; of many winds and much of strife; this is the common law of life.

Welcome adversity, learn and apply its lessons; they will help you develop a strong character, one that will sustain you in your journey through life.

To your success,
Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you ANY online business you are involved with. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: FREE Marketing Success Secrets.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide To Obtain Page #1 on Google

Links play a tremendously important role for the search engines and their algorithms.

Basically if you try to recollect, you will see that Google and its first algorithm started from the 2 guys inventing the “new-level-of-quality” algorithm of counting backlinks and using these backlink calculations for giving specific positions to the sites in the search engine results. Google emerged from smart backlink calculation.

The same about the majority of other big search engines – they are heavily relying on the links in giving their search results for any specific keyword.

The problem is that Google knows: thousands of people try to manipulate the backlinks to improve their positions in search engines.That is why Google has started a serious battle with link manipulations, and this is great that they have started to do that!

However this causes lots of troubles for the people who want to build backlinks and want to make sure they do it in a smart and safe way.

This is exactly the purpose of Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide – we are sharing here our successful experience of getting 1st page in Google for LOTS of different keywords in different niches, without any problems with Google.

No matter if:

- you have decided to build backlinks with a FREE Traffic System
- or you want to build backlinks in ANY OTHER way.

You still need to know how to build backlinks without looking as link manipulator for the search engines...Because Safety Matters!


The rule is simple – your backlink building must look NATURAL to the search engines. You see, Google and other search engines will never fight against the sites that are growing their backlinks naturally, otherwise they would kill their own search engine business!

That is why if your backlink building looks natural to Google, you will never have any problems.

But what exactly is a natural backlink building?

And this is where the details start to matter a lot. We consider several factors to be critically important in making your backlink building look natural. Each of the factors will be discussed in details in the Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide.

And after you read this information you will also see that FREE Traffic System
  service is helping you to build backlinks in the most NATURAL way available on the market today.

Factors of Natural Link Building:

Natural Link Building – Factor #1

Your backlinks must be backed by something really valuable for search engines.It is very easy to understand this factor if you get into the shoes of Google. Today there are hundreds of links directory scripts that in a minute can create thousands of junk like pages,and these pages can give you thousands or millions of backlinks.

Are these pages of ANY value to Google? No! In terms of value for the users of Google who want to find quality information these pages are junk, junk and let’s agree upon it.

But if you get a backlink from a large content page, the value of this page (and this backlink) increases instantly for Google. You created new information, this information is found by a person who used Google to surf the net. You have “bribed” Google with the most valuable gift – new information. Backlinks from this type of pages are real gold.

And this is exactly what FREE Traffic System is doing for you, because you get backlinks from inside real blog post with unique content. Will Google be against new unique content? Never! Will Google look favorably upon the backlinks from inside unique blog posts? Yes, otherwise Google should stop being a search engine.

Natural Link Building – Factor #2

Your backlinks must be from non-duplicate pages!Duplicate content over years remains one of the most disputable questions in SEO. Is Google punishing for dup content or is it not? Opinions differ.

But we think that here we must look at the problem from the Google’s point of view. Will be Google happy about tons of dup content pages? No! That is why in the FREE Traffic System we give you the tool of automatically diversifying your article. Inside the members area you can find a video where we show how to easily diversify each of your articles with the help of [spin][/spin] html tag.

By spending just 5 minutes on your article you can be sure that each republication of your article will look nonduplicate.This will hugely BOOST the value of your backlinks for the Google, because Google will see that lots of non-duplicate pages from different sites are giving you backlinks.This is the most safe and natural way of link growth ever imaginable online.

Natural Link Building – Factor #3

Backlinks must be built from relevant sites.This is another pain of SEO gurus, because no one says for sure whether Google is against backlinks from irrelevant sites or not. Google is not saying anything officially, because they hate giving away the details of their algorithm and say only general stuff that can be interpreted in both ways.

Surely you should not have big problems due to backlinks from the irrelevant sites. Otherwise your competitor in yoga niche would pay a porno site to give you thousands of backlinks and this would get your site deleted. Google understands that penalties for incoming links are a stupid and unrealistic measure. That is why sound logics assumes – nothing very bad in getting backlinks from irrelevant sites.

BUT! Let’s think about Google and its interests again. Does a recommendation from porno site about yoga site look valuable to Google? Perhaps not, a much better recommendation about a yoga site is a backlink from another yoga site, or health site, or fitness site.

This brings us to the simple conclusion: though there is nothing dramatically bad about getting backlink from irrelevant site, it is MUCH BETTER to get backlinks from the sites in your industry or niches which are neighboring with your industry. Gardening fits nice with hobbies; finances fit niche with loans, debt freedom, retirement plans and business; health is ok with diets, wellness, basic life tips and fitness.

And this is what you are getting inside FREE Traffic System  – we give you the choice of sites in different niches that are ready to publish your quality information and not touch your backlinks. You have maximum freedom is choosing the sites that correspond to the topic of your article.

This will make sure that you article is read by the targeted visitors on these blogs (these visitors are very likely to click your links in the article, if this article grabbed their attention). And this instantly increases the SEO value of the backlinks.

Natural Link Building – Factor #4

Backlink growth speed – don’t be greedy! If your site is very old (at least a few years in the Internet) and has gained some SEO trust, then even tons of new backlinks which have appeared to your site within 5 minutes will not hurt the site. Maybe the site will get down due to heavy traffic, but this is another story :)

But when a new site that is just building its SEO reputation starts getting dozens or even hundreds of backlinks in a matter of short period of time – this looks suspicious, very suspicious.

This is a problem!

... because FREE Traffic System is basically a service where you can build an almost unlimited number of one way links per day. Your article gets republished on 30 sites maximum, with 2 backlinks from each article – this is up to 60 one way links from full republishing of the article! That means when you create (piece of cake) 10 articles per day – this sums up to 600 backlinks per day!!

We understand that even the most reasonable people will not stand this SEO seduction and will lure into building hundreds of backlinks per day. And no matter how much we say “Don’t be greedy, don’t be greedy” – most of the users came here for backlinks and will not listen to the voice of reasonability.

Don’t worry – we have taken care of the greediness. We will not seduce our members: that is why when you schedule the article for publication, it does not get published on all blogs right after you sent it. Our service will be republishing your article on 3-4 sites per day, day by day, until the whole publishing sequence on 30 sites for this very article is not complete.

You do not have to wait with submitting another article, before the publishing sequence for the previous article is over. But even if you send us dozens of articles per day, we have automatically made your daily link growth look a lot more natural.

This is where we have made a decision without asking for your permission. But this is an absolute must to do that reasonably and you will thank us over time for doing that.

Natural Link Building – Factor #5

Diversify anchor text of your backlinks! Anchor text – what is that?!
The anchor text is a visible and clickable text in the hyperlink. For example, the in the HTML code quoted below ‘get free one way links’ is the anchor text  one way links and people who see the web page with this code in the Internet will simply see that ‘get free one way link’ text is hyperlinked to a URL FREE Traffic System
Anchor text is one of the critical factors in getting good positions in search engines. This is because search engines treat anchor text as a helpful information which explains what the page (to which the backlink is sending) is about.

Today many people know about this huge importance of anchor text and put the keywords (for which they are fighting for) into the anchor text of their backlinks. BUT, this is where many people do a nasty mistake. By the way, this is one more mistake caused by greediness.

People use the same anchor text in all backlinks that they build. Does it look strange to Google that all backlinks to Site A have one and the same anchor text? It looks very strange! It is impossible that all sites give you backlink using one and the same word – at least few would simply write ‘click here’ or ‘more info’ in the anchor text.

We insist that anchor text diversification is a must for safe and successful link building campaign. This factor is taken into account by FREE Traffic System  service – you give our system several versions of anchor text and it will use one of the versions randomly when republishing your articles and building backlinks to your sites.

Let’s say you want to see your site on the 1st page in Google for ‘make money online’: we suggest using several anchor text versions like: ‘make money online’, ‘how to make money online’, ‘learn to make money online.’This will create natural looks for the growth of your backlinks and will ensure that your sites - with the help of FREE Traffic System service – get solid SEO reputation and long-term success from link building.

Natural Link Building – Factor #6

The page to which you are building backlinks must have the keyword you are fighting for. For example, you want to get 1st page for ‘best Italian shoes’ and you are building backlinks with anchor text ‘best Italian shoes’ (properly diversified – read lesson 5 for more details about anchor text diversification).

So, you must also make sure that the page - which you want to see on page1 for ‘best Italian shoes’ – has this keyword in meta title, meta description and somewhere in the text of the page.

This is all about adequacy and natural looks. Imagine how it can look for Google: 500 backlinks with anchor text ‘best Italian shoes’ pointing to the page which does not have even the single mentioning of this keyword. This is awkward and strange.

Simple insertion of necessary keyword in meta title, meta description and text of the page instantly corrects the situation and the whole scheme starts looking natural and logical. MAKE SURE...That you are using a site building engine (also known as - content manager) which allows to change meta title, description and text for every single page. Most of the engines today have this option, because it has become a standard in the 21st century.

Why Free Traffic System?

Now you know a lot more about safe backlink building. When reading this guide you noticed that we have been mentioning many times http://www.freetrafficsystem.com/a.php?p1=58343 service. This is not just because we are proud of it and boast with the success we reached with this service – this is also because it is the most natural way of growing your link power.

AND . . .

There is another very important aspect...

When creating this service we exercised a simple rule – give users maximum freedom. And we managed to do that. If you look into all aspects of our service, you will see that everything is in YOUR hands, when it comes down to one way link building. We gave you a possibility:

- to make all pages with your backlinks look unique and non-duplicate with text diversification
- to choose the relevancy of the sites where your content and backlinks will be published
- to make your link growth speed be natural
- to make your anchor texts look natural and diversified

This is all you need to get real safety in building free one way links with us. Maximum freedom means that YOU are in charge of the quality of link building job that you are doing and YOU are in charge of your success.

To Your Success!
Lloyd Dobson

Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide – by FREE Traffic System

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Self-Management - In Order To Have a New Beginning You Must Have The Courage Necessary To Make a Change

In order to have a new beginning you must have the courage necessary to make a change. By observing your faults with objectivity and resolution you will gain the strength of character necessary to eliminate them. How would you like to be the predominant force in your life, to truly be in control of your life, to not be affected by external circumstances, to not be affected by what others do or do not do, to not be affected by how others act or respond?

We have all been conditioned to believe that our power and security lies outside of us. A person may say, "Yes, I want to be in control of my life but you don't understand I have no money." That means nothing. "Yes, but I live in a small town." That means nothing. "Yes, but I have no contacts." That means nothing. Are you willing to make the decision to be the predominant force in your life or not? That is what means something! In fact, that means everything!

Self-management is about making a choice to be in control of your own destiny. To make a choice to no longer be the victim of your own self-imposed limitations, to no longer be a victim or just a player in someone Else's drama. Self-management gives you a choice to work for your goals and dreams instead of working for someone Else's. It is making a choice to never again let money be a factor in how you live your life.

Once the choice is made you will have a whole new basis for dealing with the challenges you face in everyday life and in your business. Being a success in your business or a success in life for that matter requires an understanding of some basic principles of self-management, the first of which is decision making.

We all make thousands of decisions everyday. Some are big decisions and some are small ones. You decide when to get up in the morning and what you are going to wear for the day. You decide to eat breakfast, to drive to work, to stop at traffic lights. You know that if you don't get into the car and drive to work, you won't get paid. You know that in your business, or at least you should by now, that if you don't talk to people and teach others to do the same you don't build a business and you don't get paid. You know that if you don't stop at red lights you could have an accident.

Based upon the firm decisions we make we attract the result of that decision into our lives. It is called the "Law of Attraction." As we discussed before, a firm decision to do a certain thing doesn't allow for anything less creates a mindset and puts the "Law of Attraction" in motion. If you make a decision to be successful in your business, one that doesn't allow failing, you will create the mindset necessary to attract success into your life.

There are two main problems that enter into the equation. One, we make decisions based upon past experiences and our current circumstances instead of what we truly want in our lives. And two, we are often too quick to change our decisions which are all too often influenced by our current circumstances or past experiences.

Making decisions can become like an "Inner civil war." It is like being judge, the jury and attorney for both the defense and the prosecution of your own mental courtroom. You make a case for yourself. "I'm going to be a success in any business." Then the prosecuting attorney steps in (the old you). "But Your Honor he's never been a success before. Here's concrete evidence of all the past failures he's had. You can't allow him to be successful with a track record like that!"

The very first step in self-management is getting rid of your internal conflicting dialogue . . . your self-judgment. We really have one or two choices in everything we do. We can make a choice of intelligence or we make a choice out of convenience. Convenience is the easy way out. We can choose to be our unwanted circumstances or not. It is as simple as that!

The next step in self-management is to get started, to take action. This can be difficult sometimes because it's hard to see your progress initially and your fears will always attempt to hold you back. We all have them to one degree or the other. Not that they are really in control but it can sure feel that way sometimes. Just remember with every action no matter how small you are building a foundation for your future.

Your progress will depend on three things:
(1) The clarity of your daily action plan.
(2) The amount of effort you put forth.
(3) How well you manage your fears and self-imposed limitations.

Self-management basically boils down to this: It's your ability to manage your attitude, thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors. It is developing the capacity to always remain resourceful despite your circumstances. It's being able to see a resourceful solution to your challenges instead of being blinded by them.

To your success!

Lloyd Dobson  :)
FREE Training & Marketing System:  http://LloydDobson.com    


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Become The Sponsor You Never Had . . .

Become The Sponsor You Never Had . . .

As Network Marketers, most of us have searched and searched for a simple yet effective way to "Clone" ourselves; knowing that if we could overcome the duplication problem we would reach the levels of success we ALL dream about in this business.

The problem is that 95% of the people in a MLM business usually fail. The inability to duplicate, I believe, has a lot to do with it. Let’s say the 95% failure rate is accurate for a minute... I’m not the best at math, but that would mean that 5% of the people in this business are successful and some probably wildly successful? It’s also likely that most of us are recruited into a program by someone in the 95% category.

Now for those of us that want to join the ranks of the 5%, it’s our job to sift through as many prospects as we can until we find other 5%’ers like us; people who want to work hard and build a long term residual income business.

The problem for me was I had to figure out how to do this while I kept my full time job. My family needed health insurance and while I can’t stand my current job, it does provide us with needed things such as insurance and helps pay a few bills.

The solution for me was to build a system that sorted and sifted for me while I was working at my full time job. The great part about it (and honestly shocking too) is that it worked like crazy and my team started to explode. It literally felt like I hit the JACKPOT at a casino or something. With one big difference though... I get paid every month and it keeps growing and growing with each passing month :-) You can find out more about this FREE Marketing & Training System by clicking this link:  http://LloydDobson.com

For now, lets talk more about the solution. It’s simple actually...You need to "Become The Sponsor You Never Had" (as I like to call it) and become a leader for others to follow. That’s it... it really is THAT simple! Become the pro in this industry by providing value. Everyone wants to become successful . . .show them how by using the system called NetDivvy and you can find out more here: http://LloydDobson.com

Do you think you’re up for it? I didn’t think I was when I first started...But I did know one thing... If I didn’t step up to the plate right then and give it a shot, when would I? Tomorrow? Next week? Maybe Never...

Would I step up to the plate "after" I became successful (never works that way) or would I step up right then and start leading? It was at that point that I made the strengthening decision to take charge of my
life and start branding myself as a leader in this business and it was the best decision I have ever made!

Now, before you take the same plunge, the one thing you must "Get" first is that it all starts from within you... The strengthening decision to become a leader and really go for it is the first step and one you must take seriously and follow through on. That really is the true secret to this whole crazy "success" thing.

By stepping up and becoming the sponsor you never had, you will end up in the 5% ranks much sooner, opposed to later or never. And just to be clear... when I say "Become The Sponsor You Never Had" I’m mainly referring to a mindset or philosophy... The philosophy of wanting more from life and knowing that helping people and making a difference is what’s it’s really all about.

That mental shift is all I needed in order to help my team expand and duplicate. This same mental shift may be all you need to take your business to the next level. Only you will know. Once I stopped thinking about "making money" and started thinking about how to help others make money is when I started to make money. (Read that sentence slowly one more time)

My confidence level seemed to skyrocket too after I stopped focusing on how "I" could make money. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but if you’re in a tight spot right now and needing money is your main motivation for getting involved in network marketing... your chances of attaining success will be severely hindered.

Hindered, yes. Impossible, no. Join my team on "NetDivvy" to begin branding yourself into a leader and start succeeding  It’s time to stop following the 95%’ers around and it’s time for YOU to start
leading them!  Let’s get to work... GO HERE NOW: http://LloydDobson.com

Go out and make it a great day!
Lloyd Dobson  :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Network Marketing - Your Mental Switch - Your Mindset

The mental switch of your mind and your mindset is absolutely critical in the direction of your journey towards your dreams towards success. I always elude to the equation for success as very simply this: KNOWLEDGE + EXECUTION + a POSITIVE ATTITUDE = SUCCESS. With that said . . .Why a Network Marketing business and how does that relate to your "Mental Switch"?

The Network Marketing business give you the vehicle to have financial and time independence which seems to be the dreams of all of us. The trouble is most people want instant gratification. They don't really have the mindset or mental toughness to stick with anything long enough to make it work.

In addition they often have friends who have negative ideas about network marketing. They tried it and it didn't work for them or knew someone who had a bad experience. Their uncle Bob tried it and it didn't work for him so he discourages them from trying it. In my opinion that's called "the language of the poor." Because uncle Bob wasn't successful does not mean that network marketing doesn't work. It means uncle Bob didn't have the right mindset and mentoring to make it work. This is where a system and mindset MUST be the correct one to have success! Here is a FREE system that a person can use today and it will work. FREE Training & Marketing Strategies.

If you want to get ahead you have to open your mind and change some of the ways you look at things and not allow poverty minded people to influence you. If someone advises you about your financial future, about whether or not you should start a network marketing business, make sure that they are qualified to make recommendations. Everyone has an opinion about everything. The question is, is it worth listening to?

There is nothing wrong with network marketing. The failure rate is no higher than any other type of business. It's the mindset of the people who join and the lack on a system showing them exactly how to market their business. Here is the problem though. The average person or the "Uncle Bobs" of the world doesn't consider network marketing to be a real business. My question is this. How would someone who's never done well in any kind of business know what a real business is anyway? So why would you listen to their advise or be upset if they didn't want to join you?

Well . . .to become financially free you need more than a dream. You need a plan, a system, a vehicle and the right mindset to take you where you want to go. If I had it to start my career all over again back in those early years to get started in my own business, it would have been the Network Marketing Industry.

In a normal job somebody tells you how much money you make, when you come to work, when you can eat lunch, when you can go home, when you get a pay raise and even when to retire . . .or in some cases that you no longer have a job . . .or a retirement!

A Network Marketing business simply gives you more choices. And if you have more choices you have more freedom. That's what the world wants the freedom of choices and can't get it. We have all the freedom in the world and most don't make the choice to have it because of that "Mental Switch." Instead they let others dictate to them what they earn and how they live their lives . . .and that's a sad thing in my opinion.

There will always be the person, friend, the relative who says, "Why are you in the Network Marketing business? That kind of business doesn't work." Well all I can say is that if you let that person make your decisions then you're the one who loses. Job security is non-existent these days. Somebody sold you the wrong plan if you think differently.

Your success will begin with your mindset. The results you produce are always the result of your mindset. You create your mindset by making clear, firm decisions and and with that you expand your limitations. When your decisions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors are in perfect alignment, the conditions in your life will change like magic!

To your success and make it a great day!

Lloyd Dobson
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Key Qualities For Your Journey Through Life

Have you ever thought about what qualities you want to develop as you take the journey of life?  Here are three qualities that will serve you well.

Daring is one quality - You don't want to look back at some point in life and say; if only! I can recall at least six occasions in my life where I was offered opportunities that were far beyond my then skill and experience. It would have been an easy call to refuse. 
However I had early in life adopted the mindset of always saying YES to any opportunity. And reflecting on those twists and turns along the pathway of life they all were successful, Each daring step mentally equipped me for the next great adventure even though I was really stretched on many occasions. Often it is fear 'false evidence appearing real' that causes us to hesitate, to draw back. However it doesn't serve us well to be that way. So whenever an opportunity comes your way, say yes: Say yes to your unlimited potential.
Determination is another - This quote by Dewey Tobias sums it up, "Everyone loves results, but few people have the determination to fall in love with the effort."  That, to me is the real difference between those who succeed and those who don't. You have to fall in love with the effort. It has to come first, and then results will follow. 
If there is one quality that is common to all great achievers in this world it is determination. Roger Bannister the first man to run the mile in under four minutes knew the power of determination. In a time when no-one believed it was physically possible for a man to run a sub four minute mile Bannister put in place a training program to accomplish it. He revealed in an interview after claiming the record that his regimen included running for six hours a day, every day, for eight years.

Discipline is yet another - Self-disciple is something that many wrestle with. Even though we know we should do what needs to be done whether we feel like doing it, or not. Success in any endeavor requires daily discipline to create and generate momentum; it's easier to keep doing something than it is to start over again. We can't separate discipline and desire. If our desire is strong enough, if it is burning within and the flames are licking at our emotions, and we really want to achieve a particular goal then discipline can be developed. Keep your attention firmly fixed on the goal and it will come more naturally.

When you embrace these three qualities: daring, determination and discipline you will over time achieve and become successful. Then your great challenge and legacy is to pass the baton of knowledge and leadership on to others.  And isn't that what this amazing life is all about? Personally learning and growing and then helping others to learn and grow, so they in turn can help others to learn and grow, so they... you get the point.

Here's what you could now do, pass this article on to five others, with a request they pass it to five others so we encourage many more people to embrace the challenge to adopt the qualities of daring, determination and discipline. As a result we will grow and develop more success and hopefully wisdom along the way and most importantly we will leave a legacy.
Finally please identify times in your life when you have embraced and embodied the three qualities we have discussed... daring, discipline and determination. What did it feel like? What were the outcomes? What would the result be if you always acted that way?
To Your Success,
Lloyd Dobson
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Saturday, July 3, 2010



There are 4 things that THE MOST successful online entrepreneurs do on a daily basis and if I were you, I’d try to incorporate them into my day as best I could. Vince Reed & Terry Dorland, well known online marketers and trainers spell out for us below. Their FREE Training and Marketing System with strategies to build ANY successful business can be found at: http://LloydDobson.com 

1. Personal Development: Top leaders are always immersed in personal development and there’s a reason for it. This industry is all about growing and developing into the most accomplished entrepreneur you can be.  Your business will only grow to the extent that you do…think about that…It all comes down to attraction. Think of yourself as a prospect, someone looking to join a company. Maybe you just heard about a new business, or were just turned on to the industry through an acquaintance or a friend. You Google the opportunity to find out more information and you find a few other distributors advertising the same business.

Your friend is focusing on the products, and how much money you can make and how great of an opportunity it is while someone you found online has some information on the same, BUT they are focused on what they can provide YOU. They outline details on all the training, coaching, and support they’ll provide you to teach you to market the business online and help you succeed. They offer websites, regular personal consultations, and have testimonials from other successful people on their team to prove it…Who would you join? Which is more attractive to the average person?

People don’t join companies, they join people. I can tell you from experience that when you provide people with more, when you are more valuable as a sponsor and a mentor in this industry, more people will join you. Not only will you sponsor more people, but it becomes easier and easier to sponsor people. They will be calling you to join you and emailing you to join your team rather than you chasing them and trying to convince them to join your business. In network marketing, you are in direct competition with everyone else in your company. The best distributors are either great salesmen, great marketers, great leaders, or a combination of the three.

Personal development in this industry comes down to building your value as a marketer, a salesmen, and a leader. Develop the skills in marketing you need, learn every technique and strategy so you have value to share with others. The more you can share, and the more you can teach, the more attractive you become to your prospects. Grow your leadership skills, become the best leader you can be and people will want to follow you. Leaders get out there and take action. They’re not afraid to speak their mind and be in front of a group of people sharing what they know. Learn to sell yourself and your opportunity. Believe in what you can provide to people and believe in your products and people will want to buy from you.

DailyRead books, listen to CD’s, attend conferences and learn whatever you can from whomever you can to add value to what you can provide to your potential business partners, and people will be naturally attracted to you!

2. Build A List. All top producers in our industry build a list of targeted leads and develop a relationship with that list. There are two types of prospects you can go after: People who are network marketing buyers, and everyone else. Network marketing buyers are people who already believe in the business model, they are either already involved with a networking company, have been in the past, or they would get involved if the right opportunity came along. Once people believe in the business model, it becomes infinitely easier to sign them up in your business provided you’ve built a relationship and positioned yourself as a leader.

Building a relationship and positioning yourself as a leaser takes time, but it starts with providing value. Share what you know with your leads, teach them strategies that have helped you, share stories about what you’ve learned and how you learned it in order to showcase your skills. Basically what you’re doing is telling people and showing people that you know what you’re doing without directly coming out and saying. Instead, you’re providing knowledge that they can go out and use to help them build their businesses and in turn showing them that you are someone that can help them get to where they want to be.

Once you’ve built a relationship and proven yourself to your prospects (everyone on your list) you can market products and services to them until the end of time! Any time you join a new business, find a great affiliate product, or just need to get some new distributors in your primary business you have a list of people that are receptive to your offers and willing to look at anything you have provided you present it in the correct way!

3. Mastermind With Other Leaders. All the top producers in this industry have a support system in place that they stay connected to without fail. They talk to other people in the industry, bounce ideas off them, and learn from them. They have friends in the industry that they talk to on a regular basis, partners that help keep them motivated, and a team that they lead by example. In this industry since most people work from home, it’s really easy to get disconnected and isolated and go out on your own little “island.” When you don’t have a support system in place, it is easier to give up and walk away…

In our case that support system is NetDivvy. Make it a point to be on at LEAST a few webinars a week to keep your motivation going, learn new skills, and stay connected. By staying connected to the NetDivvy community, you are masterminding with other industry leaders every time you communicate. Whether you are asking questions on webinars, offering your opinion or commenting in forums, or just talking to other people within the community you are staying connected and helping keep your motivation alive.

4. Top Producers Are Committed To Their Business And Their Vision. The best of the best are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and they believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that their business is the way to make them happen.

Network marketing, and specifically online network marketing is easy, but it requires most people to step outside of their comfort zone and do things that aren't familiar. If people aren't firmly committed to what they want and their goals, they might try it once or twice. If they don't get results, they won't try again and they give up. However someone who is truly committed to a specific goal will stop at nothing to make it happen for themselves.

On the same level of importance is conviction. People need to have conviction that they are taking the right action. They are starting the right business and be absolutely convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that they will succeed. Most people let that doubt creep in. They listen to naysayers and let the opinions of others change their minds. As soon as that happens, the conviction is gone and people immediately begin questioning their decision. When you are questioning yourself, and your business it comes through in your marketing, your prospecting and your presentations. No one, I repeat NO ONE will join you if you don't believe in yourself.

You need to be both committed to your goals and your business and have conviction that it is the right opportunity for you. So this is something I've always included in business planning conversations with new business partners ever since. I really try to drive home both because it's not about me and whether or not I want people to succeed...

It's about their COMMITMENT to their goals and themselves, and their CONVICTION that they are involved in the BEST possible business, the best vehicle to help them get to where they want to be in life.
In conclusion your mindset is like the fuel for your business. Your business is the vehicle that can get you where you want to go, but even if you have the BEST, most expensive vehicle in the world, it can’t get anywhere without gas!

Make it a great day!

Lloyd Dobson