Sunday, March 30, 2014

DS Domination Review Is It Legitament Business

eBay LogoDS Domination Review Is It Legit? Well if you want to make money by dominating the eBay drop shipping business than the answer is yes. My name is Lloyd Dobson and this is my uncensored review sharing the good, bad and the ugly. With not many real reviews concerning the this business model of drop shipping from eBay a friend of mine ask, if it was a real honest way to earn additional income?

With all the buzz circulating about eBay I chose to do some due diligence and much to my amazement found it's not only for real, buy a great way to supplement one's income. DS Domination isn't just another MLM business platform or recruiting pyramid, it's an actual legit business plan that is making tons of people money

as we speak. DS_Domination_With_Sign_Up_Button_Fast_Track  

What is DS Domination?

Roger Langille is a top eBay Power Seller and the founder of the program. He is a person who has successfully run this business model for the past 10 years. The DS Domination is a drop shipping sales and training program. What do I mean by "top eBay Power Seller?" Let's put it this way: he's been making more than seven figures a year using this very process.

What's more is that the process is so simple. The training method revolves around posting on eBay with your drop shipping supplier in mind. You will learn which products to post up, how to post up products correctly and generally how to turn a profit on eBay no matter your level of involvement, experience, or inexperience, as it were. The training goes into great detail so that a person will have all the information, tools and strategies to be successful as well, if applied. If you have a  computer, can copy/paste you can do this.

Some of the training you will receive:

* Moving Forward with eBay Drop shipping
* How to Set Up your eBay Selling Account The Right Way
* Outside the United States Start Here
* Listing Your First Item
* Listing Your Anatomy and Adjusting your Product Picture
* Speeding up your Listing
* Titles and More on Drop Shipping Spider
* Alert Alert Critical Info
* International Item Location
* Why 18% Fail? Avoid these Pitfalls
* Shipping from Amazon
* Why is PayPal is Holding My Money
* Customer Returns
* Lifting eBay Limits
* Multiple Accounts on eBay
* Resolving Problem Orders
* Extra Video Caution
* Titles Key to Success
* eBay Fee Calculator
* Watch Over Roger's Shoulder as he Finds Products and Lists them on eBay

This is perhaps the most in-depth look at a successful-if not the most successful-eBay drop shipping account in existence. The 20th module alone is worth the price of enrollment, which I might add, is very low. Each module has videos that show you the step-by-step process Roger uses to create huge profits with his drop shipping suppliers. What I really took away from this program is that you have to keep in mind that the money comes to you first.

When you remember this, you can turn the drop shipping world on its head by understanding the way the market works. In most situations, you will buy low and sell high. But here in the DS Domination world, you will sell high and then buy low. If recruiting and prospecting for an Online or Network Marketing business have got you frustrated- I get it! Now you can create a successful online business without ever having to talk to anyone, chase after anyone, or spend half your paycheck on Auto Ships.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

MITS - My Internet Traffic System Generating 10 to 25 Leads Per Day

MITS - Online Marketing Information System For Generating Leads. Are You Using The TLVOD & PPM Marketing Method? Vince Reed the founder & CEO states that Every Internet Marketer And Network Marketer Should Know These Formulas To Boost Results.

If you are an internet marketer marketing online you must have already realized that you need targeted traffic that turns into leads and then into conversions. This is a fundamental for success when marketing ANY business whether online or offline. Traditionally this happens when some guru shows you his or her results and screenshots of the money entering into a Paypal account or some other documentation.

You probably said one day early in your Internet marketing to grow your business and saw how powerful the Internet was, “I’m going to be rich some day!” This was certainly how I felt realizing the opportunity to put my products and services in front of millions of people who wanted them with the click of a button was very exciting.

Most network marketers and internet marketers use the internet to grow their business, so why is it that most of them fail to get results?

The question that I would ask you if you are not getting results is this. Are You Using Vince Reed's TLVOD & PPM Marketing Method?

Vince believes every internet marketer and network marketer should know these formulas to receive powerful results.

TLVOD is what Vince Reed calls his money formula, he discovered it when reverse engineering several of the top marketers businesses online.
T = Traffic… “Learn To Generate Traffic”
L = Leads… “Convert Your Traffic Into Leads”
V= Value… “Offer Value To Your Leads”
O= Offer… “Make Offers To Your List (Sell Stuff)”
D= Duplication… “Create Duplication Amongst Your Team”

If you can do all of these things above, then you will have successfully implemented the money formula. That is the good news. The bad news is most people can not put together all of the moving parts.
That is why Vince Reed created a marketing system called "My Internet Traffic System" aka “MITS” that does all of these things for you!

The other formula is PPM, it stands for Power Positioning Method. Network Marketers And Internet Marketers often are not positioned to profit. They often are all fighting over the same prospects trying to sell them on the why their compensation plan and company is better than the other persons.

What they should really be saying is “I Need More Leads So The Best Thing I Can Do Is Steal People From Your Company” If everyone new how to generate targeted leads they would not need to do this. There are plenty of people who are interested and searching for your products and services right now.
That’s why Vince came up with the Power Positioning Method.

In order to implement this method you must provide the #1 solution to network marketers and internet marketers need in order to survive. That solution is TRAFFIC and LEADS! If you can help them get more prospects they will be more willing to hear about you amazing compensation plan and company.
That is exactly what "My Internet Traffic System" does for their members, it allows them to make money whether a person joins your business or not!

By teaching the most powerful lead generation methods that the Internet can provide. The difference is you are now positioned to profit and become an invaluable resource to network marketers and internet marketers everywhere.

Implement and master TLVOD and PPM and your business will explode!
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Want To Generate Free Leads Fast?

 Want to generate FREE Leads Fast? How To Generate Unlimited Targeted Leads Using Twitter. This is an untapped way to generate free leads without spending a dime. today I wanted to look more in detail at how Twitter can help your business.

Most people that use Twitter tend to tweet meaningless nonsense, such as what they ate for lunch! That is great for people that use it purely for social reasons, however if you are planning to use Twitter to help you market your business, then you need to be using it in a more productive way.

Twitter is ranked by Alexa as the 10th most searched website globally. The best thing about Twitter is that the people using it are so diverse! It doesn’t matter what your business is about, you will be able to find people almost instantly who are interested in your niche. This allows you to quickly find people who are part of your targeted audience.

CLICK THE IMAGE TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTERLets get to the point! You want to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog/website. Twitter is one of the best social media tools for driving traffic to your blog. I use it to update all of my followers about what’s new on my websites and what I’m doing (@LloydCDobson). It is such an amazing feeling when you tweet about a new post on your site and people start to re-tweet it, spreading the word. CLICK THE IMAGE TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

 One of the key parts of your Twitter profile is your bio. Write a bio that clearly states what your blog is about and add a link to your site. This sounds really easy, but take some time to think about this. You only have a limited amount of characters, so make them count. If after reading your bio, people don’t get what you are about, they won’t stick around.

When you tweet follow this simple format:  

1) Always as a question

 2) Always promise something  

3) Always have a call to action

Here is an example of a tweet that gets targeted leads: Want FREE Leads Fast? See How u Can Get Unlimited Leads Without spending a dime - GO HERE NOW 

Remember you only have 140 characters to get a person's attention. Twitter_-_My_Latest_Tweet
The best way to promote your site is to tweet about it! Tweet about all of your new posts a couple of times a day and keep everyone up to date about everything that is happening with your site. Surprisingly, a lot of people think that if they promote themselves on Twitter, then that makes them a spammer. That is just not true! It is fine to promote yourself, as long as you do it the right way. Tweeting every 5 minutes about your new post or an affiliate link would be classed as spam. Mix it up a bit and you will be fine. Tweet about your new post, but then tweet about other things that might be related.

Twitter is a social site, so be social! There is a whole community related to your niche out there, so get involved. Chat to people, make friends, share ideas, ask question, re-tweet, etc. Would you like additional information about marketing on Twitter? Well click on the video below NOW and watch a strategy you can put to work today or CLICK HERE NOW


Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Generate Leads Online Made Easy

Generate Leads Here
Generate Leads Here
How To Generate Leads Online Made Easy. Lloyd here and this is what most marketers lack and what to do about it. It does not matter what online business you are involved with you need only two things: Traffic and Conversions, Period!

This is my uncensored review on how to generate leads with a marketing system called NetDivvy and founded by Vince Reed a very successful online marketer. In the system he teaches a person how to generate leads for ANY business they may be involved with. Within the system you will have access to unlimited landing pages to help you drive traffic to wherever you choose.

What I find so powerful with the system is the simplicity and ability to share with your team to help them grow their business as well. Plus if a person doesn’t join your business you are able to generate an income to help fuel your business opportunity.

There is also a social community allowing you to connect with other marketers also. They teach you to generate leads, sign people up in your primary business better than anyone. They also give you the ability to make money from leads that do not join your primary opportunity by giving people a funded proposal where you can earn money in a number of different ways. All from people taking advantage of the company’s training and marketing tools.
Join NetDivvy For ONLY $1.00

The first thing new marketers need is a website. NetDivvy gives their members a number of high converting capture pages that can be used for EVERY marketing strategy. They are very easy to set up if you are technically challenged; but they also provide a great deal of customization for more advanced advertising venues like Google Adwords. The company also provides customized blogs so people can use them as a centralized hub for their business.

NetDivvy has created this site and this business to give people a chance to see what it is like to earn money online… odds are once you make your first dollar, and you see how easy that was you won’t be able to quit. NetDivvy has designed the most duplicable training system this industry has ever seen, and the results speak for themselves. The most important principle in building your business online is learning to generate leads. Once you master it, you can systematically build ANY business you want.

NetDivvy_Optin_Page_ImageAll the top earners in the industry maximize their earnings by generating a list of opt in subscribers and building relationships with them over time through email, video, and blog posts. They market products and services to that list that will help them build their businesses thus generating revenue. NetDivvy shows you how to use email as a point of leverage to communicate with your list on a regular basis and build relationships over time that will result in a loyal following.

Watch the following short video for more information:

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