Friday, March 8, 2013

Killer Interview Secrets - How To Get Hired

How to get hired with Killer Interview Secrets. Lloyd here and the purpose of this review is to share my uncensored thoughts on an extremely important topic. How to get hired for a job. After spending 28 years as an executive in corporate America, my desire is to help all who are looking for employment in this current economy.

This information is for everyone!

Even if: You currently have a job, but want to land your dream job…

Even if: You have absolutely no previous work experience and have never even been on an interview…

Even if: You’ve bombed every single interview you’ve gone on…

WARNING: Don't even think about going on another interview before you read this! You might be making one of the three deadly interview mistakes costing you multiple job offers without even knowing it!

99% of current job seekers are making the same fatal interview mistakes that are preventing them from getting hired!

The job interview is the single most important part of the hiring process.

Not the resume. Not the cover letter. But the interview…and almost all candidates screw up their interview by making stupid mistakes that can be easily fixed with the proper knowledge.

If you are serious about getting hired you must keep reading!

These strategies are proven to work…no matter what industry or type of job you are aiming for.


My name is Lloyd Dobson. Over the past 30 years, I have interviewed candidates for the multi-million dollar companies I ran. Through my experience, I have learned what works… and more importantly, what does not.

I have truly seen it all - from the guy who aces the interview and gets the job on the spot, to the person who comes in and completely bombs… and everything in between.

I remember one of the first guys I ever interviewed. When I saw his resume, nothing about it “grabbed me” and I did not feel the need to interview him. But this guy kept calling me like a little pest, and I gave in just to have him stop bugging me!


Boy, I am glad I did! On the day of the interview, I met this guy and 30 minutes later, he left with a job offer. I was completely blown away. I had never given a person a job offer “on the spot.” I could not believe this guy completely convinced me he was the perfect person for the job. He went on to become one of our top producers.

But it hit me. Right then, I realized there were secrets to successful interviewing that only a select few knew about.

There are certain, distinct patterns of those who get hired and those who walk away empty handed.

But, the answer is really quite simple. It comes down to…

Three Little Known Interview Mistakes That Could Cost A Job Offer…or Two, or Three…


Going on an interview without fixing these mistakes is like throwing darts at a dartboard while being blindfolded and expecting to hit a bullseye!

Simply because they don't understand the “patterns” of the successful interviewers!

 You see, not only does every successful interviewer understand each and every single one of these key interview concepts, but they also know how to use them in their favor!

That is because interview success is a learnable skill. It's not something that only young geniuses are “born with.”


Not only did these special people implement successful interview strategies, but they also seemed to have a certain mystical aura or energy around them.

There was that “special something” about them.

Humans are wired to have natural attraction instincts!

Yes, this is something that all humans are naturally born with! Regardless of whether or not they are being used, these natural attraction triggers are biologically built into every human being.

These attraction triggers weren't just built in to attract mates, but as a way for humans to instinctually communicate and connect with each other.

Have you ever known a person who lights up a room just by walking in? He or she can shift the energy in the room without having to say a single word…simply by being present! This is exactly what I am talking about!


These people know exactly how to use their natural attraction triggers. They understand how to use their energy to influence others around them and get what they want.

Wouldn't you like to have that power too?

Knowing how to use these natural attraction triggers in combination with understanding the patterns of successful interviewers, is the ultimate formula for getting hired! It is what I call the…


When job seekers use the combination of proven, effective interview techniques in addition to harnessing their natural attraction triggers, they become unstoppable!

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Consider this: if you were to hire a professional “interview consultant” it would cost you several hundred dollars at least… in fact I know of one “interview consultant” who charges $850 per hour!

There are two options to purchase Killer Interview Secrets:

Option #1 – Gold Edition

This option is for those who want to get started right away. You'll get immediate access to the “Killer Interview Secrets” downloadable e-book and will be on your way towards getting the job offers you deserve. I'll “let you in” on my strategies that will unlock the secrets to your interview success. Don't sit back and watch others get the job offers that you deserve. It's your time to shine!

You'll receive over $1,000 worth of information for only $17. This is a very small investment to guarantee job interview success…this is less than the cost of dinner for two at a decent restaurant! Honestly, how much would you pay to acquire the secrets to getting all the job offers you ever wanted…and deserve?

To get all this for only $17 is like “highway robbery.”


And you can get all this for only $27! (That's right, only $10 more dollars than the Gold Edition)

In the audio mp3 files, You will be walked through a real-life interview where the role play is asked the 11 foundation questions -- I use my “killer” answers that are “road tested” and pass the “killer interview formula” test. To make sure that you are the “sharpest tool in the shed” I give you the best “killer” answer to each of the 11 foundation questions. There will be nothing the interviewer can throw your way that you can't handle!

Having these audio files is like holding the keys to the castle. No more wondering how your answers should sound. You will learn proper delivery -- including the right language to use, the correct tone of your voice, and how to emphasize your skills to make sure the interviewer remembers you.

What does this mean to you? This means that getting job offers will come that much quicker. Having someone who knows “what works” will slash your learning time by months. No more wandering like a stray dog. Just take my “killer” answers and start using them in your next interview.

Imagine how much this will set you apart from your competition – individuals that don't have the same “secrets” that you will have. They don't stand a chance when compared to you!

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