Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is The Herbalife Business A Legit Opportunity? Or Is Herbalife Another Scam?

What is Herbalife? A review on the Herbalife business is it a legit opportunity or another scam? Well first of all before the questions are answered you are most likely reading this article because you are interested in the health industry or the possibilities of this company being a business opportunity. This is an uncensored review of the company and this billion dollar health industry. As far as a business opportunity it is like any business, you must know how to market.

The Herbalife Company was launched in Beverley Hills California in 1980 when founder Mark Hughes started selling this health product out of the back seat and trunk of his car. A little over two years later, Herbalife had taken the world by storm and went international. As of 2008, Herbalife has reached over $3 billion in annual sales, and continues to set selling records even to this day, with over 5000 employees and over 1.8 million Independent distributors worldwide doing business in over 66 countries.

Let us first explore the business opportunity side. They are a network marketing company; thus a person must know how to market if success is a goal. Being a network marketing company does not mean it is a scam. Some people have a poor opinion of this type of distribution only because of their lack of knowledge. Corporate America utilizes this method; because when applied properly will create fantastic results.

Herbalife offers a wide range of nutritional products. Their products have a large following and people praise the results, and use them faithfully. This company is also a publicly traded company, which is always a major plus when looking at a network marketing company to join.

Herbalife products are well-known health and wellness brand that also offers a MLM business opportunity to those interested in selling their products. They have established themselves as a leading home business with an excellent line of personal-care, nutrition, and weight management products.

If you are considering becoming a Herbalife distributor, you might be interested in this information. Here is a quick overview of the compensation plan provided by Herbalife.

If you decide to become a Herbalife distributor, you will have to pay an upfront cost for your distributor kit, and you will then get a supply of product at a discounted price. You are now able to present the opportunity and product to others. From what I understand the selling techniques used by most distributors are more in line with the old school MLM marketing plans. For example product house parties, flyers, word of mouth, writing lists of family and friends. There most likely will be weekly meetings held in your city that you may want to attend so that you can learn more about your product and opportunity.

From what I have researched, Herbalife is a great company with a great product and not a scam. If you do not want to have product parties, try to recruit family and friends, than you must know how to market and utilize marketing strategies with a system that will teach you the techniques for success. Learn how to generate leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends and family by going here now.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Mobile App Marketing Shows Businesses How To Increase Business

The mobile app development and how to grow your business is a review being done. Understanding the power of the app to drive traffic into a business is going to a fundamental for the 21st century. So if an entrepreneur is interested in having their business appeal to demographics that once were out of reach, they need to consider some of the benefits of investing in the development of mobile applications.

The business owner has the ability to interact with the customer base and do this in a manner knowing that their mobile device is probably within reach twenty four hours of the day and seven days a week. Within the app a business could provide additional things like the local weather or other popular locations within the area. They would also have the ability to check in via a Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. The social media is a powerful way to communicate with their customers. Even utilizing the GPS application.

All businesses goals are to make money and this technology certainly lends itself to that. Monetizing the app will no doubt be a strategy that the top tier businesses use. Having an advantage over the competition is an extremely important strategy , if a business desires to have it's fair share of the market place. The campaigns that a business implements has the capability of going viral as it spreads from user to user. The application to monetize is endless.

App development for the business will possess the opportunity to scale and grow a business to the next level. There are also some additional benefits such as privacy and security over the traditional ways of reaching the customer. The app application will differentiate the business from competition; because the competition probably will not be on this cutting edge technology.

This all comes down to more profit for any company. This is why you are seeing the likes of news media programs on TV asking you to join them on Facebook and Twitter. They now have a place to target you and become a part of your life. This is the same theory used with an app downloaded from a business to their customer.

One of the companies in my review has all of this technology plus much more. Not only does a business have the ability to obtain their own app, they could also be a reseller and drive additional revenue to the bottom line. For more information on this mobile app marketing industry that is predicted to have a 399% increase the next 5 years.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To Find Profitable Keywords For Search Engine Optimization Top Search Engine Ranking

How to find profitable keywords for search engine optimization for top search engine ranking requires finding a profitable opportunity to go along with the keywords. First of all, you must build your site around, almost exclusively, a single keyword. The reason for this it gives your site a very narrow, but razor sharp focus. Remember, we want to do the least amount of off page search engine optimization (SEO) possible and the way to do that is to be specific. Very specific.

Choosing a keyword is arguably the most important part of the whole process. Choose the wrong keyword, and right off the bat you've limited your profitability or worse yet, set your self up to make no money at all.

Now it doesn't matter what market or niche the keyword is in because with a couple of hour's research you can write about just about anything.

Now, what does matter is that it's a good keyword.

What attributes are we looking for in our main keyword?

   1) A niche you can monitize (make sure there's products related to the keyword).
   2) A keyword you can monitize.
   3) Anything that get's over 2,000 searches per month according to Google's keyword tool.
   4) A level of competition we can compete in.

There is no point spending all that time creating a website about something you can't make money from. You need to be able to monetize your niche so make sure it's got products to promote and desperate buyers.

Not people who are looking to solve a problem, people who are willing to PAY for the solution.

You can find these products for niches in places like:

1) Clickbank,
2) Commission Junction,
3) Amazon Association and
4) Link Share.


We've looked at it from a 'market or niche level' which would be things like: affiliate marketing, approaching women, make money online. Notice I said stuff like approaching women instead of mens dating advice - Not too general; but not too specific either.

Now we look at it from a keyword level, which is more specific to our site. This is one of the little nuggets of gold (if you can call it that) and is something that many marketers who aren't experienced with Adwords and something called negative keywords forget about.

Okay. Just because you're getting free traffic through this system it doesn't mean that you shouldn't scrutinize how profitable that keyword actually is.

The individual keyword should not be a browsing keyword like 'cameras', instead, it should be more closely linked to buying or specific problem. If you are doing this for stuff other than Clickbank products for example, you could make a site about a specific model of camera that had an affiliate program.

Or another example, a keyword like: "how to loose weight fast" would be a good one to use because the searcher clearly has a problem that they want to solve. And it's a problem they will pay money for to solve also (since weight loss is a massive million dollar market). Plus you are probably unlikely to rank for a broader keyword like 'camera' or 'weight loss' anyway, you'd have way too many competitors, so stick to quite specific terms.


1) It must be related to buying or targeting a market that it's needs (problems) are closely related to what the product offers.

2) Long tail, usually. Why? Because the shorter keywords probably won't be buying keywords and more importantly you won't be able to rank with them. So usually go for keywords with 3 or more keywords. Not just 1 or 2 words.

3) And the final rule: This figure is based upon trial and error; but by no means set in stone. The rule of over 3,000 searches per month. Searches less than that are not worth fighting over pennies. You want to create sites that generate $300 per month or more.

Don't be lazy with your keyword search!

How do you know if people are searching for a product? A high gravity on Clickbank for example would usually indicate that there is bound to be a lot of people searching for it.

Let's say you are ranked #1 on Google for the term and get a conversion of 50% of the traffic to your site. Although, you'll probably get more once optimized your page title. And let's say you have a 1% conversion rate which is the standard and using this method closer to 3%. Finally, you're promoting a product that pays $30 commission, once again conservative in an industry where everyone seems to now offer on back sales also.

So, 1,500 visitors means 15 customers which means 15x30 = $450 in sales, every single month from a site that's going to take just hours to set up!

So as a closing comment on competition, take all of these guidelines into account and look for less than 13,000 competing websites as the utopia; however no more than 30,000.

In the research and articles, blogs and videos I have created, my experience and association with a marketing system has allowed me the luxury to combine this information and the power of a system to get ranked at times within hours on Google Page one. If you would like to know more, CLICK HERE NOW for Google Page One.

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