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More traffic to Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Google+ Free Means More Exposure

Want more traffic to Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Google+ Free?

Want more traffic to Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Google+ Free?  Who doesn’t, right?
GENERATE LEADSIf you’re in the personal development, business, wahm, or marketing niche or even something similar like personal finance and debt – there’s a really cool free tool that I’ve been testing out that I know you’ll love.
Here’s how it works.
Basically, you’ll earn credits for doing what you’re already doing – sharing great business stuff by me, Lloyd Dobson, Kim Roach, and a bunch of other great bloggers.
Then you use those credits to get *YOUR* stuff shared by other members via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
Or if you want lots of people to share your stuff – you can do like it do and upgrade to buy some credits. ;)
Here’s the link ->  Click to Get Free Traffic.
Is it cheating?
Well, if it were automated, I would say yes and I would steer clear of it. But these are real people who can choose what they share and what they won’t share.
Plus, the members are ALL in my target market (and yours too if you reach online business owners), so I want them to see my blog, just as much as I want them to share me.
So, to me, it’s totally free advertising.
Try it out. It’s pretty simple – and it’s free.
The main things to know are:
Personal Development, Money, Business, Marketing, and Finance types of posts seem to do best. (Not cooking or ferret training.)
When you add a page to be shared, it has to be a content page (which can contain offers, but has to provide value). So do not submit a sales page or squeeze page.
Here’s how it works if you’re interested…
Step 1: Go to the Site.
You go to the site by clicking here: Get Free Advertising. (The site will open in a new window.)
Step 2: Sign in With Twitter.
When you see this screen, click on “Sign in with Twitter”.
Step 3: Authorize The Site to Connect with your Twitter Account.
When you do this, you will automatically get 100 credits just for signing up.
Step 4: Submit your First Piece of Content that You Want Shared.
Here’s how I do it.
1. The Tweet.
I create a tweet that’s got a curiosity factor built in.  You want to draw interest and attention, so be a bit clever. Be sure to include your URL to your blog post in the Tweet. (You can use to shorten the link if it’s very long.)
Remember. The link has to go to a content page (not a sales page).
2. How many credits would you like to offer?
Go to the main dashboard to see what others are offering. When I first started, 5 credits would get interest. Now, 25 seems to be the going rate. So, quick click on “Dashboard” to see what the average is. I also consider whether the blog post that I’m linking to has monetization built in. If it’s converting into sales when I sent it to my list, I’ll offer more credits.
3. Maximum times to promote.
Figure out how many times you would like your post shared. (10-50 depending on your credits and how much you want/need that post to have exposure). The site will tell you how many credits that will use in total. (ie. If you are offering 25 credits per share and you say you want it shared 10 times, that will be 250 credits.)
Your credits get taken as soon as you submit your tweet. I usually go low when I submit – like saying I want the post shared 1 time, in case I goofed something up. I add more credits after it’s submitted and I had a chance to test it. Plus, since you only have 100 credits, you may only be able to share a bit at first.
4. Select which Social Networks to Allow.
I select Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
5. Minimum number of Twitter Followers to promote.
I enter 1000.
6. Category.
Choose a category that’s most related to your blog post.
7. Submit.
Click to submit your content.
How to Edit your Submissions:
Let’s say you decide to increase the number of  credits that you’re offering OR you decide you want your post shared more. On the “Submit Credits” tab, just scroll down and you’ll see your submissions.
Click on the pencil to edit.
You can change the number of credits per share AND the total amount of credits you want to use.
Step 5: Earn More Credits.
As soon as possible, you’ll want to get more credits. You can either earn them or buy them – or a combination of both.
Here’s how to earn some credits.
Click the dashboard tab and scroll down.
You’ll see tons of submissions that you can share to earn credits.
Sort them by “Most Recent” or by “Most Credits” if you want to earn credits faster.
There’s a lot of JUNK in there – so it can take a scroll through to find something really worth sharing. Obviously I would never recommend that you share junk with your readers – so be picky. (Tip. Find my stuff… ) lol!
Example of a post worth sharing:
I found this submission by my friend, Loretta Oliver – and it’s a really good blog post. In that post, she’s promoting my Blog CPR course – so I obviously wanted to share that one. I clicked on the Facebook like button and Voila. Done. I earned 20 credits for promoting my OWN stuff. Sweet, eh? :)
Optional: Buy Credits.
If you prefer to automate this (or you want a ton of exposure) – you can purchase credits instead of (or in addition to) earning them.
I bought the $99 package.  I wanted to be all over that page and yes, I am seeing traffic coming directly from the site.
Note: It takes a few minutes for the added credits to show up. Go grab some coffee after you order and come back. They’ll be there. :)
That’s all there is to it.
Two Additional Benefits.
There are two additional reasons to sign up.
1. It’s a great place to get ideas for blog posts. If you scroll through the submissions, you’ll find ideas for writing your own blog posts.
2. You’ll find lots of blogs to comment on – again, if they are reaching your target market.
Here’s the link one more time ->  Click here to Get Free Traffic.
So, what do you think?
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