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Fundamental For Success

Fundamental Principles For Success

Seven Principles For Success

Principle #1 For Success

Tools and techniques that you can employ to help ensure your
success with your business.

So let me ask you, what do you think it takes to be
successful? Think of the most successful people you know.
What are some of the qualities that they have in common?
Take out a piece of paper and let's list some of the
qualities together!


[|> 1.[ Positive Attitude
[|> 2.[ Friendly
[|> 3.[ Hard Working
[|> 4.[ Outgoing
[|> 5.[ Risk Taker
[|> 6.[ Big Thinker
[|> 7.[ Fun
[|> 8.[ Creative
[|> 9.[ Resourceful
[|> 10.[ Focused

I'm sure you can think of more. Go ahead, write them down!
Now for the hard part...write your name at the top of the
paper and commit to becoming that person!

So many people decide to start a home based business
without stopping to think about what it will really take to
make it. They start with a "try it and see" attitude. If
they don't see immediate results they blame their sponsor or
the company or the entire industry. They decide network
marketing doesn't work. The truth is THEY didn't work!

I'm still amazed by the number of people that say they want
to earn $10,000 or even $100,000 a month but then they say
they're only willing to invest five hours a week to build
their business. And they whine about spending money on a
long distance call or this marketing system. That's just
plain silly! Building anything worth having is going to take
an investment of time, energy and money.

That's why we call it netWORK marketing and not netPLAY

There's one word I want you to erase from your vocabulary
right now. And that's the word TRY! To be successful, you
are not going to TRY! You're going to DO. With a CAN DO
attitude, no matter what challenges lie ahead (there will be
many) you will SUCCEED!

[|> Seven Principles of Success

The truth about what it takes to succeed:

[|> 1.[ An Unshakeable DESIRE
[|> 2.[ Measurable GOALS
[|> 3.[ A PLAN of attack
[|> 4.[ A DUPLICABLE System
[|> 5.[ All-Out-Massive-Action (AOMA)
[|> 6.[ FOCUS
[|> 7.[ ATTITUDE of a mental giant

"Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated.
You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."
~David Lloyd George~

[|> Step One: An Unshakeable DESIRE

This is the single most important step in starting and
succeeding in your home based business. Why? Because one
thing I can promise you, there will be challenges! The road
to success is not without potholes!

However, with a keen desire and focused dedication, you can
learn to smoothly navigate any distraction in your path. In
fact, you'll even learn to view the bumps as opportunities
to learn and grow!

You Just Bought a Lifetime Pass to the Emotional Roller

There's no doubt about it, network marketing is not for the
faint of heart! Friends and family members may laugh at you
or criticize you. Co-workers may resent you. Dream stealers
will tell you it can't be done. Prospects will hang up on
you, companies will go out of business. Upline may ignore
you, customers may complain, distributors will quit.

But none of that matters...IF your "WHY" is big enough!

Repeat after me: "If it's to be, it's up to me!"

AGAIN: "If-It's-To-Be, It's-Up-To-Me!!"

AGAIN: "IF--IT'S--TO--BE, IT'S--UP--TO--ME!!!"

You are the only one responsible for the success of your

It doesn't matter what anyone else does or doesn't do, it
really comes down to you and your desire or your "WHY".

So before we go one step further, you need to get 100%
crystal clear on why you are in this business. Your "WHY"
needs to be larger than life; something much bigger than
just you. Something you're willing to fight and die for!

For me it is my son. It was important to me to be able to
see my son grow up. I wanted to be home for the first word,
the first step, the first fall! I wanted to be there on the
field trips, the recitals and the after school milk and

At the same time, I wanted to provide a superior lifestyle
for my family which for me included travel! I wanted
something grand of my own, besides being a father. I wanted
to make a difference not only for my family but for other
families as well.

This became my WHY, my Passion! And network marketing my
chosen vehicle, through the potholes, the uphill climbs and,
yes, the free, open highways as well!

My Challenge to You!
[|> Determine your "WHY"!

I can promise you, this will be the single most important
determining factor of your longevity and success in this
business! If you've already put some thought into this,
great! Let's revisit your goals and dreams together! As we
grow and change in this business, so do our reasons for
being here!

Today's homework: get a notebook and make it a nice one that
you'll enjoy working in. This will become your blueprint to
success and will be with you throughout the duration of your

Success Principle #1: An Unshakeable DESIRE

OK, time to dig in and get to work! Above your homework
was to get a nice notebook for developing your blueprint to
success. I hope you take this exercise seriously because it
will become the single most important factor in the success
of your home based business.

Ask any successful person you know. Nine times out of ten
they'll tell you, where goals are concerned, they don't
think it; they ink it! So are you ready! Today you become
the architect of your-own life!

Take this exercise seriously...but have fun with it!

Find a nice quiet place without any distractions. Prepare to
spend at least 30 minutes on this exercise. Don't worry
about how your answers sound. Just free-flow write. This is
fun and can be very revealing!

Ask yourself the following questions and write them down.

[|> 1.) If I didn't have to work for a living what would
I love to do?

[|> 2.) If I were given $10 million dollars (tax free!)
what would I do with it? (Of course you'd pay the bills, but
after that) No limits here, write it ALL down!

[|> 3.) If I just found out I had six (healthy) months to
live, what would I do with the rest of my life?

Identifying Your "WHY" Helps You Define Your True Purpose
in Life!

Now try to determine the essence of these desires. Ask
yourself, "If I did this, or had that, what would it bring
to me?" These thoughts should reveal to you the lifestyle
you want and the type of person you aspire to be.

When you know your purpose, you can put passion behind it.
When you move forward with passion, there's no stopping you
and others will be attracted to follow you! Therein lies the
key to success in your network marketing business!

Make a commitment to yourself to pursue your life's purpose
and create the lifestyle you want. Become the person you
desire to be. Your purpose and the passion that flows from
it, is what will empower you, no matter how bumpy the road

Develop the habit of writing in your notebook or journal
every day. Just ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes
at night will help you keep in touch with who you are and
who you are becoming. Your goals and dreams will shift and
change as you grow in your business. You'll have a record of
the past as well as a vision of the future!

"See into life ~ don't just look at it." ~ Ann Baxter

To your success!

Lloyd Dobson

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