Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How To Take Responsibility For The Results In Your Life

Taking responsibility is a state of mind. It occurs when we own our decisions and actions, and become pro-active about the things we must do in order to fulfill our dreams. Self-responsibility isn't for the faint a heart, or for those with low self-esteem. It's not for those whose value, and self-worth is conditional, or whose emotions are always in play. Self-responsibility is vital to a fulfilled life. Because when we stop accusing, blaming, and complaining, we then get on with life. We recognize what we must do, and do it.

So how can we create this state of mind? Here are some markers to the self-responsible person. They are proactive. They continuously question and learn. They first identify and then live their values. They take deliberate decisions. They initiate action and enthusiastically pursue their goals in life. They bounce back from disappointments. They're aware of their resources, and strengths. They make bold decisions and follow through. They hold themselves accountable, and also allow others to hold them accountable. They are socially responsible.

Self-responsibility can be described as the practice of being responsible for the results we want. Not hoping, or demanding that someone else will 'do' something while we sit on the sidelines and observe. It's through self-responsibility that we attain personal power. And if the key issue is being accountable for the results we want. How then do we do that? How do we develop responsibility for our thoughts, our choices, and our actions?

The answer lies in a deep seated belief that we can make a difference. That we can always do something, that there is always some action we can take. And that we can trust our powers of mind, emotion, speech, and behaviour to navigate our way through life. It's a state of mind where we trust in ourselves and our ability to figure it out. Knowing we can acquire the necessary knowledge, we can develop whatever skills we require, and we can make life happen. As we develop and commit ourselves to the results we want, then self-responsibility is simple and profound. It's about manifesting all that we are capable of experiencing, becoming, having, feeling, thinking, choosing, giving, and contributing.

When our thoughts are healthy, appropriate, and empowering, we then often have peak experiences. And we all have these from time to time. Those who are able to attain this state, step into a situation where they can completely access their full resources. We recognize these people as the experts, the masters of some art, craft, skill, or science. When we relate meaning and performance to this state it reveals a pathway for unleashing our potential. Whenever we act without reflecting on meaning or connecting with our highest calling, the less motivation we will have and the less effective we will be.

We are all responsible for living our own life. No one can do this for us. Believing in entitlement, that the world owes you, the government owes you, your family owes you, and playing your life 'small' will sabotage your success. To unleash our potential each of us has to accept, acknowledge, and act on our own inner powers. Only then can we take the initiative to discover our strengths and weaknesses and take action to discover what makes us most fully ourselves. In this we are seeking how we can best express our unique contributions and through that create a successful life, make a significant difference, and leave a meaningful legacy.

Here's your critical thinking exercise for this week. Complete this sentence stem and generate at least ten endings. "If I were to take full responsibility for making my dreams and goals come true, I would...."

Don't worry about whether the endings you write are positive or negative, that's not the point of the exercise. The point is to increase awareness. It is to download the responses from your non-conscious mind about self-responsibility. Doing this will then allow you to decide which of the responses best serve you. You can simply keep and reflect on the best and discard the rest.

To your success!
Lloyd Dobson


Stew Shaw said...

Lloyd you've pretty much covered the whole success formula in one great post. The part that appealed to me is the benefit of making a difference, leaving a legacy. What wonderful motivation to continue a purposeful life.
-- Stew

bethhewitt said...

Hi lloyd,

What a beautifully written post and thank you for the critical thinking call for action. I have just completed my 10 sentences and I would like to share them with you.

1.) Be more content and happy with my life
2.)I would be more honest with those around me and those that I love.
3.)I would have more time to dedicate to my dreams and goals
4.)be able to achieve my goals and dreams much quicker
5.)overtime be able to help so many other people with their dreams too
6.)be healthier
7.)have a fullfiled life
8.)I would allow my creative nature to come to the fore
9.) Be completely self-sufficent
10) Learn about who I really was and be able to listen to my inner voice much more.

Thank you for sharing,
Yours in Success
Beth Hewitt

Nancy Burke Barr said...

Hi Lloyd,

"Our history is not our destiny."
That is a powerful statement! How may people are caught in the history repeating itself cycle? I can certainly identify!

I love how you cut through the fluff and tell it like it is!

Thanks Llyod!

"Mentor Mama"

Darlene said...

LLoyd, Your proactive approach of writing out your full responsibility actions is an awesome way to implement the success formula. I really enjoyed reading this, have already started writing the action sentences and I thank you for the new pattern to follow on the road to success!

Edward said...

Hey Lloyd,
Amazing post. Personal responsibility is key to unlocking the potential of your future success, dreams, goals, abundance, and prosperity. It even eliminates a lot of stress and worry too. Why? Because you are in control!
Thanks for sharing this great wisdom with us all. I look forward to looking at the 10 questions in my quiet time!
Make it a great day!
God Bless,

DaveandDawnCook said...


What a wonderful post and you summed it up very clearly. You have shown me over the years of what a true leader in life should be. I enjoy reading your material and how always approach things through servant leadership. To many people in this world let their egos get in the way of true success! You are a leader life and success!

Thank you for sharing your insight to such a great post.

Dave and Dawn

Bill C said...

Taking responsibility for all things has always been important to me. Unfortunately we live among a large amount of people who think entitlement is the way to go. But I'd rather be in control of my life, my course and mu actions. I've got a long road ahead of me and no one is going to make it for me. thanks for your words of wisdom Lloyd.

Judith said...

Lloyd, thank you for the great, thought provoking post! I think that if we are honest with ourselves, there is SOME area of our lives where we aren't taking as much responsibility as we could. The unexamined life is not worth living. :-)

lindagrace said...

Thank you for this well-written post! Sometimes people blame others for their situation - you spell it out! It is our responsibility for our lives. Like you said, taking responsibility is the first step!

Eddie Espiritu said...

Lloyd, if it's to be, it really is up to me (us)! The sooner we all realize that we are accountable for our success, the faster we can all progress!

Great post!