Saturday, December 11, 2010

How You Can Make The Web Your "Warm Market" | Why The Internet As Your "Warm Market"

Normally a person turns to their warm market such as friends, family, co-workers and neighbors for business prospects and customers as an easy alternative. Learning how to drive traffic to your business from the internet can replace that warm market prospect process.

This article shares some reasons why the internet can replace your warm market. Using the internet to make new friends that will be interested in learning more about you and your product, service or business.

The process works for me, it works for all the people I have in my organizations and it is working for millions of others as you’re reading this. If you follow a system, you can eliminate the two biggest challenges you face when getting started in your new business; finding people to talk to about your business and dealing with the
rejection that comes from talking to people that you don’t know.

Why the Internet can replace your Warm Market:

1. Convenience:
You can send an Instant Message to someone any time it is convenient. Morning, afternoon or evening, you can chose from millions of people that are Online at the same time you are.

2. Direct access to more people
Every day, you can connect with millions of people on the Internet. Long distance and time zones cease to exist when you use messaging. You can meet someone Online and establish a business relationship anywhere in the world, and you don’t need a passport to do it.

3. People are easier to approach
Sending a message to someone Online is an easy way to connect with a stranger. On the Internet, The branding of your name and profile will position you to be liked by anyone you contact. They provide enough information about you so you are not a stranger. If you contact people that share your hobbies, interests or personal values, they will respond. Don’t you?

4. Rejection is eliminated
Rejection disappears on the Internet because you know a great deal about someone prior to sending them an instant message. Everything they have written about themselves in their profile is your open invitation to contact them.

You can recognize the people that will be interested in what you do by reading their profile. Instead of going through the traditional rejection numbers when you approach a stranger in person, you will find that eight out of the ten people you contact with a message will be agreeable to looking at your business.

5. Targeting is easier
Whomever you prefer talking to about your business (network marketers, doctors, teachers, stay at home moms or people in any type of profession), it is easier to find them Online and communicate with them through internet with a message than it is to walk into a room full of strangers.

It is also easier to find people that share your passion for a hobby. You can make a new friend by sending a simple instant message.

6. It’s more fun
Communicating with someone in a message is fun. Chatting with someone that shares common interests with you is enjoyable and can be rewarding. You choose who you want to connect with. You choose when you want to connect with someone. The Internet is a very social place when you know how and where to find someone to talk to.

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Linda Thomas said...

Hi Lloyd,
The internet brings the world to us to make friends and communicate with people in all of the ways you have mentioned. This is a great time as Web 3.0 is growing very quickly and is making the internet more interactive.
Thanks for your informative post, and surround yourself with entrepreneurs! Linda

Sherman Smith said...

This was a great post Lloyd and I definitely agree with you. I mainly marketing on the internet and it makes it a lot more convenient to run your business on the internet versus the traditional ways of doing network marketing. Thanks you for giving great examples and reasons to do your business online

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Willena Flewelling said...

You're right on, Lloyd. Why approach family and friends with something that may be the farthest thing from what they want, when we have a vast ocean of people at our fingertips who are already interested in what we have to offer?

Willena Flewelling

Pearly said...

Hi Lloyd,
I agree with you that with internet many things which are impossible are made possible now !

The best part is internet allows us to meet up with friends from all over the world without passport. It is very fast, isn't it, true...:-)

Thanks for all your points given on this post. Very informative.