Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Solavei Review - Is Solavei The Best Cell Phone Provider?

Solavei Review - What Solvaei don't want you to know. Are they the best cell phone provider? Well based upon the research completed and input from several experts in the field, the company and opportunity is not a scam and a very viable player in providing the best cell phone services. They provide you with unlimited text messaging, unlimited data, unlimited voice, nationwide 4G network and all for an incredible low price. You also have an opportunity to get paid with something you are already doing. Using a cell phone.

Here are some key highlights. They are the first company to create an economic exchange between mobile and social for the financial benefit of consumers. Their claim is to create millions of thousandaires. They are redefining success by putting billions of dollars back into the hands of the people for doing what they already do everyday. The company's product is certainly a very unique and simple platform. With the ability to leverage the huge mobile industry, they have put together an incredible way for a person to get paid while doing something they are already doing.

The ability of their customers to lessen the cost of their cell phone usage such as text, data and voice makes this product very attractive. When a person brings in three people to the service, Solavei pays the recruiter $20.00. There is also compensation when those people sign up their three members. They also promise one-time bonuses during your first 60 days as a paying customer. The company has lined u

p some big names as investors and advisers. They have also raised approximately $15 million dollars from the investors. According to the CEO and founder Ryan Weurch, the company has more than 10,000 initial customers already and launch date is not until September 21, 2012. They insist that it is simply removing a key inefficiency in the cellphone business model: The high cost of attracting and retaining customers. Indeed, beyond the cost of running the network, one of the largest expenses for cellphone companies are the costs related to getting customers, including subsidizing phones and advertising. Solavei says it is instead pouring those dollars toward its customers — who are also its sales force.

Although the company is positioning itself primarily as a way to get low cost cellphone service or perhaps make a small amount of money each month, its marketing materials detail a compensation plan that mentions the possibility of making as much as $20,000 per month. With this type of possibility, it certainly makes it an extremely attractive opportunity and well worth researching.

“Yes, its time to have your PHONE PAY YOU!!!” Some tech companies pay fees for referrals — LivingSocial, for example, gives customers their item free if three other people buy the specified product; other businesses, like DirecTV, routinely pay people for convincing their friends to sign up for service. But Solavei is taking this to a level far beyond that.

One of the challenges for the company will be ensuring that those looking to make money through Solavei don’t go overboard in their marketing. That has already been a challenge even before launch, with a variety of unauthorized marketing materials making it to the Web. Some tout the company as a moneymaking opportunity without even mentioning cellphone service at all.

reaction to the company has been enormously positive, adding that they are “hitting a demographic who really can take advantage of this.” For most people, he said adding a few hundreds dollars per month in recurring revenue can change lives.

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Nandita Dutta said...

Nice post... Thanks a lot for sharing this post.
WOW just what I was looking for.
As a member of Solavei for over 3 months its great to see that the company has already paid out over 2.5 million to its members and they haven't even gotten started with their products.
Solavei scam