Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Master The Art of Email Through Autoresponder Secrets

AutoResponder Secrets

Email/Autoresponders –
If you can master the art of email you can grow any business you choose through Autoresponders. It’s that simple. Once you’ve began building your list, email becomes the best way to leverage your time and communication with all of your subscribers.
It doesn’t take any more time to email 1,000 people than it does to email just one. Communication with your list is all about building relationships over time and if you can master this skill, it becomes infinitely easier to be successful in ANY online business.
Email instantly gives you the appearance of authority. People receiving your emails don’t know you from a hole in the ground. They don’t know if you’ve been marketing online for a week, a month, or 10 years. If you provide some valuable insight and give them information they either didn’t know before, or something that can help them solve problems they are having in their businesses you immediately become someone of influence in their business…someone who “knows what they are talking about.”
To give you an example, if you’re calling a lead you bought from some list and that person picks up the phone, what are they immediately thinking? Probably something like “who the heck is this guy/girl and what are they trying to sell me?” right? However, if someone finds your site, opts in to your list and starts reading your broadcasts, whether they know it or not, you become an authority figure.
You become like the teacher in the front of the room and your subscribers are the students raising their hands by simply communicating value to your list.
Whatever business you are in, you NEED an autoresponder to start communicating with your list. An autoresponder is simply a program that stores all of your leads and gives you the ability to email them all at once through what’s called a “broadcast.”
Autoresponders are great because they have a high level of deliverability. Deliverability is the rate at which your email broadcasts get to the inbox of your recipients. If you were to send an email to 1000 people from your yahoo or gmail, it would only get to a very low percentage of people because it would be seen by most mail hosts as spam. A good autoresponder, however, has over a 99% deliverability rate because they have worked over time to be trusted sources by almost all internet service providers. We recommend that you either use Getresponse or Aweber because of their ease of use and extremely high deliverability rates. Sign up for them here:____________________________
Remember, we’re teaching you to market like the big boys…the MOST successful people in the industry. ALL the top marketers have and regularly use autoresponders. They are a MUST HAVE.
Autoresponders serve 2 functions.
  1. They give you the ability to broadcast messages to your list whenever you want and
  2. They give you the ability to create an autoresponder series (a list of messages that will go out at pre determined intervals)
When people respond to my Netdivvy site, we have a series of messages going out to them over an 8 day period designed to get people to take a closer look at our company and directing them to sign up.
We also recommend that you begin to communicate with your list via broadcasts. There is just something about live communication that builds trust and relationships faster than automated messages. Usually as you become more advanced in your business you will start to use the broadcast function more and work on the relationship.
Actually writing the broadcasts and automated messages is not difficult at all. For your automated messages, simply remember what your goal is. If it’s trying to sign someone up in your primary business, make sure to consistently direct them back to your website explaining it so they can watch videos on compensation, products, and the company itself. Also make sure you actually INSTRUCT THEM TO SIGN UP and GET STARTED in your emails. Don’t beat around the bush. It will increase your success rates if you simply ask people to join.
When writing broadcasts remember to provide value. We talk a lot about this because it is the cornerstone of building relationships. When you provide something of value for people in your broadcasts, you are perceived as someone who knows what they are doing and someone of authority. It becomes infinitely easier to recruit if you are perceived as an authority figure rather than just someone trying to sign someone else up in a business.
To your success,
Lloyd Dobson
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Nancy Burke Barr, JD said...

Hi Lloyd,

It is great to be back visiting you! You always have really helpful content and today is no exception. Autoresponders are key and a strong e-mail campaign is a must. I need to put more effort into this area of my business. Thanks for the reminder!

Mentor Mama

Paul Klaszus said...

What I really like about autoresponders is, it's not really advertising.. it's sharing and networking. Most of the people that 'sign up' end up having a meaning ful conversation with me days later.

It's such a joy!

Christine Casey said...

Hi Lloyd,

I appreciated your post & like Nancy stated, I too need to put more effort into incorporating this important feature in my business. Thanks for sharing :-)