Friday, June 18, 2010

Promoting Your Internet Business

Promoting your Internet business is one of the most important steps to becoming  successful online, and should be treated as such. But you don’t know where to begin to generate yourself some leads? That happens among many of us that join a Internet business opportunity, you are not alone. Aside from the amount of time it takes in the beginning, spending a significant amount of time on promoting is crucial. How is your Internet business going to succeed if no one knows about it? It isn’t going to promote itself, after all is it. Now you need to develop a plan for promoting your Internet business. Here are some marketing tips to consider:

1.  How much money can you afford to invest in promoting your Internet business? Those of you who have been successful in your Internet business will have more money to spend than those of you who have just started. Still, there are inexpensive ways for promoting your Internet business. Consider websites that allow you to build free websites of your own, such as Yahoo! Geocities, taking out ads in your local classifieds, and most importantly word-of-mouth. Later, when you have more money, you can invest in your own business website, and even pay for advertising space on other major websites.

2. Get the word out about your online business by joining discussion forums related to your area of business. Post links back to your website and exchange links with other businesses that are relevant but not in direct competition with your business. Be careful what websites you associate with or link to. Only allow your links to be posted on high quality websites.Only post links of your website to others that you have researched thoroughly.This will improve your page ranking and help your progress up on the search engine results page.

3. Promote your business on social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook or twitter. Find groups of like-minded people, and join their network or group. There are many of these types of websites available online perfect for networking, brainstorming and promoting your Internet business.This is a great method, which is really taken off. So do not discount the power of social networking and social bookmarking.

4.  Article Writing – Writing articles is another great way to generate a lot of quality traffic as well as make a name for yourself on the internet. All you do is focus on quality content that provides value to the reader.write on a topic you know about and submit it to places that accept article submissions. Google rewards those who consistently publish fresh, new content regularly.

Promoting your Internet business will not be easy in the beginning—just like every other step in making your Internet business dream a reality, it will take hard work and dedication. Use these points to help you in promoting your Internet business in an organized manner, and soon your business will start promoting itself!

To your success!
Lloyd Dobson


Pat and Lorna Shanks said...


Thanks for the great advice on promoting online businesses. Helping others and passing along tips is what it's all about!

~ Pat and Lorna

Christine Casey said...

Hi Lloyd,

These are great tips for someone starting out & trying to figure how to get their business "heard" on the internet. With so many choices available, anyone can do it if they choose! Appreciate you sharing :-)