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Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide To Obtain Page #1 on Google

Links play a tremendously important role for the search engines and their algorithms.

Basically if you try to recollect, you will see that Google and its first algorithm started from the 2 guys inventing the “new-level-of-quality” algorithm of counting backlinks and using these backlink calculations for giving specific positions to the sites in the search engine results. Google emerged from smart backlink calculation.

The same about the majority of other big search engines – they are heavily relying on the links in giving their search results for any specific keyword.

The problem is that Google knows: thousands of people try to manipulate the backlinks to improve their positions in search engines.That is why Google has started a serious battle with link manipulations, and this is great that they have started to do that!

However this causes lots of troubles for the people who want to build backlinks and want to make sure they do it in a smart and safe way.

This is exactly the purpose of Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide – we are sharing here our successful experience of getting 1st page in Google for LOTS of different keywords in different niches, without any problems with Google.

No matter if:

- you have decided to build backlinks with a FREE Traffic System
- or you want to build backlinks in ANY OTHER way.

You still need to know how to build backlinks without looking as link manipulator for the search engines...Because Safety Matters!


The rule is simple – your backlink building must look NATURAL to the search engines. You see, Google and other search engines will never fight against the sites that are growing their backlinks naturally, otherwise they would kill their own search engine business!

That is why if your backlink building looks natural to Google, you will never have any problems.

But what exactly is a natural backlink building?

And this is where the details start to matter a lot. We consider several factors to be critically important in making your backlink building look natural. Each of the factors will be discussed in details in the Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide.

And after you read this information you will also see that FREE Traffic System
  service is helping you to build backlinks in the most NATURAL way available on the market today.

Factors of Natural Link Building:

Natural Link Building – Factor #1

Your backlinks must be backed by something really valuable for search engines.It is very easy to understand this factor if you get into the shoes of Google. Today there are hundreds of links directory scripts that in a minute can create thousands of junk like pages,and these pages can give you thousands or millions of backlinks.

Are these pages of ANY value to Google? No! In terms of value for the users of Google who want to find quality information these pages are junk, junk and let’s agree upon it.

But if you get a backlink from a large content page, the value of this page (and this backlink) increases instantly for Google. You created new information, this information is found by a person who used Google to surf the net. You have “bribed” Google with the most valuable gift – new information. Backlinks from this type of pages are real gold.

And this is exactly what FREE Traffic System is doing for you, because you get backlinks from inside real blog post with unique content. Will Google be against new unique content? Never! Will Google look favorably upon the backlinks from inside unique blog posts? Yes, otherwise Google should stop being a search engine.

Natural Link Building – Factor #2

Your backlinks must be from non-duplicate pages!Duplicate content over years remains one of the most disputable questions in SEO. Is Google punishing for dup content or is it not? Opinions differ.

But we think that here we must look at the problem from the Google’s point of view. Will be Google happy about tons of dup content pages? No! That is why in the FREE Traffic System we give you the tool of automatically diversifying your article. Inside the members area you can find a video where we show how to easily diversify each of your articles with the help of [spin][/spin] html tag.

By spending just 5 minutes on your article you can be sure that each republication of your article will look nonduplicate.This will hugely BOOST the value of your backlinks for the Google, because Google will see that lots of non-duplicate pages from different sites are giving you backlinks.This is the most safe and natural way of link growth ever imaginable online.

Natural Link Building – Factor #3

Backlinks must be built from relevant sites.This is another pain of SEO gurus, because no one says for sure whether Google is against backlinks from irrelevant sites or not. Google is not saying anything officially, because they hate giving away the details of their algorithm and say only general stuff that can be interpreted in both ways.

Surely you should not have big problems due to backlinks from the irrelevant sites. Otherwise your competitor in yoga niche would pay a porno site to give you thousands of backlinks and this would get your site deleted. Google understands that penalties for incoming links are a stupid and unrealistic measure. That is why sound logics assumes – nothing very bad in getting backlinks from irrelevant sites.

BUT! Let’s think about Google and its interests again. Does a recommendation from porno site about yoga site look valuable to Google? Perhaps not, a much better recommendation about a yoga site is a backlink from another yoga site, or health site, or fitness site.

This brings us to the simple conclusion: though there is nothing dramatically bad about getting backlink from irrelevant site, it is MUCH BETTER to get backlinks from the sites in your industry or niches which are neighboring with your industry. Gardening fits nice with hobbies; finances fit niche with loans, debt freedom, retirement plans and business; health is ok with diets, wellness, basic life tips and fitness.

And this is what you are getting inside FREE Traffic System  – we give you the choice of sites in different niches that are ready to publish your quality information and not touch your backlinks. You have maximum freedom is choosing the sites that correspond to the topic of your article.

This will make sure that you article is read by the targeted visitors on these blogs (these visitors are very likely to click your links in the article, if this article grabbed their attention). And this instantly increases the SEO value of the backlinks.

Natural Link Building – Factor #4

Backlink growth speed – don’t be greedy! If your site is very old (at least a few years in the Internet) and has gained some SEO trust, then even tons of new backlinks which have appeared to your site within 5 minutes will not hurt the site. Maybe the site will get down due to heavy traffic, but this is another story :)

But when a new site that is just building its SEO reputation starts getting dozens or even hundreds of backlinks in a matter of short period of time – this looks suspicious, very suspicious.

This is a problem!

... because FREE Traffic System is basically a service where you can build an almost unlimited number of one way links per day. Your article gets republished on 30 sites maximum, with 2 backlinks from each article – this is up to 60 one way links from full republishing of the article! That means when you create (piece of cake) 10 articles per day – this sums up to 600 backlinks per day!!

We understand that even the most reasonable people will not stand this SEO seduction and will lure into building hundreds of backlinks per day. And no matter how much we say “Don’t be greedy, don’t be greedy” – most of the users came here for backlinks and will not listen to the voice of reasonability.

Don’t worry – we have taken care of the greediness. We will not seduce our members: that is why when you schedule the article for publication, it does not get published on all blogs right after you sent it. Our service will be republishing your article on 3-4 sites per day, day by day, until the whole publishing sequence on 30 sites for this very article is not complete.

You do not have to wait with submitting another article, before the publishing sequence for the previous article is over. But even if you send us dozens of articles per day, we have automatically made your daily link growth look a lot more natural.

This is where we have made a decision without asking for your permission. But this is an absolute must to do that reasonably and you will thank us over time for doing that.

Natural Link Building – Factor #5

Diversify anchor text of your backlinks! Anchor text – what is that?!
The anchor text is a visible and clickable text in the hyperlink. For example, the in the HTML code quoted below ‘get free one way links’ is the anchor text  one way links and people who see the web page with this code in the Internet will simply see that ‘get free one way link’ text is hyperlinked to a URL FREE Traffic System
Anchor text is one of the critical factors in getting good positions in search engines. This is because search engines treat anchor text as a helpful information which explains what the page (to which the backlink is sending) is about.

Today many people know about this huge importance of anchor text and put the keywords (for which they are fighting for) into the anchor text of their backlinks. BUT, this is where many people do a nasty mistake. By the way, this is one more mistake caused by greediness.

People use the same anchor text in all backlinks that they build. Does it look strange to Google that all backlinks to Site A have one and the same anchor text? It looks very strange! It is impossible that all sites give you backlink using one and the same word – at least few would simply write ‘click here’ or ‘more info’ in the anchor text.

We insist that anchor text diversification is a must for safe and successful link building campaign. This factor is taken into account by FREE Traffic System  service – you give our system several versions of anchor text and it will use one of the versions randomly when republishing your articles and building backlinks to your sites.

Let’s say you want to see your site on the 1st page in Google for ‘make money online’: we suggest using several anchor text versions like: ‘make money online’, ‘how to make money online’, ‘learn to make money online.’This will create natural looks for the growth of your backlinks and will ensure that your sites - with the help of FREE Traffic System service – get solid SEO reputation and long-term success from link building.

Natural Link Building – Factor #6

The page to which you are building backlinks must have the keyword you are fighting for. For example, you want to get 1st page for ‘best Italian shoes’ and you are building backlinks with anchor text ‘best Italian shoes’ (properly diversified – read lesson 5 for more details about anchor text diversification).

So, you must also make sure that the page - which you want to see on page1 for ‘best Italian shoes’ – has this keyword in meta title, meta description and somewhere in the text of the page.

This is all about adequacy and natural looks. Imagine how it can look for Google: 500 backlinks with anchor text ‘best Italian shoes’ pointing to the page which does not have even the single mentioning of this keyword. This is awkward and strange.

Simple insertion of necessary keyword in meta title, meta description and text of the page instantly corrects the situation and the whole scheme starts looking natural and logical. MAKE SURE...That you are using a site building engine (also known as - content manager) which allows to change meta title, description and text for every single page. Most of the engines today have this option, because it has become a standard in the 21st century.

Why Free Traffic System?

Now you know a lot more about safe backlink building. When reading this guide you noticed that we have been mentioning many times service. This is not just because we are proud of it and boast with the success we reached with this service – this is also because it is the most natural way of growing your link power.

AND . . .

There is another very important aspect...

When creating this service we exercised a simple rule – give users maximum freedom. And we managed to do that. If you look into all aspects of our service, you will see that everything is in YOUR hands, when it comes down to one way link building. We gave you a possibility:

- to make all pages with your backlinks look unique and non-duplicate with text diversification
- to choose the relevancy of the sites where your content and backlinks will be published
- to make your link growth speed be natural
- to make your anchor texts look natural and diversified

This is all you need to get real safety in building free one way links with us. Maximum freedom means that YOU are in charge of the quality of link building job that you are doing and YOU are in charge of your success.

To Your Success!
Lloyd Dobson

Smart and Safe Backlink Building Guide – by FREE Traffic System


Lori Robertson said...

Lloyd, this post was packed full of great information on backlink building that I did not know. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Llyod,

thank you for the comprehensive article.
Have a great day.

Bill C said...

Great information for me as I'm still new to this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for providing such detailed information, it's well worth the read.



Karin said...

Hi Lloyd, great article on backlinks. I would like to point out to you that you can spread your own article freely across the web without being penalized for duplicate content. Where duplicate content comes into play is when you publish someone elses article. Just thought I should clarify that.

Joseph McDevitt said...

Lloyd, Great post on building your backlinks!
I have recently stopped advertising on Google because they have given me the Slap!
I am now over at Yahoo, and I'm sure all of your great backlink tips will still apply.
Thanks for the useful information! Joseph McDevitt

DaveandDawnCook said...

Hi Lloyd,
Boy, there is so much to know when it comes to backlinks and its all here in your post.
Great job and thanks for laying it all out.
Dawn and Dave

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Hi Lloyd,

Thank you for the comprehensive overview of backlink building. This is why I love internet marketing. I feel like I learn something everyday.

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ldobson said...

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You can visit Terry's blog at: to find out more about Terry

Scott Pollov said...

Lloyd. Thanks for the primer on backlinks. Google certainly does not make it easy for online marketers do they. Makes the game more fun though.

Beth Allen said...

What an incredibly thorough post on backlinks! A lot of it was over my head, and I also learned a lot, so thank you, Lloyd! :)

Chris Bernardo said...

Lloyd ,

I always love learning new ways to create backlinks, thanks for sharing this info and have a wonderful Weekend!

Christopher Aaron Hughes said...

Lloyd, thanks for such an in-depth analysis of how the algorithms work and how we can use them to our advantage! Definitely helped clarify some questions that I had. Keep up the great work!

Dr. Adam Sheck said...

Thanks for such a comprehensive primer on backlinks. I'm glad to hear that authentic, organic, relevant backlinks are the best. Hoping that comments will build it up and looking forward to learning more about it from you.

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Hi Lloyd, thanks for this interesting post I just learnt a whole lot about back links. I can't wait to implement a few of them.

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This is a very interesting post. I have to admit I was not expecting such good information coming from a free blogger blog.

I came to visit from TSA. I guess I have been so spoiled by using only self hosted wordpress sites, that I have for the most part forgotten that blogger has a pretty decent platform that can be used for free.

That being said, this was a great and unexpected post. Thanks.

Scott Manesis

Tommy said...


Great information here.

I have been learning more about link building and recently wrote a blog about a critique that was done on my blog on SEO.

Even if you leave a comment on a nofollow blog, there is value if your comment is valuable.

How? The person reading will still click your link. I do this all the time.

Have a great day,
Tommy D.

Gavin Mountford said...

Hi Lloyd, that is one long post :-) Must have took you a long time to write it... GREAT value!

SEO is important I agree. I prefer to go for longtail keywords with a small amount of competition as they are much easier to dominate.

Many Thanks
Gavin Mountford

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