Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Self-Management - In Order To Have a New Beginning You Must Have The Courage Necessary To Make a Change

In order to have a new beginning you must have the courage necessary to make a change. By observing your faults with objectivity and resolution you will gain the strength of character necessary to eliminate them. How would you like to be the predominant force in your life, to truly be in control of your life, to not be affected by external circumstances, to not be affected by what others do or do not do, to not be affected by how others act or respond?

We have all been conditioned to believe that our power and security lies outside of us. A person may say, "Yes, I want to be in control of my life but you don't understand I have no money." That means nothing. "Yes, but I live in a small town." That means nothing. "Yes, but I have no contacts." That means nothing. Are you willing to make the decision to be the predominant force in your life or not? That is what means something! In fact, that means everything!

Self-management is about making a choice to be in control of your own destiny. To make a choice to no longer be the victim of your own self-imposed limitations, to no longer be a victim or just a player in someone Else's drama. Self-management gives you a choice to work for your goals and dreams instead of working for someone Else's. It is making a choice to never again let money be a factor in how you live your life.

Once the choice is made you will have a whole new basis for dealing with the challenges you face in everyday life and in your business. Being a success in your business or a success in life for that matter requires an understanding of some basic principles of self-management, the first of which is decision making.

We all make thousands of decisions everyday. Some are big decisions and some are small ones. You decide when to get up in the morning and what you are going to wear for the day. You decide to eat breakfast, to drive to work, to stop at traffic lights. You know that if you don't get into the car and drive to work, you won't get paid. You know that in your business, or at least you should by now, that if you don't talk to people and teach others to do the same you don't build a business and you don't get paid. You know that if you don't stop at red lights you could have an accident.

Based upon the firm decisions we make we attract the result of that decision into our lives. It is called the "Law of Attraction." As we discussed before, a firm decision to do a certain thing doesn't allow for anything less creates a mindset and puts the "Law of Attraction" in motion. If you make a decision to be successful in your business, one that doesn't allow failing, you will create the mindset necessary to attract success into your life.

There are two main problems that enter into the equation. One, we make decisions based upon past experiences and our current circumstances instead of what we truly want in our lives. And two, we are often too quick to change our decisions which are all too often influenced by our current circumstances or past experiences.

Making decisions can become like an "Inner civil war." It is like being judge, the jury and attorney for both the defense and the prosecution of your own mental courtroom. You make a case for yourself. "I'm going to be a success in any business." Then the prosecuting attorney steps in (the old you). "But Your Honor he's never been a success before. Here's concrete evidence of all the past failures he's had. You can't allow him to be successful with a track record like that!"

The very first step in self-management is getting rid of your internal conflicting dialogue . . . your self-judgment. We really have one or two choices in everything we do. We can make a choice of intelligence or we make a choice out of convenience. Convenience is the easy way out. We can choose to be our unwanted circumstances or not. It is as simple as that!

The next step in self-management is to get started, to take action. This can be difficult sometimes because it's hard to see your progress initially and your fears will always attempt to hold you back. We all have them to one degree or the other. Not that they are really in control but it can sure feel that way sometimes. Just remember with every action no matter how small you are building a foundation for your future.

Your progress will depend on three things:
(1) The clarity of your daily action plan.
(2) The amount of effort you put forth.
(3) How well you manage your fears and self-imposed limitations.

Self-management basically boils down to this: It's your ability to manage your attitude, thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors. It is developing the capacity to always remain resourceful despite your circumstances. It's being able to see a resourceful solution to your challenges instead of being blinded by them.

To your success!

Lloyd Dobson  :)
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Michael said...

Right on Lloyd. It's all about the decision. If it has to do with a lack of money you do not have to know where the money will come from just make the decision to do the "thing" regardless of your current situation. We have an expression "No money, no problem. No imagination, huge problem."



Michael said...

Right on Lloyd. It's just a decision to make a choice. If it's lack of money you don't have to know where the money is coming from. We have an expression in our business "No money, no problem. No imagination huge problem."



DaveandDawnCook said...

HI Lloyd
You are so correct in all your points in this great post. Yes we all need to attain a high degree of self-management.

To reach that high level we must develop ourselves in the process and you are a pro at that. Dave and I still listen to the great set of audio tapes by Jim Rohn that you gave us awhile back.

When we've developed ourselves we can recognize our negative past self and our circumstances for what they really are and make decision to create a new path for ourselves filled with self-management.

Thanks for your excellent post, Lloyd! Your insight is very valuable.

Dawn and Dave

Robin van der Merwe said...

You've made such great points within this post! It does, indeed, take courage to make a change at times, but the results can literally be life-changing.

Thanks for an inspiring post....


Bill C said...

Lloyd, I think taking action is one the steps that will lead people to success. Inaction will certainly lead them nowhere, so the first step is to step. Thanks

Bill C said...

Thanks Lloyd. Taking action is the first step for me. Getting over the intimidation factor and making that one, little first step. Thanks

Lori Robertson said...


It is so very important for us to first manage ourselves and develop ourselves and our life will start to change for the better.


Xavier Caldwell said...

Those are some powerful statements you listed in this entry. I'm sure a lot of people can identify with these barriers especially the lack of money. But you know I recently heard Les Brown say "there is no safe place in life, we all are going to die". So, either you are going to start putting forth effort towards living those dreams that keep you up at night, make you excited or not. This post is a great place to start....

Thanks for the words of wisdom...
Xavier Caldwell