Saturday, September 11, 2010

Declarations Will Help You Design Your Ideal Day

We all use language every day in many different ways. We use it to not only describe our world but also design it. And when we do we are using one or more linguistic acts. When Martin Luther King Jr. stated: 'I have a dream.....' When John F. Kennedy stated: 'We will put a man on the moon by....' They declared with those words new possibilities; a new destiny. They used a declaration, which is future focused language to cause what previously did not exist to exist. When you state: 'I will become a...' and: 'I love you...' and perhaps latter: 'I do...' You declare a new possibility. You literally use language to design a different future. Language is powerful and of all the linguistic acts declarations are the most powerful. 

And this has an impact on how we set goals. Many people have goals that remain goals forever. Why is that so? Generally it's because their goals aren't expressed clearly and concisely. What many think are goals are really just dreams with little hope of realization. However don't despair here's how you can change that. A certain magic occurs whenever you place pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and make a declaration that describes how you intend your life to be. As a result your thoughts will become real.

If I asked you to describe your ideal day right now, could you? Many could not. And this is a problem because it's only when we can describe our desired life in detail that out nonconscious mind can create it.  Responding with something vague such as; I want to be wealthy someday; doesn't give your mind a definite target to aim for. How do you define wealthy? Is it $50,000, $500,000 or $5,000,000? And when is someday? Is it this month, this year or ten years?

To leverage the possibility of living the life you want, you must first declare exactly how you wish your life to be. Your ideal day should stimulate your imagination; it should be exciting and evocative. You get to write anything you'd like. Don't limit your ideas. Is it possible for you to......?  Yes it is, and that's all your mind needs to know. Don't worry about how you will make it a reality. Your non-conscious mind will work on that. Just concentrate on the what, and the why, and allow your non-conscious mind to create the how. So now set aside an hour of undisturbed time with no distractions and develop your ideal day.

Step 1: You can use a pen and paper or type. I prefer to type because it makes editing easier. As you live your life; your vision of your ideal day will change. It's perfectly normal that it should evolve as you do.

Step 2: Start from the time you awake, and paint a vivid word picture of your day. Describe your partner and family; how and where you work, your home and it's décor; your health and daily routine. Describe your day in intimate detail. With this exercise you are literally creating your future. You declare yourself as you want to be, where and how you want to live, who you want to share your life with, and how you will earn your income. Crafting your ideal day infuses emotion into your view of the life you wish to lead. This provides momentum and motivation and causes your mind to shift your beliefs and behaviors and create it as your reality. The more emotion you evoke, the more it will impact your non-conscious mind.

Step 3: Once a week, set time aside to review and rewrite your ideal day. As you do develop your day in more detail, and invest your thoughts with even more emotion and enthusiasm. Whenever your mind discerns a difference between your inner and outer worlds, internal tension is created. This tension triggers your nonconscious mind to provide you with ideas, opportunities, and motivation, and as a result it will instinctively move to align your inner and outer worlds.

As you regularly revisit this process you can make whatever alterations you wish. Changes will occur over time, and things that were previously important may become less important. You will know what to change when what you're reading doesn't resonate anymore. Declaring how your life will be is one of the most dramatic things you can do to generate profound change. It causes you to think about what's most important and how you want your world to be. So start now; describe your ideal day.

To Your Success,

Lloyd Dobson

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GPS Business Anna said...

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for a great post. I use a similar system in my sales goal. I was always taught to work backwards. If you define your sales goal at 10,000 a month, then figure out what you have to do on a daily basis to reach that goal. Then do those daily things to achieve them!

Denise said...

Hi Lloyd,

This is a fab way to help people focus on what they want rather than what they don't or what's going wrong in their lives.

It's also a great way to keep yourself going when obstacles arise.


Wendy Hewlett said...

Hi Lloyd,

I'm a firm believer in the power of our thoughts and in our belief & faith in ourselves to achieve our goals and desires. This is a great exercise you have presented for creating your "vision". Updating it on a weekly basis is a great idea also and it inspires me to rewrite mine. Thanks for a wonderful post!


Joseph McDevitt said...

Lloyd, Reading this post made me think about the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. One of his quotes is "What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve". So much power in those words!

I do believe that when we put our thoughts into words it will help us realize our possibilities and dreams and make them reality.

Thanks for the great post!
~Joseph McDevitt

Anonymous said...

great great posting....your postings are of value to increasing sales in any field....check

morris said...

Hi Lloyd,

I loved this exercise the first time I did it in a Jeffrey Combs seminar. We got into extreme detail, and broke into small groups so that we could read them to each other. Reading them aloud spoke the reality into the Universe, and you know what? That was about 12 years ago, and I am living a life very close to that life! I am adding things all the time, but the things I wanted backed then, many came true, I manifested the things I desired, and am on to new horizons.
The things you consider ideal change as well.

Thanks for a great post!
Laura Morris

Melodie Kantner said...

Hi Lloyd,

I have been doing a similar technique, writing how I want my month to go. Every month I adjust the goals. I like the idea of an ideal day. I am going to try this.

KAZZA said...

Neat Post Lloyd - the whole world of quantum physics is hinting at unraveling some of the mysteries that have baffled mere mortals regarding the power of the mind - which is close to unmeasurable such is its complexity

I like the concept that thoughts become things - which is a mind bender when you contemplate the idea

Cheers Kiaran

Michael Berry said...

I really loved it when you said "If I asked you to describe your ideal day right now, could you? Many could not. And this is a problem because it's only when we can describe our desired life in detail that out nonconscious mind can create it." I could give you my ideal future day but comment section would be a bit overloaded. Most people don't get that their mind is creating their life.


Xavier Caldwell said...

Writing out you dreams and plans for your life is a very good idea. It definitely keeps you focused and excited about what you are trying to accomplish. I've personally noticed the more I focus and take action towards a goal the more ideas and possibilities come to mind about that goal.