Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Truth Behind "Mobile Monopoly" - Is It a Scam? | by Lloyd Dobson

Many people don't know that it's possible to make a living online, or at least a good extra income. Most think you have to have to go to college and have a great job to make a lot of money these days. Well if you think that way, I'm about to really surprise you, and show you exactly how you can make a lot of money online starting now! The truth behind Mobile Monopoly, it is not a scam!!

This is happening right now - the old online “money holes” are freezing over… the mother load is going mobile… and all the “old school” marketers are left shifting the deck chairs around before their ship goes down.

In fact… this is set to be the biggest “redistribution” of wealth online since before the dot-com “tech wreck” of the early 90's: All those “experts” sitting pretty on top of big, lumbering businesses are in for a rough ride… with this product called Mobile Monopoly.

… and if you're JUST STARTING OUT, new and nimble with nothing to “unlearn”… you're about to get in on the ground floor and skip right to where it would have taken you years to get to fighting it out on Google.

And it's not just me saying it - the companies on the inside of this trend watching it play out are scrambling to “reinvent” themselves from scratch to make mobile their new best friend.Mobile Monopoly has postured itself to be in the driver's seat of the 21st century

• It's why Google's not calling itself a “search engine” anymore - their new mantra's “mobile first”… and they're going on the record warning…


*  It's why Apple doesn't want to be in the “computer business” anymore - they're a “mobile company” now!
And the facts prove it's not just some “fad”… because…

* There are already 5 billion people walking around with mobile phones --that means mobile is already nearly five times bigger than the Internet

* (Since you are going to be one of the first people to REALLY get into mobile marketing, you need to understand just how huge this is.)

* Apple just sold over 2 million more iPhones… and Google's bragging that their customers are activating 160,000 Droid smartphones a day!

(that's at the same time the biggest maker of desktop PC's is on the verge of bankruptcy)…

*More than HALF of all new Internet connections are from mobile “smartphones”… and…

* These 5 billion cell phone owners… 51 million+ smartphone surfers… are carrying these pocket-size computers around with them around the clock!

* (get this: 91% of Americans keep their cell phone within three feet of them 24/7… and about a third of people with a cell phone would rather be without their wallet than their phone!)

* Think about it:  If you timed out how much of the day you spent with your cell phone vs. sitting at your computer… it wouldn't even be close, would it?

* (Yet most marketers have no clue how to market to people who aren't glued to a desktop PC!)

A critical key is to make sure you do it in a way that will not be perceived by the recipient as annoying or an intrusion. The way it works is you purchase an advertising block of a fixed amount. A $50 advertising block is typical when it comes to marketing via cell phones. Your message about the product you found at ClickBank gets sent to tens of thousands of cell phone owners. You only pay something when the user "clicks" on your advertisement. A very small amount of about 5 or so cents per click.

Here is something to consider. Most of the items on ClickBank will pay you a commission amount of between $22-$55. Let us say 1 out of every 100 phone owners who clicks on your ad buys the product. At 5 cents a click your total cost for a sale is $5. Even for a $22 product sale your STILL making a $17 profit. Even if only 1 in 200 people who click on your cell phone ad buy your still making a decent profit.

There is a FANTASTIC program, Mobile Monopoly, teaches you exactly, step by step, with 18 videos how to make money with mobile phones. It is the next generation for marketers. For more information on Mobile Monopoly you may CLICK HERE NOW

To your success,Mobile Monopoly,
Lloyd Dobson  :)

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help you with ANY online business. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: MY FREE MARKETING SYSTEM SECRETS



Joseph McDevitt said...

Lloyd, Wow, I was not aware that more than half of all new internet connections are from smartphones!

This is a very interesting post!
I use clickbank, and I sell some affiliate products online, but never really considered marketing to the people with mobile devices. Very interesting, I will definitely take a look at the "Mobile Monopoly" Product.

Thanks for sharing this very informative post!
~Joseph McDEvitt

incomestream said...

Wow, you really did surprise me. According to these stats the Mobile trend seems to be on a very fast track. Thanks for posting this very timely information and the TSA for leading me to your blog.

incomestream said...

Wow, you did really surprise me. According to these stats the Mobile trend seems to be on a very fast track. Thanks for posting this very timely information and the TSA for leading me to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd, you really have researched this thoroughly! I learned a lot just from this one post! Now this is something of value.

As Joseph said, I had no idea about Mobile Monopoly or the numbers for those using smartphones. You educated me today!

Thank you. It's always a pleasure to read your posts.


Yorinda said...

Hi Lloyd,

wow, interesting information you are providing here.

Those numbers are amazing, so is the way technology is developing.

We came from computers of the size of a room to handheld ones.

Thank you so much for your post.

To your Success.

Lori Robertson said...


Great post, I also believe that Mobile Monoply will be the new wave of the future in marketing. It just makes too much sense because it seems to be more people with cell phones than not and whoever capitalizes on this early will be way ahead of the curve.


Paul Barrus said...

Hey Lloyd saw your blog post on mobile marketing you did a great job of sorting out the information someone needs to get into this new market.
Looks to me like this might be the best deal since the invention of canned beer.

Ted Hunsaker said...

Thanks for posting this important information on the future of marketing. It is amazing how things have changed over the years with more people spending more time on smart phones.

Rick said...

It's so important to know where the next big thing is. Cell phones are a way to get people to see your ads. About 80% of cell phone users have text messaging and text messages are read right away. That's where the world is heading and it's good for business owners to look into these resources. Thanks for an awesome post!

Deb Augur said...

Hi Joseph,

Your post is eye-opening! I just wrote a comment on another blog about how mobile marketing can't be ignored and your post shows why very clearly.

Btw, my husband is one of those that keeps his iphone within reach 24/7! So true!

Thanks for all the stats and facts. Excellent information.

Golda SMith said...

I must admit that I haven't even thought about or touched mobile marketing...YET! After reading this it seems that I should familiarize myself with this trend. It only makes sense since most people keep their cell phone glued to their ears.

Golda Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd,
Joe and I recently joined Mobile Monopoly. We're just getting started, but I'd have to agree with is a fantastic program!
Thanks for sharing this information with everyone!

Steven Dean said...


Yes, I heard of Mobile Monopoly and it seem as though it is getting the word around like wild fire. I read through some reviews on it to see if it was a bunch of hype but it seems like they have a good deal going on. This post has open my eyes to a few things that you have touched on. Thank you for sharing this Lloyd. This is something worth checking out for sure.

Steve Vernon said...

Very informative post, Lloyd. I'm not surprised at all with the stats, as more and more of everything is going mobile and will continue to do so at even faster rates. I wasn't familiar with Mobile Monopoly but will definitely check it out. I guess one question centers around the idea of regular e-mail campaigns reaching mobile users. But that's just one more area to research and figure out. Thanks!

GregtheWriter said...

Mobile marketing is definitely becoming a bigger and bigger form of internet advertising.

My company has been using it for years to promote the network marketing opportunity & products via connecting it with social media.

I see it as the wild wild west, though like all things, it will be tamed soon! :-)

Clare Kelway said...

hi Lloyd,
I realize that it is so much easier for me to reply to FB messages and check on the newsfeed of my friend via my iPhone than on my computer.
I like your post - it is all going mobile but I am already starting to get spamming text messages that annoy me far more than email spamming because it is instant and very personal. So, mobile marketing has to be thought through if you are not to turn off your audience. Trust is king!

Anonymous said...

You've unveiled a great information here Loyd, thanks for sharing.

Victoria Toyin said...

You've unveiled a great information here Lloyd and thanks for sharing. Never gave mobile monopoly a thought before talk less of having any idea about the business opportunities it can generate. Love the post!

Nicole Rushin said...

I have a friend who is trying to figure out some ways to utilize mobile marketing for his database of customers. This might interest him. Thanks for sharing this. The statistics are staggering. Doesn't it seem kind of hard to do certain things without a large lap-top screen,though? Not sure if I am ready to throw away my laptop yet.

Cori Hughes said...

Great post. I am one of those who would rather be without my wallet than my cell phone and I don't even use my computer anymore for checking and replying to emails. I only ever use my phone. Thanks for sharing, I am going to check into "Mobile Monopoly".

Cori Hughes

RCBonay said...

Great post. Almost everyone I know has a smart phone and that's what they use most of the time. I've found that if I want to reach someone the fastest way to do so is by sending them a text or a picture right from the phone. I'm a little old school and have yet to upgrade to a smart phone but it is becoming more and more apparent that the longer I hold off the further I will fall behind. Thanks Lloyd!

Shari Weiss said...

Hi all, I have for a long time heard that Mobile marketing is, indeed, the next Big Thing. However, that being said, unfortunately I find myself in a huge crowd of people WITH smartphones and regular cell phones who ignore text messages. So how do marketers get to us?