Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is The iPhone Application Development Opportunity a Scam? | The Real Truth Concerning iPhone Application Development Opportunity

I am sure you have noticed the increase in people who own an iPhone or iPad touch type phone. Well the reason they are so life changing and popular these days is because of the applications that are available to download on the devises; however, the iPhone application development opportunity market is a competitive industry but it can also be a rewarding one. With hundreds and thousands of applications available in the iPhone, it can be rather difficult to compete.

With the existing technology and the availability of tools to make iPhone apps, it does not take a professional developer to create one. In fact, nowadays, just about anyone can design their own app without any difficulty. The following steps present a brief overview of the entire process:

Step #1 - Allow Your Creative Ability To Brainstorm:

One of the fundamentals for succeeding in a market where there are thousands of other applications demanding for attention is to come up with something unique. Since there are so many apps already out there, take an old application, study its flaws and improve upon it. Another idea would be to also take on an existing category and create an iPhone application that you can offer new and innovative features unlike the competition.

Step #2 - Look At What Competition Is In The Market Place:

The higher the competition is, the harder it would be to sell your app. I don't know if you have looked through the vast library of applications the app store has to offer, but let me tell you, it literally has an app for everything! If you do decide to choose one with high competition, you have to be ready to come up with an app like no other.

Step #3 - Now You Are Ready To Download a Tool To Help:

The market place has many tools you can utilize to help you make your app look appealing. Of course, most of these tools you have to pay for. Like any venture you attempt, with the proper tools, you will succeed. Making apps isn't too difficult once you have the right tools.

Step #4 - Now It Is Time To Market Your App:

The above process of how to make an iPhone application development opportunity would not be complete without actually selling the product and making money.

Making money in this new and exciting niche is an incredible way to generate income to funnel your online business. Are you ready to learn how to create iPhone apps? The app-store is ever growing, with more and more people creating, selling, and making big money.

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Julieanne van Zyl said...

Hello Lloyd, thanks for all the useful information about developing an iPhone application. I'm sure it would be a lucrative thing to do, provided you find something that's really popular. Would you recommend that someone do market research before starting a project like this?

Deb Augur said...

Hi Lloyd,

This is a very interesting post, particularly to me because I've actually been talking about this with my husband. (He's totally crazy about his iPhone!)

There are a lot of developers out there that you could outsource this to, but it's true that you could do it yourself. We're planning on giving it a try ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement by way of your post!

Dr. Adam Sheck said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I recently received an email from a very well-connected marketer about how he is making money from an iPhone game he developed and how we can all do that. While it is true, we CAN, I know it's a little more complex then that and involves a number of steps to get something programmed. And then, it's about marketing it and having selected an appropriate application. Still interesting, just not a "free lunch" and I'm sure it's a growing market.
Take care,

Peter Fuller MBA CA said...

It is amazing how easy it is to make a iPhone app these days, but it is very difficult to compete in the marketplace.

Joe Remington said...

Thanks for the great information Lloyd;

I agree with you my friend; creating software is huge, and a great opportunity to take advantage of. Whether you spend the time and effort creating it yourself, or you outsource it, there is no doubt that people are making huge amounts of money in this growing and competitive business.

Thanks for sharing Lloyd

Anonymous said...

I watched one video of yours an was interested in what you said. I too have dreams and goals but, I believe if they are to come true I must be serious and take steps in making them come true. There has to be a plan and some begining steps and I must be clear on what I want in order to pitch my vision if you will to others, I'll check back with you soon.Good day.

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Hire iphone developer said...

It is a very nice thing to see your excellent work and I like your article very much. With your rich knowledge.

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