Friday, February 18, 2011

The Art of Setting Goals Is a Must For Desiging Your Life

Now just as important as your long range goals are your short range goals, your goals for tomorrow, next week, next month or six months from now. These are goals you can accomplish within the next year. The immediate future. We call these goals confidence builders. When you work hard, burn the midnight oil and accomplish these little things, it builds your confidence to go for your long term goals. The art of setting goals is like a magnet pulling you through life in all kinds of difficulties. Plus life becomes exciting instead of just drifting through life.

Write down in your journal or notebook all the little things you would like to have or accomplish in the next year. Part of the fun having a list is, being able to check off something obtained or completed. We grow from two experiences. The joy of winning and the other is the pain of loosing.

I am certain that part of the reason why people let goal setting slide is because it is a lot of work. You will be constantly revising your list of short range goals and long range goals. Rearranging them, refining them, establishing different priorities, adding new ones and deleting others.

Writing your goals down shows you are serious and to do better, you must get serious. You don't have to be grim; but, you do have to be serious. Hey everybody hopes things will get better; but, remember the future does not get better by hope. It gets better by plan. And hope unaided by clear plans, can finally become an illness.

There is a bible phrase that says, "Hope long delayed, makes the heart sick." It is a sickness. I use to have the illness known as passive hope. It is bad! There is one that is even worse and that is called happy hope. That is really bad.

The man is fifty, broke and he is still smiling. That is bad. So get serious, make plans, put them on paper. My suggestion . . . from experience. There is a phrase in the bible that goes, "Without dreams and vision we parish." How true. Humans have a unique ability to aspire, to dream, to go for something, to become something. Without that, life is without life. You must have dreams and never give up on your dreams.

I would like to share with you some further observations I have made on goal setting. Understand that your goals, whatever they are, are effecting you all day long. Your goals effect your handshake, your attitude, how you feel, how you look, how you dress, how you walk, how you talk. All day. Every day!

If you would like further information on this goal setting, please visit the following video: The Art of Setting Goals  


"You must have long-range-goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range-goals failures."

Go out and make it your best day ever!

Lloyd Dobson

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Gary Young - China Sourcing said...

I think formalizing goal setting is important to. To have a process to develop your goals so you can think creatively and get things working not only in the right order but multiple goals working in tandem. And it is always a good idea to have someone to talk to about it. Some kind of accountability partner.

Pat & Lorna Shanks said...


We agree... setting goals and striving to achieve them is very important. Just as it would be foolish to set out into the "back country" without some form of navigation, so it is with life. One thing that we do disagree on is this... if a man is fifty, broke and still smiling... that's a good thing. Happiness comes from within, not from things or situations. Does that mean we should be naively wondering through life hoping we'll "make it"? Definitely not... but that doesn't mean we can't be happy along the way.

~ Pat and Lorna

AngelaArnold said...

Hi, Lloyd,
I love your closing quotation.

I have recently come to greatly respect the value of having written goals. I imagine you are familiar with the famous Harvard Business School study.

The 3% of the Harvard graduates who had written goals had amassed many multiples of the wealth accrued by those who did not. That's a true eye-opener.

So now, I always keep written goals and they help me stay on track.

Thanks for this wonderful, informative post.

Alexander Hay said...

My father always you to tell me that the most important thing is the 4Ds: Desire, Direction, Discipline, and Determination. Desire is always the first. I was thinking about how this relates to goals. I know sometimes there is a danger for having goals that are too long-range, missing the trees for the forest so to speak, but without goals we are rudderless. Thanks for the post.

kathy said...


Thanks for sharing that Bible verse. I love the fact that there are messages about abundance and prosperity throughout the Bible, and appreciate your pointing this particular verse out to us.

Without a doubt, goal setting is one of the most fundamental principles of success. Regardless of what we do in life, we need to have a road map of where we are going. Great message!

Kathy Jodrey

Lesly Federici said...

Hi lloyd, always enjoy coming to visit you and reading what you have posted. I have learned this year how important goal setting is - not just the big ones, but the small ones as well. I appreciate your positive attitude and look forward to coming back to visit!

Willena Flewelling said...

Thanks to Napoleon Hill, I have a growing understanding of the value of written goals. The more specific, the better! I have a set of goals to be achieved in the next 90 days... and the breakdown on a day by day basis. All of this is relatively new to me, because a fear of failure to keep my commitments had me leery of writing things down, for a long time. Things are so much better now that I am doing it.

Willena Flewelling