Saturday, June 9, 2012

Outnumbered By Mobile Phones - How Is That Possible?

Mobile devices will outnumber humans by the end of 2012, I realized that some of you may be wondering how this is possible. Even if every human on the planet had a mobile device-which, of course, we know they don't-it still seems pretty incredible that humans would be outnumbered. Well the whole world is going mobile. Ask anyone, when you are around them, "Where is your cell phone devise?" You are going to find out that the majority of the time it is within reach of them..

More people are using their smart phones to search the internet and do not even own a PC. This technology is exploding and the growth is expected to continue. So how is this happening? The secret has to do with multiples.

In this case, while not every person has a mobile device, there are lots of people on the planet with multiple mobile devices. Think that sounds extravagant? If you consider how many people you know with both a personal and business phone (you might even be one of them) and how normal that is, the statistic becomes a whole lot easier to get your head around.

So which countries have the most mobile phones per capita?

According to Susan Teltscher, an analyst with International Telecommunication Union, it turns out that these countries tend to be small, with lots of borders or numerous foreign workers and visitors who tend to buy local phones to use during their stay. United Arab Emerites currently holds the title of the most mobile phones per capita with 233 percent, followed closely by the tiny country of Montenegro with 210 percent.

Clearly the U.S. and China rank high on the list, right? Not even close. It turns out that there is plenty of room for growth in both cases. Statistics from the ITU show that mobile phone penetration holds steady at 91 percent in the U.S. and only 56 percent in Mainland China. Many of the stats seem to agree that the growth over the next several years will continue to explode. Currently you find business people utilizing their devices to connect the internet, play games and just plain having fun with this new technology; however many are seeing the power to communicate with customers as well.

What does this mean for mobile marketers? The potential for growth in this industry is incredible in these markets. The wise marketers will find ways to position themselves as leaders now so they fire on all cylinders as mobile phones become even more pervasive in the U.S. and China. Many businesses are becoming very savvy concerning this new media and are obtaining their own mobile app to have a competitive edge. When they are able to communicate on a personal level with a customer who has given permission by downloading the app, this is extremely powerful from a marketing standpoint.

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