Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It Is Easy To Get Better With Your MLM Prospecting

It is easy to get better with your MLM prospecting. If you are struggling, maybe this post will shine some light on how to get better. This post will help you avoid ridiculous MLM prospecting blunders that never work. When you are prospecting, know where your prospect is.

One of the most common MLM prospecting blunder has something to do with not understanding how receptive your prospect is to the industry. Most network marketers display desperation in their body language and voice. Desperation comes across when you attempt to sell something or get someone to join or do something that is not ready for that step or anywhere close to it for that matter. People are looking for a WHIFM (What's In It For Me).

It is like asking the stranger at the bar to sleep with you, network marketers that send their company links or “join now” lingo to people they do not actually know and have no idea where they are temperature wise is one of the biggest ways this industry is viewed at by many with skepticism. Network marketing is a better, leveraged way to make a living so why do we have to devalue it by being such crap sales people, throwing up on people and blasting our links to anyone and everyone whether they have a pulse or not?

Here is an unfortunate story of MLM prospecting and how to avoid them.

The other day a lady sent me a message on the wall of my Facebook profile page a very short message and in a nut shell said said “Lloyd, join me! Click here!” of which I replied in a private message back to her, is that really your pitch my friend? You might consider a different approach. She replied how she desperately needed me to join and it was not nice that I was so rude to her…then five minutes later sent me a bible verse.

This is what I am talking about. YOU do not DESPERATELY need ANYONE. In fact, this was my actual response to her:

“Here’s the thing you have to understand, you don’t desperately need anyone, you have the power to become one of the greatest networkers in the world but you have to choose to be. Stop being someone of desperation. BE someone of power and being someone that gets offended easily will prevent you from receiving coaching aimed at helping you, which, was the only way I got out of my financial and mental woes.”

NOTE: If you are the person that wrote this to me, I won’t share who you are, but I hope you see that I was only trying to help. So, how do you prevent these MLM prospecting follies?

Here are a few of Lloyd's - Rules of MLM Prospecting

1). You don’t need anyone. Never get caught up on one prospect no matter their potential. Lots of times the ones with the most potential also tend to do the least.

2). Never send an unsolicited link. Stop throwing hail mary’s into the end zone and hoping for a touchdown and instead work your prospect until they are ready to see a link. Instead start sending ONLY value to help someone become a better human being or to help them with their prospecting and growth of their business. The value you offer is in a direct result of the income you will make. If you desire a 6 figure income, then you must deliver value worth 6 figures.

3). Find out why someone would be possibly interested in your opportunity BEFORE you suggest they join. One of my favorite questions is Why? Asking why has allowed me to recruit hundreds of people into my network marketing business AND it was their idea.

4). NEVER CONVINCE. I repeat, NEVER CONVINCE. If someone is negative, I say, “Cool, not a fit for you, it is no biggie, let me ask you this, do you know anyone that has been affected by the economy that actually MIGHT want to make some extra money?”

Raising the conversation level within network marketing is important, if you desire it to reward you. We DO NOT need to go begging people to get in or thinking we are lesser human beings for being in this amazing industry. Go out and make it your best day ever!

Oh yes, do you have any other rules of MLM prospecting? If you do, please share them below in the comments section. Also if you enjoyed this post please comment and share the post. And a big thank you to Ray Higdon for sharing some of this content. He is a true leader in this industry.

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Have a fantastic day!
Lloyd Dobson
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