Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Advertise Online Free With Backpage

Advertising free with Backpage online is a great way to position your business on the web. This shares with you that it is possible to get something for nothing. When you are operating your business on a budget, this site is a great place to generate traffic. Free classified ad sites like Backpage can really help promote your online business. This site is international as well as the United States.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to advertise your business online for free, this website allows you to expose your business with ease. There are hundreds of free classified ad sites available and Backpage is one such site. Many times it is considered as Craigslist's cousin. One of the pieces of information to consider is what your competition is advertising such as what type of business, what are their texts, their titles, their images and how often they run their ads. Another thing you might consider is on what other sites are they advertising.

When advertising in Backpage you want to place your ads under services and then the category biz ops. Don't be alarmed when you see hundreds of ads under this category. This site gets millions of viewers each and every day. This means your ads will get great exposure. Keep in mind that it is a numbers game; therefore for best results you must place hundreds of ads each day and you must be consistent with your efforts. Backpage allows you to place ads in multiple cities; although I highly recommend that you do not place more than 5 ads per email address each day.

This strategy can be accomplished by obtaining several gmail addresses and then you will have the ability to place many ads each day. An example: Let's say that you have gmail #1 and place ads with that email in 5 different cities. Now on number 6 city change to gmail #2 and then on city number 11 change to gmail #3. You can obtain these gmails and forward them to one main email. The reason for forwarding is Backpage will send an email you to confirm your ad before it is published. This will eliminate you from going to different gmail addresses.

Through all this process, you must be persistent and diligent on taking advantage of how to avail low cost advertisements. You would be amazed that there are lots of free online publications and classified sites like Backpage which you can utilize along with the application of proper internet strategies to make everything a huge success. Backpage can effectively help you develop massive amounts of leads.

To generate good and effective leads with this free classified ad site, you have to place good relevant ad copy. That means the inclusion of high impact words of action that would move potential clients to a desire to purchase what you are offering. Also, it would help a lot if you would use a system that will track the performance of your placed ad so that you will know which ones are acting effective for the benefit of your business.

One of the ways you could do this is the use of landing pages that direct them into an auto responder to capture your prospect's name and email address. This can be accomplished by going to this website:CLICK HERE NOW


Rick Cowden said...

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Rick Cowden said...

Backpages is a great way to get additional exposure to any website I also use as a source of free tools and tips that I can use in my everyday marketing strategy