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How do elite athletes enhance their performance? Besides following an intense disciplined training regime, they increasingly employ mind techniques that allow them to utilize all their faculties to enter into a simulated state of success. They see, hear, smell, taste, and feel success before achieving it. Why does this work? Simply because whatever we think about most often and with intensity expands in our life. For instance if we constantly worry about a lack of money, we will create more experiences of lacking money. Visualizing about opportunities to make money will help us. Worrying about the lack of money will hinder us.

Visualization is more than just positive thinking! It's first entering into a relaxed state, and then flooding your non-conscious mind with a sensory rich experience of life as you want it to be. The more relaxed you are, the more open your non-conscious mind will be to receive the messages you send it. And the more of your senses that you involve in your visualization, the greater the impact this will have.

Here's an important characteristic of the non-conscious mind: it can't tell the difference between your external world and your internal imagination. It cannot discern between the past, the present and the future. Whenever you visualize an event in great detail and with intense emotion, your non-conscious mind accepts that it's happening now. And the more times you do this the more 'real' it will seem. This is a key point because the contrast or gap between your outer 'reality' and your inner 'desire' then creates tension in your mind, causing it to seek ways to fulfil your desires. Once it accepts your visualization as 'fact' it will identify ideas, people, opportunities and motivation that will allow you to match your outer experience with your inner experience.

Let's say that you want a new vehicle. Wanting a new vehicle is too vague; we must describe the vehicle in detail. What brand and style? What color, and what trim? You need to be absolutely specific. For instance, a new Audi A5 coupe, black with cream leather interior, with an eight cylinder engine and automatic transmission, fitted with custom wheels and a stunning sound system is better. Once you have created that picture see yourself walking up to it. Run your hands over the body, feel how smoothly it flows. Open the door, and smell the leather. Settle into the contoured driver's seat, and grip the steering wheel. Start the engine and hear its note as you accelerate. It's important to visualize from an associated, not from a disassociated state. For instance; experience this as if you are sitting behind the steering wheel, not as if you are outside observing yourself sitting behind the wheel.

You can use this simple three step visualization, to help achieve any desire or goal you want. I encourage you to practice this dynamic technique daily. We all lead busy lives and sometimes scheduling this may take some creative skill, but you can visualize in ten minutes almost anywhere. Are you ready?

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable, relaxed position. Perhaps have classical music playing, or nature sounds or simply quiet. Take a deep breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number ten to yourself. Take another breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number nine. Repeat this until you reach zero. As you do you will be totally relaxed.

Step 2: Now see and experience your dream or goal as if it were already accomplished. Put yourself into the picture. Use all your senses. Create the experience in vivid sensory rich detail. How does it look, feel, taste, sound and smell. Intensify the color and adjust the sound. The more specifics you can add, the stronger the effect. You will know you are visualizing correctly when you begin to feel excited. This is because your non-conscious mind honestly thinks it's really happening and you will feel intensely joyful.

Step 3: Once you have visualized as many details as possible, you can start coming back to awareness. Unless you properly bring yourself back, you may feel tired but done correctly you will feel energized. Take a deep breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say zero to yourself. Continue this process until you reach ten. Hold your breath again, and this time as you exhale, say this phrase out loud: I'm now fully aware, energized and refreshed and so happy that I have achieved my goal.

The closing thought this week is from author Claude M. Bristol - "Picture whatever you desire as though it has already been achieved. See yourself having something, being something or doing something as an already accomplished fact."

To Your Success,

Lloyd Dobson
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Dave and Dawn Cook said...


What a wonderful post! You hit the nail on the head with this one. Most people worry about what they don't have and this puts limitations on achieving their dreams.

As they say, "what the mind can conceive, you can achieve." It all come down to the Law of Attraction. We are all comprised out of energy and our thoughts are just that. Considerate on what you do want and not what you don't want.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You are a true LEADER and a wonderful MENTOR of mine!

To Your Continual Success!
Dave and (Dawn)

Darlene Davis said...


Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool that enables one to see, smell, taste and feel the end result. The three steps you listed are powerful tools to assist in that process.

All the best,