Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mafia Wars Godfather Unlocks The Code For The Top Seat

Are you sick of having so little energy points to complete jobs? Is this causing you to lose valuable time and you find leveling up a nightmare? Are you constantly getting beaten and bullied by other Mafia Wars players? Tired of losing battles and needing to beg people to join your Mafia?

Is Getting to Your Ideal Level Taking Too Long?

You have come to the right place. I know that you have seen the insane ways that players around the globe seem to be able to create and build their mafias at breakneck speed, growing their Godfather points, knocking off competition and easily dominating the world’s largest social networking game with practiced ease.

My friend, Tony Sanders uncovered the secret!!

How do these guys do this? What are their secrets? Are they real mobsters in real life? Do they have super charismatic skills that make people want to join their Mafia? The answers are all here.

Case Study From the Beta Testers...

Shortly after Tony launched his guide, he decided to do a case study and document the results of players who used his guide. After all, his reputation was on the line and he was determined for his guide to be extremely effective and easy to understand. He made a post on his blog and chose 2 applicants (sorry to the other 586!) who were a level 2 and 5. His instructions to them was simple. Play the game for no more than 2 hours a day for the next 8 days.

And the Results?

$6 Billion, 952 Godfather Points and 673 Mafia Followers In 8 Days...

At the start, Tony was just like you. Mafia of 50, Godfather points of 10, $35,315 in cash, not knowing what to do... it was bloody frustrating! Eventually, he got fed up and decided to start learning exactly what it took to become one of these epic Godfathers. Tony logged on, started researching and did a lot of in-depth spying. It turns out that these guys aren’t just masters of the game – they are geniuses.

But they are careful geniuses, guarding their secrets like Fort Knox. It took weeks of research. He would find them on forums, contact them on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Tony would look over shoulders on the train and email them secretly from second and third email addresses. To put it simply, Tony dug everywhere he could find dirt.

And eventually, he struck gold.

But, here’s the joke, the part that made him truly laugh. These strategies aren’t just amazingly effective, they’re so simple, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of them before. The top secret strategies that Mafia Godfathers around the world are using to amass Godfather Points and build their Mafias to 500 even before they start playing the game are ridiculously simple.

Tony Was Shocked Seeing How Easy It Was!

How could he have missed this? How could he not have seen the secrets so plainly in front of him. So, he started testing them. He built his mafia using these top secret methods and you won’t believe how fast he did it. It took him less than three days to get 500 people into his mafia, before he even took on a single job. Now, he has a fully armed, highly outfitted crew that dominates everyone he comes in contact with. And to top it all off, the competition is MAD.

Tony Is Always on a Hit List!

It’s a good thing this isn’t the real mafia because those guys he was spying on, that he was gathering his secrets from, they’re not very happy. In fact they HATE him for what he has done... digging up all their secrets and now sharing them with the world. Some even THREATENED him with HATE e-mails and sent viruses and Trojans to Tony!

But he had to share the secrets. He spend months figuring out what it takes to master the upper reaches of Mafia Wars and he's not going to be bullied around by the big Mafias out there who don’t want to see these secrets getting leaked. So, Tony did what he knew best. He created a guide that spills the beans on everything you need to know. Every little detail the big Mafias have worked so hard to keep him from sharing is all here on this link:



To your success!

Lloyd Dobson

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