Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Simple Concepts For Creating Success In Life

Here are three simple concepts that have helped me in my journey through life. The first is: "Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do". The second is: "Successful people live outside their comfort zone." The third is: "Successful people play where the money is." These three concepts helped form part of my personal philosophy; one that's served me well.
I was taught these concepts many years ago when offered an opportunity to enter an industry that was new to me. When I did so I took to heart Cicero's wise words: "The skill to do comes from the doing." I was taught that: "Action both proceeds and produces learning." So I simply determined to do what others were not prepared to do. If action was the way forward then I would take significant and sustained action and when I did amazing results occurred. Intense action was the key to success. I simply made more calls and worked more hours than anyone else I knew. When I was tempted to slow down I would say to myself: "Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do."
When faced with an uncomfortable situation, setting an appointment with someone of considerable status, speaking in public, making an important presentation, restructuring a business, or leading large numbers of people, I would say to myself: "Successful people live outside their comfort zone." 
When others were relaxing and having fun while I worked, I said to myself: "Successful people play where the money is."  It might sound simplistic but these statements helped me develop a winning philosophy and an empowering attitude. This led to increased productivity which in turn provided the outcomes I'd always wanted.
Adopting these beliefs helped me develop the discipline to take actions others were unwilling to take, but that I was willing and committed to take.  Now I understand that not everyone is committed to chase their goals hard. Many work just enough to keep in the game, but never with the intensity required to win the game. What a waste of time and talent, you can't approach success in life like you would a favorite hobby.
Those who do can't experience major success.
For those who dare to dream big dreams these are critical questions that you should be able to answer. Are you willing to do whatever you must do for as long as you must do it to achieve your dominant dream? What type of commitment are you prepared to make? For how long will you make that commitment? What are you willing to give to get what you want? What are you willing to exchange for success?
It's not possible to achieve significant success without sacrifice. We must choose between immediate gratification and long term frustration, or delayed gratification and long term success. For me I knew that: "For things to change, I must change. For things to get better, I must get better." Think long and hard about your intentions. Particularly what you are prepared to give in order to succeed! Are you a, let's hope for the best kind of person? Or are you a, nothing's going to stop me type of person?
Finally don't declare and share your dreams with just anyone in your world. You should only share your goals with; those who really care for you; those who have a direct stake in your success; those who are prepared and positioned to assist you achieve your goal. No matter what happens and it will, always move forwards, always work at creating the life of your dreams. Never ever allow the idle observers and the concerned commentators dictate your results in life.
To Your Success,
Lloyd Dobson


Dolphin Steve said...

Great post, Lloyd. I think the operative word is "intent". If we really know what our true goal is, what we envision for our life, what we REALLY want out of life, and we put the power of emotional intent behind it, then the actions and the desire to carry out those actions will fall into place almost effortlessly. We won't have to be forcing ourselves to take action or step out of our comfort zone. We will do so with energy and sincere joy in doing, because it is coming from pure desire.

Bill C said...

Thanks Lloyd, Always great to come by and learn some things I didn't know or even maybe be reminded, like today of the great things that will help me to succeed! Thanks

Bruce said...

Lloyd…I have certainly found it true as well that you cannot do what everyone else is doing unless you want the same things as everyone else. You have to set yourself apart and determine to do things differently…to put more of yourself into where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

This is a great post and a great reminder to pursue with a passion those things that you really want.

social bookmarking said...

Your entire post screams dedication and sacrifice to me. And I agree that it takes a lot of both to achieve what others deem unattainable.
The only thing I am not so sure about is your last statement, not to share your goal with everyone. It has always energized me to share my goals with others. Especially with the ones who did not agree with me. They stimulated me to proof that it could be done. But then, we are probably saying more or less the same thing, just with different words. Because at the end of the day, what matters is that you don't take your eyes of your goal.

Melissa McCloud said...

lloyd, i've heard most of these principles, but never before has "successful people play where the money is" been shared with me. thanks for writing that; i waste a lot of time with the broke, meager and weak. this was a huge "a-HA!" for me today. ~melissa mccloud