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My good friend Lana Robinson posted this article on her blog at: GDI is a powerful program. People are attracted to Global Domains International (GDI) for likely one of two reasons, to create your own website and/or to secure an income for life. Your income for life and key to success with GDI will come from a loyal, expanding, enduring and inspired team of other successful individuals.

GDI Premium is a new offering intended for the serious person ready to get the most out of their domain(s) and/or increase their earning power with GDI.

As a GDI Premium customer, you will automatically be eligible to earn some heavy duty commissions.  Read below for all the details!

GDI will pay out 75% of the revenue from premium customers.
Since you’re probably asking, “So what does this change about how GDI has worked for me in the past?”, let’s say this:  basically it won’t change much for anyone choosing not to take advantage of the new premium offering.

Basic customers will continue to have access to the same great products and services GDI offers.  Their existing commission plan for which GDI pays out 50% of domain revenues 5 levels deep will still be there too!

But think about this for a minute; as a GDI Premium customer, you will earn at least 4 times larger commissions on premium customers in your 5 level downline than the domains on their account. We say “at least” because for GDI Premium affiliates in level 1 of your downline you will receive 14 times the commissions you currently receive on domains!   By the way, Premium customers still get domain commissions as well from their 5 level downline.

You can earn 14 times as much on level 1 Premium accounts in your downline and 4 times as much on levels 2 – 5 ! This is in addition to the regular 10% commission you receive for domain sales in your 5 level downline.

So, as a premium member when one of your downline members become Premium as well, this is the payout (plus the $1 you already earn for each active domain in your downline):

GDI Premium affiliate on your Level 1 – $15

GDI Premium affiliate on your Level 2 – $5

GDI Premium affiliate on your Level 3 – $5

GDI Premium affiliate on your Level 4 – $5

GDI Premium affiliate on your Level 5 – $5

(the above figures were calculated based on a GDI Premium downline member with 1 domain)

Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest – GDI Premium Members Only

As a GDI Premium user, you are eligible to take part in GDI’s weekly bonus contest.  Earn an UNLIMITED number of $100 Bonuses each week by simply referring FIVE new confirmed affiliates in a 7-day contest period.  There is no limit.  Refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week and you will earn $500.

Daily Inviter Credits

As a GDI Premium member, you can use the GDI inviter system to invite 1,000 people per day to watch you movie instead of just 100 people per day.  And, as a GDI Premium member, you can import .csv (comma seperated value) files into the inviter instead of copy/paste the names and email addresses.

Hit Logs

All members have access to the Hit Log so you can see how many times your movie was viewed; however, GDI Premium members will have detailed Hit Log information to help you know even more about where your visitors are coming from.

Gift Cards!

Many GDI affiliates use the gift cards as a way to introduce a prospect to GDI with a .ws domain for 2, 6 or 12 months.  As a GDI Premium user, you will have the ability to send 3 gift cards to your prospects each and every month.  These 1 month gift cards are like a super-extended trial!

Discount on Fresh, Phone Verified Leads

As a GDI Premium member, you will receive a 10% discount on leads purchased from your GDI members area.  These leads are fresh (within 48 hours) and they are phone verified and profiled leads.

Purchase leads at a discount and upload the file into your GDI Invite system (1,000 leads per day if you are a GDI Premium member!)

This may just be my FAVORITE feature for becoming GDI Premium:

GDI Daily Ticket in the Lottery (this is way cool….)

When someone joins GDI without a sponsor (they join right off the corporate site), those members will be passed down to GDI Premium members.  3 winners daily will receive those ”orphan’ members.  What does this mean?  GO GDI PREMIUM and have a chance to get some members straight from the corporate office.

Instead of 10 free emails with each domain purchased, as a GDI Premium member you can have 50 email addresses per domain!  Why would you need 50?  Not everyone that joins GDI to get a domain is a stand-alone home biz owner.  A lot of corporations use GDI for their website needs since it provides a great service at such a low price.  So, if a corporation registers a domain they can now have 50 different email address (one for each person / department in their organization).  Of course, if you are a stand-alone home biz owner, perhaps you want a domain you can use to rotate through your team; now each team member can have their own email address for that domain.  The possibilities are endless.

And, instead of just 1GB of email storage space, GDI Premium members enjoy 5 GB.

And, premium members can have an unlimited amount of forwarded email prefixes per domain, where as basic members can only forward 3 emails.  That’s a big deal!

All members (basic or GDI Premium) still have access to the awesome Site Builder, however, your gallery storage – documents, images, files, etc. – as a Premium member increases to 1GB instead of just 100MB as a basic member.

Let’s talk about hosting…  Basic members receive 100MB of storage per domain whereas GDI Premium members get 1GB of storage per domain.

And… what about domain privacy?  What is that anyway?  Well, Domain privacy prevents your personal information from displaying in the public “who is”.  The law requires accurate and verifiable “who is” information for your domain at all times.  As a GDI Premium member, they change the “who is” information to GDI’s information and you still retain full ownership of the domain.  Basic members pay $1 per month for GDI’s domain privacy.  GDI Premium members receive this FREE.
That about wraps it up.  I am sure that you can realize how GDI Premium will attract more new signups now that members can earn more than $1 per month from each of their active members.

Are you ready to join GDI as a Premium Member (or even as a Basic Member?)
Join our team here today (open the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page to join)!

I look forward to working with you so you can achieve your goals working from home with GDI.

Make every day count,

Lloyd Dobson

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