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There are 4 things that THE MOST successful online entrepreneurs do on a daily basis and if I were you, I’d try to incorporate them into my day as best I could. Vince Reed & Terry Dorland, well known online marketers and trainers spell out for us below. Their FREE Training and Marketing System with strategies to build ANY successful business can be found at: 

1. Personal Development: Top leaders are always immersed in personal development and there’s a reason for it. This industry is all about growing and developing into the most accomplished entrepreneur you can be.  Your business will only grow to the extent that you do…think about that…It all comes down to attraction. Think of yourself as a prospect, someone looking to join a company. Maybe you just heard about a new business, or were just turned on to the industry through an acquaintance or a friend. You Google the opportunity to find out more information and you find a few other distributors advertising the same business.

Your friend is focusing on the products, and how much money you can make and how great of an opportunity it is while someone you found online has some information on the same, BUT they are focused on what they can provide YOU. They outline details on all the training, coaching, and support they’ll provide you to teach you to market the business online and help you succeed. They offer websites, regular personal consultations, and have testimonials from other successful people on their team to prove it…Who would you join? Which is more attractive to the average person?

People don’t join companies, they join people. I can tell you from experience that when you provide people with more, when you are more valuable as a sponsor and a mentor in this industry, more people will join you. Not only will you sponsor more people, but it becomes easier and easier to sponsor people. They will be calling you to join you and emailing you to join your team rather than you chasing them and trying to convince them to join your business. In network marketing, you are in direct competition with everyone else in your company. The best distributors are either great salesmen, great marketers, great leaders, or a combination of the three.

Personal development in this industry comes down to building your value as a marketer, a salesmen, and a leader. Develop the skills in marketing you need, learn every technique and strategy so you have value to share with others. The more you can share, and the more you can teach, the more attractive you become to your prospects. Grow your leadership skills, become the best leader you can be and people will want to follow you. Leaders get out there and take action. They’re not afraid to speak their mind and be in front of a group of people sharing what they know. Learn to sell yourself and your opportunity. Believe in what you can provide to people and believe in your products and people will want to buy from you.

DailyRead books, listen to CD’s, attend conferences and learn whatever you can from whomever you can to add value to what you can provide to your potential business partners, and people will be naturally attracted to you!

2. Build A List. All top producers in our industry build a list of targeted leads and develop a relationship with that list. There are two types of prospects you can go after: People who are network marketing buyers, and everyone else. Network marketing buyers are people who already believe in the business model, they are either already involved with a networking company, have been in the past, or they would get involved if the right opportunity came along. Once people believe in the business model, it becomes infinitely easier to sign them up in your business provided you’ve built a relationship and positioned yourself as a leader.

Building a relationship and positioning yourself as a leaser takes time, but it starts with providing value. Share what you know with your leads, teach them strategies that have helped you, share stories about what you’ve learned and how you learned it in order to showcase your skills. Basically what you’re doing is telling people and showing people that you know what you’re doing without directly coming out and saying. Instead, you’re providing knowledge that they can go out and use to help them build their businesses and in turn showing them that you are someone that can help them get to where they want to be.

Once you’ve built a relationship and proven yourself to your prospects (everyone on your list) you can market products and services to them until the end of time! Any time you join a new business, find a great affiliate product, or just need to get some new distributors in your primary business you have a list of people that are receptive to your offers and willing to look at anything you have provided you present it in the correct way!

3. Mastermind With Other Leaders. All the top producers in this industry have a support system in place that they stay connected to without fail. They talk to other people in the industry, bounce ideas off them, and learn from them. They have friends in the industry that they talk to on a regular basis, partners that help keep them motivated, and a team that they lead by example. In this industry since most people work from home, it’s really easy to get disconnected and isolated and go out on your own little “island.” When you don’t have a support system in place, it is easier to give up and walk away…

In our case that support system is NetDivvy. Make it a point to be on at LEAST a few webinars a week to keep your motivation going, learn new skills, and stay connected. By staying connected to the NetDivvy community, you are masterminding with other industry leaders every time you communicate. Whether you are asking questions on webinars, offering your opinion or commenting in forums, or just talking to other people within the community you are staying connected and helping keep your motivation alive.

4. Top Producers Are Committed To Their Business And Their Vision. The best of the best are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and they believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that their business is the way to make them happen.

Network marketing, and specifically online network marketing is easy, but it requires most people to step outside of their comfort zone and do things that aren't familiar. If people aren't firmly committed to what they want and their goals, they might try it once or twice. If they don't get results, they won't try again and they give up. However someone who is truly committed to a specific goal will stop at nothing to make it happen for themselves.

On the same level of importance is conviction. People need to have conviction that they are taking the right action. They are starting the right business and be absolutely convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that they will succeed. Most people let that doubt creep in. They listen to naysayers and let the opinions of others change their minds. As soon as that happens, the conviction is gone and people immediately begin questioning their decision. When you are questioning yourself, and your business it comes through in your marketing, your prospecting and your presentations. No one, I repeat NO ONE will join you if you don't believe in yourself.

You need to be both committed to your goals and your business and have conviction that it is the right opportunity for you. So this is something I've always included in business planning conversations with new business partners ever since. I really try to drive home both because it's not about me and whether or not I want people to succeed...

It's about their COMMITMENT to their goals and themselves, and their CONVICTION that they are involved in the BEST possible business, the best vehicle to help them get to where they want to be in life.
In conclusion your mindset is like the fuel for your business. Your business is the vehicle that can get you where you want to go, but even if you have the BEST, most expensive vehicle in the world, it can’t get anywhere without gas!

Make it a great day!

Lloyd Dobson


Anonymous said...

Great Article LLoyd ! Looks like you are taking the internet by storm! Great content on your Blog. Keep up the good work. Stop by my blog and say Hi. All the Best! Dale Werner

Nelson said...

Tried and true steps Lloyd. We constantly need reminding of these steps. Thanks for stepping up and putting them before us.

Deborah said...

Lloyd, this is my first time to visit your blog. Your intentions here are so clear and pure. All that you said is so true. It's like we know these things but you have listed them and clarified them. So many will be helped by just this one post!

I look forward to discovering more of your content and personality!