Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Key Qualities For Your Journey Through Life

Have you ever thought about what qualities you want to develop as you take the journey of life?  Here are three qualities that will serve you well.

Daring is one quality - You don't want to look back at some point in life and say; if only! I can recall at least six occasions in my life where I was offered opportunities that were far beyond my then skill and experience. It would have been an easy call to refuse. 
However I had early in life adopted the mindset of always saying YES to any opportunity. And reflecting on those twists and turns along the pathway of life they all were successful, Each daring step mentally equipped me for the next great adventure even though I was really stretched on many occasions. Often it is fear 'false evidence appearing real' that causes us to hesitate, to draw back. However it doesn't serve us well to be that way. So whenever an opportunity comes your way, say yes: Say yes to your unlimited potential.
Determination is another - This quote by Dewey Tobias sums it up, "Everyone loves results, but few people have the determination to fall in love with the effort."  That, to me is the real difference between those who succeed and those who don't. You have to fall in love with the effort. It has to come first, and then results will follow. 
If there is one quality that is common to all great achievers in this world it is determination. Roger Bannister the first man to run the mile in under four minutes knew the power of determination. In a time when no-one believed it was physically possible for a man to run a sub four minute mile Bannister put in place a training program to accomplish it. He revealed in an interview after claiming the record that his regimen included running for six hours a day, every day, for eight years.

Discipline is yet another - Self-disciple is something that many wrestle with. Even though we know we should do what needs to be done whether we feel like doing it, or not. Success in any endeavor requires daily discipline to create and generate momentum; it's easier to keep doing something than it is to start over again. We can't separate discipline and desire. If our desire is strong enough, if it is burning within and the flames are licking at our emotions, and we really want to achieve a particular goal then discipline can be developed. Keep your attention firmly fixed on the goal and it will come more naturally.

When you embrace these three qualities: daring, determination and discipline you will over time achieve and become successful. Then your great challenge and legacy is to pass the baton of knowledge and leadership on to others.  And isn't that what this amazing life is all about? Personally learning and growing and then helping others to learn and grow, so they in turn can help others to learn and grow, so they... you get the point.

Here's what you could now do, pass this article on to five others, with a request they pass it to five others so we encourage many more people to embrace the challenge to adopt the qualities of daring, determination and discipline. As a result we will grow and develop more success and hopefully wisdom along the way and most importantly we will leave a legacy.
Finally please identify times in your life when you have embraced and embodied the three qualities we have discussed... daring, discipline and determination. What did it feel like? What were the outcomes? What would the result be if you always acted that way?
To Your Success,
Lloyd Dobson


Teresa Ivory said...

I like the three Ds! and I especially like the quote about falling in love with the effort. Thanks for sharing

Yorinda said...

Hi Lloyd,
great point you are making with your post.
Being daring, living a life out of the 'usual' predictible Job is not everyone's cup of tea.

I love the way you said that falling in love with the effort is important.
Yes without it, it would be hard to percevere.
Remembering why we are doing something can help.
Love and Light

Pat and Lorna Shanks said...


Those are outstanding qualities for someone to possess or develop. If you are daring enough to go for it, and have the determination and dedication to make it happen... it will!

~ Pat and Lorna