Thursday, October 28, 2010

With "NetDivvy" You Can Have $1.00 a Gallon Gas - Another "NetDivvy" Benefit

The FREE NetDivvy Marketing and Training System is the best of two worlds. NetDivvy works in conjunction with your primary business providing you all the tools necessary to drive traffic to you and your business. It also provides an additional income source to fuel your primary business. Providing value to your customers and affiliates is critical for your success.

Below is just one way you can provide some value. If you are having a problem getting people to understand the value of having an Online Home-Based Business with you. Take a serious look at this! This is where the INFORMED & The UNINFORMED TAX PAYER comes into play. Why in the world someone doesn't see the benefits to them with your Home-Based Business opportunity is beyond my comprehension. If they still don't get it .... call the paramedics. They have to be brain dead!

Right now, more than ever, the price is at the forefront of everyone's mind. Right now this is what everyone is talking about and what is coming up in more conversations than anything else.

BUT, did you know that as a "NetDivvy" Home-Based Business Owner your gas 'should' be only costing you $1 per gallon?

Now before you start thinking that "Coach" is amazing, and what oil company did he cut a deal with? - let me say that no matter what home-based business you're in, you can make these gas prices work for you and EXPLODE your business like never before, because setting all gimmicks aside, this is real, your gas has to cost you $1 per gallon!

Here is how it works:
  1.) The IRS provides a .50 cent tax write off for every mile you drive that is legitimately related to business. Document Your Mileage.
  2.) People who do not own a business CANNOT qualify for this tax write off.
  3.) Everywhere you go, whether it's work, church, the kid's soccer game, or just going to the store can be legitimate mileage tax write off IF you insert business into the equation.

This is EASY to do! It can be done by handing your home-based business card or do a presentation with everyone you meet through the course of the day. Plus it just makes good sense to promote your business always. The "NetDivvy" System teaches you many ways to market and drive traffic to you.

NOTE: You must record your business mileage in case you ever get audited and this is where typically it becomes a sticking point with most people as they do not want to take the time, can't take the time or forget to take the time. If that's you ...... here's what you need to do immediately.

Go to (this is a FREE service) and sign up. Now you can simply call a phone number before, during or even after you've driven somewhere (that was business related) and leave a voice message such as ... "Soccer game handed out 3 business cards and 14 miles" and hang up. This FREE service will convert your message to text and log it in an online mileage for you.

  4.)  So here's the $1 per gallon formula (working with round numbers):
             *  $4.00 Per Gallon
             *  20 Miles Per Gallon
             *  .50 Cents Per Mile IRS Tax Deduction
             *  30% Tax Bracket

Those of you with math brains can do the calculations; but, the basics are at:
   *  20 miles per gallon vehicle at $4.00 per gallon.
   *  Cost .20 cents per mile to drive,
   *  .50 cents per mile IRS deduction
   *  Times 30% tax bracket is .15 cents in REAL money you pocket at the end of the year on your taxes.
   *  And when you deduct .15 cents from .20 cents. you are at .05 cents per mile or $1 DOLLAR PER GALLON!


You might be saying "WOW", this sounds great - I see it and I'm excited that my home-based business is going to help me save $3 per gallon on my fuel cost and I'm going to conduct business wherever I go and log miles.

This one reason alone, among many others, is why I am happily involved in my own "NetDivvy" Online Home-Based Business and spreading the word to help others have more spendable income and time freedom!

To your success,
Lloyd Dobson

Lloyd Dobson is an expert trainer on how to utilize proper online marketing techniques and strategies that can help with ANY online business.. Learn exactly how to generate more leads without cold calling, buying expensive leads or chasing your friends by clicking this link: FREE Training & Marketing Secrets.

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Wendy Hewlett said...

Hi Lloyd,

Excellent advice. The tax benefits are certainly an incentive for anyone to start their own home business. When I think about how much money I was paying to taxes in my j.o.b. it makes me ill. This is a much better option ~ working hard for yourself, not a company that doesn't appreciate it ~ tax deductions and savings instead of paying taxes of 35 - 50% of your income ~ the list just goes on.
Thanks for the great advice in this post.

Belinda said...

Not sure what netdivvy is as I am sure we don't have it in Australia but an interesting concept all the same. Not sure either how many gallons in a litre or is it the other way around, so hard to compare with how much we pay in Australia but we usually get petrol for $1.25 a litre. How does that compare?

KnitBeNimble said...

Hi Lloyd,

Tax benefits certainly can be a boon to home or small business owners as long as they take care to document well. One quick meeting with a tax accountant should give most folks a really good idea of all the expenses they can deduct. Tax time is a bit more time consuming then however, it is well worth the time and effort put in.

DrEricaG said...

Thanks for doing the arithmetic. Very interesting concept, to save money my documenting car travel expenses as business expenses.
There are many benefits to having your own home based business.

DrEricaG said...


Thanks for doing the arithmetic and showing us a great way to save money. It does require steady documentation but once you get organized, I am sure it is worth the time.

Dan Johnson/Tsa said...

Lloyd, great blog and tax write offs are a big part of owning your own small business. I keep track of everything with Quick books.

Dr. Adam Sheck said...

Thanks for such a practical post, sharing one of the many benefits of having our own business. I like the specifics and details of the math you employ, makes it real. I appreciate it.
Take care,

Andy Gallagher said...

Sounds pretty much like a win win.

Howie Perks said...

Hey Lloyd,

It is very true that we as home based business owners we get some great tax advantages.

Netdivvy looks like a great new marketing platform. I signed up for it several months ago and looks like it will build to be a true player in the online marketing world.

In Success,
Howie Perks

Bruce said...

Hey Lloyd…thanks for giving some practical advice to us "home-based business" owners. I also appreciate you doing the math and laying it all out.

I have helped people in the past a great deal open up their minds to the huge tax advantages of owning a home-based business. With a bit of discipline and record keeping the tax savings are very substantial.